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13 Cool Things To Do In Eindhoven, Netherlands

Eindhoven might not seem like the biggest city in the Netherlands or the top choice for visiting, but there are plenty of things do to and see in Eindhoven that you simply do not know about! Check out our list of top 13 things to do in Eindhoven, such as museum visit, cycling the van Gogh path, instagrammable photoshoot locations and more!

13 Things To Do In Eindhoven

1. Explore Some Photography Locations

This is for the photographers and instagrammers among us. There are many cool areas for photo shoots in Eindhoven. The industrial hip style is a popular place for all ages and photography styles. Some locations include:

  • The industrial area of Strijp S
  • The blue housing stairs
  • The bear pit graffiti area (also mentioned below)
  • The yellow bowling skittles
  • Bicycle parking at the city center

2. Rent A Bike And Explore One Of The Many Cycling Routes

This one is sure suitable for living in the Netherlands, since there are more bikes than people! Renting a bike in Eindhoven is super easy with a travel OV card, a card that you likely already have for the buses, metros and trains in the Netherlands. Its super cheap for a few hours to go out and explore a new location. You can even cycle to the nightly Vincent van Gogh cycle path, which lights up at night.

3. Visit A Local Museums

Perfect for those rainy cold days (or even during summer), find yourself exploring a local museum in Eindhoven. There are many to choose from based on your interests:

  • Van Abbemuseum
  • DAF Museum
  • Philips Museum
  • Eindhoven Museum
  • PSV Museum

4. Explore The Street Art In Eindhoven

The city is filled with street art and graffiti work for locals and visitors to enjoy. One of the top places you can visit is the Bear Pit, a graffiti location close to Eindhoven train station. This great location is a great place to walk or cycle to, seeing the latest designs from local and international artists. You can find more information here!

5. Visit The Local Market

On Saturdays and Tuesdays you can head into the shopping areas to enjoy the weekly market. Take your empty shopping bag as you can pick up some goodies such as fruit, vegetables, cheeses and bakery goods. You can also dive into the material and crafting stalls to indulge in your crafty side.

6. Take A Walk At Strijp-S

This local district is a pretty cool urban location for most architectural photographers. From industrial buildings with many leading lines, Strijp S has many converted offices and factories into housing and new working spaces. The hipster-ish area also has some amazing restaurants and coffee places to relax at, such as at Coffee Lab.

7. Watch A Local Football Match

Eindhoven is home to football club PSV, who have their Philips Stadion just 15minutes walking from Eindhoven central strain station. You can easily walk past it on the way to Strijp S neighbourhood. The stadium has a capacity of 35,000 people and a height of 46 meters. It was built in 1910 and and has also been used for some music concerts in the past. 

8. Grab Some Delicious Coffee At Koffiehuisje Eindhoven

This cute little coffee place is a great place to grab a coffee, cup of tea to go or a slice of cake for the day. During corona times you can enter with one door and leave with another, so its perfect for keeping the distance from other coffee lovers too!

9. Join A Local Event

This could be such as getting out the camera and taking some photos during GLOW. This event is a yearly light festival held in November. The city becomes lit up in some amazing designs. For 2020, the organisers lit up the city completely blue this year. You can check more information and photos here!

10. See The Beautiful St. Catherine’s Church

This 73 meter high church is located in the city center of Eindhoven. It has a pretty French gothic style and was built around the late 1800’s. The towers are both named, the David Tower and the Mary Tower. Fun fact, it has two music organs, one being the largest in the country of the Netherlands!

11. Get Into Nature At The Local Parks

Eindhoven has some great nature parks for locals and visitors to enjoy. Whether you fancy a summer picnic or a brisk winter walk, there are many options. A top place I can recommend is the Karpendonkse Plas, here you can walk around the small lake and hear all the birds singing, people walking and dogs playing.

This is also a great place for spotting mushrooms if you want to spot some in the Autumn season. You can read more about mushroom spotting in the Netherlands here!

red and white mushrooms

12. Evoluon

Wanna spot some aliens? This UFO shaped building is an event location that can hold up to 1.500 guests. Built in 1966, the building once attracted more than 500,000 visitors for technical and science exhibitions. It is a total of 77 meters high and well worth seeing when in Eindhoven!

13. Visit Theme Park Efteling

Okay so this one isn’t really in Eindhoven, but it sure is pretty close and well worth your visit. This is the largest theme park in the Netherlands with a lovely enchanting theme for all to enjoy. From fast rollercoasters to relaxing rides, its a great place to visit for all ages. You can also take your own food, else to enjoy one of the restaurants on location.

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Summary Things To Do In Eindhoven

These 13 top things to do in Eindhoven are great for when you want to discover Eindhoven on a short amount of time. Do your research about the city and pick what interests you most.

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