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10 Best Restaurants In Warsaw, Poland

Drinks in a bar in Warsaw

If you are staying or visiting Warsaw Poland any time soon, head to these best restaurants in Warsaw based on our recommendations. We visited them all for either breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks – each with their own style and design. Most restaurants are located in the city center of Warsaw, making them all easily reachable by foot or public transportation.

*This post and all restaurants are based on our January 2022 vacation to Warsaw.

10 Best Restaurants In Warsaw Poland To Eat and Dine In

Cat Cafe Miau Grau

Want to eat something fresh and unique while surrounded with some four legged furry animals? Miau Grau is not far from the city center and perfect for those who love cats! They have the most delicious options on the menu for all dietary needs, from keto, gluten free and more. Plus their drinks are very unique, such as the hot fruity tea I had that was infused with orange, ginger, raspberry syrup, honey and dried cloves

We have a full post about Miau Grau for more information!

Address: Kolejowa 49A, 01-210 Warszawa, Poland

Bułkę przez Bibułkę

With delicious bites to eat for the day, we recommend popping here for breakfast. From scrambled eggs to bagels, the combinations are delicious. They also have a fried egg breakfast combined with bread, salad and Turkish yoghurt. It’s worth queuing for!

No time for breakfast? Pop here for a refreshing cocktail drink in an evening instead. You won’t be disappointed!

Address: Zgoda 3, 00-018 Warszawa, Poland


Located on the edge of the Łazienki Park, this pretty outside restaurant is a great stop for a coffee, tea or a bite to eat after exploring the park. We stopped for a cake and cold drink on a hot day and it was super relaxing to be here. You can also take something to go, for example to continue your walk with a delicious ice cream.

Address: Jazdów 1b, 00-467 Warszawa, Poland


When in Poland you of course need to try all the local dishes, with the best place to try these at Zapiecek. From deliciously filled pierogi (ruskie as top choice!), żurek soup and …. , Zapiecek the place to be! The atmosphere of the restaurant is also very nice, with downstairs being very cosy with lots of books and tables to relax at.

Address: Świętojańska 13, 00-288 Warszawa, Poland

Charlotte Bouillon

One of my favourite breakfast places to relax and dine at is Charlottes. They provide a bit of everything on their latest menus, but we recommend choosing the Full Breakfast of Charlotte. This is a combination of all they provide in one sitting. You get a range of many of their items, such as eggs, croissants and fresh breads, condiments, yoghurt and fresh butter. This of course is combined with a warm drink such as a morning coffee, fresh juice and also a small glass of champagne.

Address: Nowy Świat 6/12, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland

Breakfast at Charlottes in Krakow

Reforma Urban

From freshly prepared dishes to delicious cocktails, Reforma Urban is a great place to visit for something fun and lively. Their pizzas are cooked to perfection and have some amazing pasta dishes too. They have something on the menu for all dietary needs so no excuse not to visit. Reforma Urban is also a great place for evening drinks and some social weekend fun!

We don’t have any photo’s as we enjoyed it all too quickly!

Address: Chmielna 24, 00-020 Warszawa, Poland

NINE’s Restaurant & Sports Bar

Looking for something a little more American? NINE’s is the place to be! From hot wings, burgers, fries and more, it’s a great place for these choices. The combinations of the food on one plate is like a true piece of art. Such as the chicken I had that was perfectly glazed with lemon and honey, with a combination of truffle mayo flavoured chips and red cabbage. They also have the most deliciously cooked tuna on the dinner menu! Start your meal with the classic ‘9’ shaped oven bread with the garlic and spicy dips.

For a sports bar, its rather sophisticated and welcoming – so try it out even if you don’t like any sports!

Address: Haberbuscha i Schielego 6, 00-844 Warszawa, Poland

Szerokie Bary

For those gorgeous summer afternoons or evenings, head to the river area in Warsaw for drinks and late night snacks. Szerokie Bary is a place, as well as a few others in the same area, that sell easy bites to eat and drinks to go. Once you have these, relax in the desk chairs or along the rivers edge.

Address: Flotylli Wiślanej, 01-244 Warszawa, Poland

City SAM

For a quick breakfast to go or to sit surrounded by plants, head to City SAM. Here they serve some delicious meals all day long, with breakfast being the popular hit with locals. From freshly filled bagels to delicious fried eggs with toppings – Theres something for everyone.

Address: Twarda 4, 00-105 Warszawa, Poland

Old Shaker

Located in the FOOD TOWN w Fabryce Norblina, The Old Shaker is the perfect place to come for drinks at the weekend. They have all the drinks you can think of. Plus if your favourite cocktail is not on the menu, as the staff at the bar as they can make them still. As its located in the food hall in Warsaw, there are lots of mini restaurants to grab a bite to eat and drink at, so combine a drink from Old Shaker with something else from here!

Address: Żelazna, 00-841 Warszawa, Poland

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Summary Of Our Best Restaurants In Warsaw

These places are great to visit when you have just a long weekend or visit to Warsaw. Many you can just turn up, but for visiting during busier periods, always good to check and call ahead for booking a table.

Save for later:

Thank you for reading our Best Restaurants In Warsaw post!

Let us know in the comments if you’ve also visited any of these!

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