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17 Pretty Day Trips From Luxembourg City

Day Trips From Luxembourg

If you are looking for inspirational Day Trips From Luxembourg, you’ve landed on the right page. These beautiful 17 locations are all easily reachable for a day trip from Luxembourg City, whether by car road trip or train journey. This post covers day trips from Luxembourg to Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands!

It all depends on how far you would wish to travel for a day trip, with the places listed below ranging from 1 hour to the maximum of 4 hours (depending on public transportation vs car travel). Some are better by car as well, simply based on the changes you may need to make by train etc. But don’t let that put you off, as they are all worth your time for an amazing day out.

*Post Updated September 2023*

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17 Day Trips From Luxembourg City


Distance: 202 km

With just a short 2 hour 10 minute car trip from the city center of Luxembourg, you can be in the city center of Maastricht in the Netherlands. Maastricht is situated just across the border and the capital city of the province of Limburg.

The pretty Dutch city is perfect for a day trip for shopping along the cute cobblestone streets. There are lots of high end shops to local boutiques to explore. The main shopping area is on the left of the river Maas, but you can also find some great places on the right hand side too – all within walkable distance with the bridges.

Once you get hungry, there are restaurants everywhere, allowing you to eat whatever you fancy! For a delicious coffee to keep you going, head to Wij Maken Koffee and enjoy a freshly baked treat too. If you are a lover of books, head to the Dominicanen book shop to find a treasure inside this converted church.

Else if you want to explore more of the history of Maastricht, there are numerous tours you can join. Whether you prefer a walking tour in the city center (around the 13th century walls and ruins) to getting deep in the underground caves at Sint Pieter. You can also explore by bike, renting bikes from the train station or with a bike tour of the city.

P.s Maastricht is the only Dutch location in this list of day trips From Luxembourg since it’s located right in the South of the Netherlands! There are lots to do surrounding Maastricht too!

If you wish to stay longer, here are some hotels tips for Maastricht:

  1. Hotel Beaumont: Hotel Beaumont offers stylish and contemporary accommodations in the heart of Maastricht, with a cozy lounge and a renowned restaurant serving local cuisine.
  2. The Dutch Maastricht: Located along the Maas River, The Dutch Maastricht boasts modern rooms with river views and is just a short walk from the city’s historic landmarks.
  3. Kruisherenhotel Maastricht: Housed in a former monastery, Kruisherenhotel blends historic charm with luxury amenities, offering a unique and elegant stay in the city center.
  4. Hotel Bigarré Maastricht Centrum: Situated near the Vrijthof Square, Hotel Bigarré offers comfortable rooms and a warm atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for exploring Maastricht’s cultural attractions.


Distance: 135 km

Just a short hour and a half drive from Luxembourg City and you can find yourself in a small but pretty location of Monschau. This gorgeous valley location is just across the border in Germany and the perfect destination for a day trip. Think timbered houses, cobblestone streets and cosy decorated terraces to get an idea!

Monschau has a gorgeous river flowing through, allowing you to sit at one of the many cafes and restaurants and enjoy the surroundings with the water relaxingly streaming past. For exploring, Monschau has many things on offer for all ages – from the gorgeous panoramic walk above, the World War One Monschau Castle and the Museum Rotes Haus. Monschau is also not that far away from Vogelsang Former Nazi Military Training Camp, which is a place you can now visit and learn more about the local history.

Since it’s Germany, find yourself stopping for a delicious schnitzel and beer for a lunch time treat. If you want to try more beer after that, head to the Felsenkeller Brauhaus where they have over 1000 bottles of beer in the brewery room for you to learn more about.

You can also do some local shopping, such as stopping at the Mustard Mill where they make and sell 22 different types of mustard. There are also some local boutiques selling clothes, jewellery and gifts.

This is an idyllic place on this list of day trips From Luxembourg and well worth your day!

If you wish to stay longer, here are some hotels tips for Monschau:

  1. Hotel Horchem: Nestled in the picturesque town of Monschau, Hotel Horchem offers cozy rooms, a charming garden terrace, and easy access to the town’s historic center.
  2. ACHAT Hotel Monschau: This hotel provides a tranquil retreat in the Eifel region, featuring a spa, indoor pool, and beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.
  3. Hotel Alt Montjoie: Located in a historic half-timbered building, Hotel Alt Montjoie offers a rustic and inviting atmosphere, with comfortable rooms and a restaurant serving regional dishes.
  4. Hotel Graf Rolshausen: Situated in the heart of Monschau’s old town, Hotel Graf Rolshausen offers a traditional and charming stay, with well-appointed rooms and a welcoming ambiance.

Looking for a pretty Germany city for a weekend away? Why not visit Monschau, a hidden but gorgeous cobblestoned village in the valley, close to Eifel National Park too! Read all about a weekend away to Monschau here at togetherintransit.nl


Distance: 250 km

Located along the Rhine River, Cologne and Dusseldorf is a pair of popular twin travel destinations in the Rhine-Ruhr area that combines the best of the old and the new. Cologne celebrates over 2,000 years of rich history with an abundance of heritage sites, museums, and landmarks. The city also shares the passion for food with an exciting variety of dining places and the highest number of pubs per head in Germany.   

Amongst the many Romanesque and Gothic churches are scattered in Cologne’s old town, the majestic Cologne Cathedral dominates the city’s skyline; It is the most visited attraction in Cologne. The cathedral actually still holds the world’s record for being the tallest twin-spired church, standing 157 meters tall.  

Cologne is an easy day trip from Luxembourg. In the morning, explore one of the many museums in the city center that excites you, such as Kolumba Museum for church ruins, Ludwig Museum for contemporary art, Romano-Germanic Museum for ancient artifacts, or Wallraf-Richartz Museum for classical art and history; Then, check out the city’s architecture like Saint Maria im Kapitol and Groß Saint Martin; Don’t forget to explore the Belgian Quarter, the trendiest neighborhood with lots of galleries, cafes, theatres, boutiques, and more. No trip to Cologne is complete without buying a bottle of Cologne, a perfume originated in exactly this city, and it’s a perfect souvenir and gift.  

Cologne is about 250 kilometers away from Luxembourg which take about two and a half hour to drive there. There are a number of trains connecting the two cities daily and the journey takes about four hours.   

Written by Kenny from Knycx Journeying  

If you wish to stay longer, here are some hotels tips for Cologne:

  1. Hyatt Regency Cologne: Overlooking the Rhine River, the Hyatt Regency Cologne offers luxurious accommodations, stunning views of the city’s cathedral, and an array of upscale amenities for a memorable stay.
  2. Excelsior Hotel Ernst: This historic hotel, located directly across from Cologne Cathedral, combines timeless elegance with modern comforts, providing guests with a quintessential Cologne experience.
  3. art’otel cologne: Set in the vibrant city center, art’otel Cologne showcases contemporary art throughout the hotel, along with comfortable rooms and a stylish rooftop bar offering panoramic views of the city.
  4. Dorint Hotel am Heumarkt Köln: Situated near the Old Town, the Dorint Hotel am Heumarkt Köln offers spacious rooms, a spa, and easy access to Cologne’s major attractions, making it a convenient choice for both business and leisure travelers.


Distance: 220 km

If you have a car, then it’s possible to take a day trip to Brussels from Luxembourg City. The 220km journey will take just over 2 hours with light traffic, but with so many great things to do in Brussels, it’s well worth the effort.

Any visit to Brussels should include a trip to the Grand Place, Brussels’ central, historic square. The grand buildings around the square were built by the city’s trade guilds. It’s been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998.

The area around the Grand Place has an unusual walking route to discover; the Comic Book Route. Brussels has taken street art to another level with comic book-inspired pieces of public art on buildings around the city centre. If you want to find out more about Brussels’ reputation as a centre for comic book creativity, visit the Belgian Comic Strip Centre, a museum dedicated to the art form.

Brussels is the unofficial “capital” of Europe and has many European Union buildings, some of which you can visit, including the European Parliament building.

If you love chips, chocolate, waffles and beer, you’ll be in heaven in Brussels. The city is famous for all four, and it’d be rude not to sample the local specialities. A couple of Brussels’ breweries are open for tours; the Cantillon Brewery is over 100 years old and brews beer in the traditional style, while the Brussels Beer Project is an inventive, crowdfunded brewery with an emphasis on co-creation.

Written by Helen from Helen On Her Holidays

If you wish to stay longer, here are some hotels tips for Brussels:

  1. Hotel Amigo: Located near the Grand Place, Hotel Amigo offers elegant rooms, exceptional service, and a central location that allows guests to explore Brussels’ historic and cultural treasures.
  2. The Dominican: Situated in the heart of Brussels, The Dominican blends modern design with historic architecture, providing guests with a stylish and comfortable base for city exploration.
  3. Steigenberger Wiltcher’s: This luxurious hotel on Avenue Louise boasts spacious rooms, gourmet dining options, and a spa, making it a top choice for those seeking a lavish stay in Brussels.
  4. MEININGER Hotel Brussels City Center: Ideal for budget-conscious travelers, MEININGER Hotel offers comfortable and affordable accommodations within walking distance of the city’s main attractions, including the European Quarter.


Distance: 281 km

Ghent is a lovely city located in Belgium. You can get there from Luxembourg by train and it takes about 1 hour and costs roughly £20 in total for a return ticket. You can also get there by car but this would take almost 3 hours.

There are loads of things you can do once you arrive there, such as visit the many castles, architecture and stunning views. One castle you can visit is the Gravensteen Castle, which is a medieval castle that dates back to 1180. This castle is now a museum and a major city landmark after its restoration in 1893-1903 and it is absolutely gorgeous. It is located only an 8 minute walk North of the centre of Ghent, (or a two-minute drive).

Another activity you can do in Ghent is climb to the top of Ghent Belfry, which is a World Heritage Site and a medieval tower that overlooks the City. It is located just East of the Centre of Ghent and takes only 7 minutes to walk there making it another place that is very easy to get to. Don’t drive to this tower from the centre, as this will actually take longer. To complete the day, take a trip to Korenmarkt and experience some delicious food and Belgium waffles.

Written by Alice from Adventures of Alice

If you wish to stay longer, here are some hotels tips for Ghent:

  1. 1898 The Post: Housed in a historic post office building, 1898 The Post offers boutique-style accommodations with a blend of contemporary design and original architectural features, all within walking distance of Ghent’s landmarks.
  2. Pillows Grand Boutique Hotel Reylof Ghent: This upscale hotel in the heart of Ghent combines classic charm with modern luxury, featuring beautifully appointed rooms, a spa, and a sophisticated bar and restaurant.
  3. Ghent Marriott Hotel: Located along the banks of the River Lys, the Ghent Marriott Hotel provides comfortable rooms and stunning views of the city, while being conveniently close to Ghent’s historic district.


Distance: 157 km

If you’re looking to visit one of Belgium’s hidden gems on a day trip from Luxembourg City, then you should head to Namur. It’s an incredibly beautiful city that has so much to offer, yet it’s often overlooked by tourists.

Namur is located in the French side of Belgium, and it’s actually known as the capital of Wallonia. But Namur doesn’t feel like a big city because of its inhabitant’s calm and easygoing approach to everyday life. This is also seen in the city symbol, which is a snail.

There are so many great things to do in Namur. Not only does it have some incredible old buildings you can visit counting multiple churches and a UNESCO belfry, Namur is also located right next to the Meuse- and Sambre River, which makes boat tours, kayaking, and many other water activities possible.

But the very best thing to see in Namur is the incredible citadel. Located on a hilltop between the confluence of the two rivers, this is where you’ll get the most beautiful views over Namur City.

A train leaves from Luxembourg City to Namur once every hour, which makes it easy to reach on a day trip if you dont have a car. The train ride takes approximately 2 hours and cost €21,5 for a one-way trip.

Written by Cecilie from Worldwide Walkers

If you wish to stay longer, here are some hotels tips for Namur:

  1. Château de Namur: Overlooking the city from a hilltop, Château de Namur offers a unique stay in a historic castle, complete with elegant rooms, a gourmet restaurant, and panoramic views of Namur.
  2. The Royal Snail Hotel: Located along the Meuse River, The Royal Snail Hotel combines modern design with comfort, offering a stylish atmosphere, a wellness center, and easy access to Namur’s attractions.
  3. Hotel Le 830 Namur: This contemporary hotel provides comfortable accommodations, a complimentary breakfast, and a convenient location for both business and leisure travelers exploring Namur.


Distance: 67 km

One of the best places to go on a day trip from Luxembourg is the quaint city of Metz in northern France. You can easily get there by train in under an hour and the trains run regularly throughout the day. It’s also an easy drive, and you can park in the streets outside the historical center.

That said, Metz is a great walkable city so you should pack your sustainable backpack with water and some snacks for the day. There are plenty of things to do in Metz in a day. You can see the main attractions like the cathedral, famous for its size and stained glass windows letting in a flow of light. You also want to check out Porte des Allemands, the medieval remains of a fortified gate and watch towers. Further, make sure you visit the Temple Neuf, beautifully situated on a little island in the middle of the Moselle river, connected to the mainland with old stone bridges.

For the rest of the day you should spend strolling around the historic center, have lunch at one of the cute cafes and restaurants and go for a walk at the esplanade. Metz is a lovely city full of charming small boutiques that’s perfect to visit in a day. Think about visiting Metz during Christmas, which is gorgeous for the markets and treats!

Written by Linn Haglund from Brainy Backpackers

If you wish to stay longer, here are some hotels tips for Metz:

  1. Hôtel La Citadelle Metz – MGallery: Set within a former military citadel, this boutique hotel offers luxurious rooms, a gourmet restaurant, and a tranquil garden, all within walking distance of Metz’s historic center.
  2. Novotel Metz Centre: Conveniently located in the heart of Metz, Novotel Metz Centre provides comfortable and modern accommodations, making it an ideal choice for both business and leisure travelers.
  3. Hôtel de la Cathédrale: With its charming, traditional façade, this hotel is situated near Metz Cathedral, offering cozy rooms and a welcoming atmosphere in a historic setting.


Distance: 227 km

While Luxembourg City is a beautiful place to visit you can do some amazing day trips from Luxembourg that add so much more to your vacation in Europe. One of those day trips is to Strasbourg France.

A day trip to Strasbourg from Luxembourg City will take you a little over 2.5 hours by car and it is well worth it. Strasbourg is known worldwide for its fairy tale houses, picturesque cobblestone streets and at Christmas time its world-famous market. Once you arrive, its also great to experience the city with a bike tour!

There are so many more things to do in Strasbourg when you are there. After you have strolled the beautiful streets you can sit at one of the many restaurants in the city to have some traditional Alsacian cuisine. Tarte Flambe (Alsacian pizza) is a favourite for many and is a light meal if you don’t need something big. You can try Choucroute Garnie which is the French take on sauerkraut and it is served with a choice of pork or sausage in many places. This hearty dish will keep you going for hours! If you are looking for something on the run you can pick up a Bretzen (pretzel) from many shops. All of these must be accompanied by a glass or two of the amazing Alsace wines.

The Alsace region is also known for its gingerbread. Many of the souvenir shops will sell some Fortwenger gingerbread and it is delicious. It comes in so many different flavours you can try so many types. There are also small coconut macarons that are a great treat as you wander Strasbourg.

A visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral is a must as well as a cruise along the canals. You can see so much from the water and it gives you a different perspective of the town. You can see the European District, the Pont Couverts and Le Petite France easily if you are pressed for time.

Written by Bec from Wyld Family Travel

If you wish to stay longer, here are some hotels tips for Strasbourg:

  1. Hôtel Cour du Corbeau Strasbourg – MGallery: Nestled in a historic half-timbered building, this MGallery hotel offers a blend of classic charm and modern amenities, along with a central location in the heart of Strasbourg.
  2. Hotel Kammerzell: Overlooking Strasbourg Cathedral, Hotel Kammerzell is a historic boutique hotel known for its traditional Alsatian architecture, fine dining restaurant, and comfortable rooms.
  3. Hôtel Régent Petite France & Spa: Located in the picturesque La Petite France district, this luxury hotel features elegant rooms, a spa, and beautiful views of the Ill River, providing a tranquil escape in the city center.


Distance: 55 km

This small picturesque town is located in the northeast of Luxembourg. Its location, which is only 55 kilometres from the city center (about an hour’s journey), makes it a great day-trip destination for those who would like to see more of Luxembourg beyond its capital.

Highlights include the 14th-century Vianden Castle, which you can enter and explore, Victor Hugo’s house/museum, the National Museum of Military History, the Trinity Church and a local history museum.

Even if you’re not into museums, there’s still plenty you can do in this century-old town. For instance, you can enjoy a scenic walk along the river Our, discover shops and restaurants along the cobblestoned Grand Rue, or take a chairlift to the top of the hill for panoramic views. There’s also a cycle route and well-signposted walking trails in the area.

Depending on when you visit, you may be able to participate in one of Vianden’s annual events, such as the Medieval Festival in July, the Book and Paper Festival in September, and a walnut festival in October, where you can try a variety of walnut-based products including walnut cakes and walnut brandy.

To get there, take the train from Luxembourg Central Train Station to Ettelbruck and hop on bus #570 to Vianden. Keep in mind the public transportation is totally free to use in Luxembourg too!

Written by Ummi from Ummi Goes Where?

If you wish to stay longer, here are some hotels tips for Vianden:

  1. Hotel Belle-Vue: Overlooking the picturesque town of Vianden and its castle, Hotel Belle-Vue offers comfortable rooms, a restaurant serving local cuisine, and stunning panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.
  2. Hotel Petry: Located in the heart of Vianden, Hotel Petry provides cozy accommodations, a traditional tavern, and easy access to the town’s historic attractions, including Vianden Castle.
  3. Hotel Victor Hugo: Nestled along the Our River, Hotel Victor Hugo provides riverside views, modern rooms, and a convenient location for exploring Vianden’s medieval streets and attractions.

If you want to see more of what Luxembourg has on offer for a day trip in the country, check these:

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Distance: 237 km

Looking for unique day trips from Luxembourg City? The beautiful city of Mons in Belgium is only a 2,5-hour drive away! Culture lovers should not miss out on this fascinating city, as it was declared Europe’s cultural capital in 2015. 

To be honest, the term “city” does not really fit a place like Mons, as it feels more like an open-air museum with all its amazing street art and stunning architecture. To see some of Mons’ greatest architecture, head to Mons’ Grand Place. Here you can find some of the city’s most beautiful buildings, including Mons Town Hall and its current city hall. When you are there, make sure to pet the Guardhouse Monkey for good luck.

Would you love to see more great architecture? Head to Saint Waltrude Church. Cross roads afterwards to visit Van Gogh House. This is the building where the famous Dutch painter van Gogh lived during 1879-1880.  

Learn more about Mons’ history during World War I and II at Mons Memorial Museum and combine it with a visit to St Symphorien Military Cemetery. Another museum that is definitely worth a visit when in Mons is the Doudou Museum. This museum is dedicated to the world-famous Doudou festival that is held each year over the Trinity weekend in Mons. You can also explore the city best by bike, with a small tour around while learning all about the places you visit and see.

End the day with a lovely dinner at one of Mons’ many cosy restaurants, before heading back to Luxembourg City.

Written by Stéphanie from Bey Of Travel

If you wish to stay longer, here are some hotels tips for Mons:

  1. Martin’s Dream Hotel: This boutique hotel combines contemporary design with comfort, featuring spacious rooms and a rooftop terrace with panoramic views of Mons’ historic skyline.
  2. Hotel Lido Mons Centre: Situated near the train station, Hotel Lido provides comfortable rooms, making it a convenient choice for travelers exploring Mons and its surrounding areas.


Distance: 321 km

In the north of Luxembourg’s neighbour, Belgium, lies the wonderful city of Bruges. With beautiful brick architecture and cobbled streets that give the city a small-town feel, visiting Bruges is like taking a step back in time and into a fairytale land. It’s easily reached in a few hours by train or car, making Bruges the perfect day trip from Luxembourg.

Spend your day in Bruges immersing in all the best that the Belgian city has to offer, namely, food! Bruges offers up some great street food specialities, like a cornet of fries from the main square, Markt, and waffles served on a stick. You can also delve even deeper into this foodie culture at the dedicated chocolate and fries museums in the city.

Visiting Bruges is also the perfect opportunity to discover the unique and culturally rich Flemish region of Belgium. There are many landmarks here that tell the story of Flanders’ prosperity throughout history, like the medieval Bruges Belfry in the main square, the Begijnhof, and the Church of Our Lady Bruges. One of the best ways to discover all of this is by booking a walking tour, so you can gain local knowledge of everything that Bruges has to offer. And of course, don’t forget to hop on a boat tour to discover Bruges’ beautiful canals from the water.

Written by Kirstie from Kirstie Will Travel

If you wish to stay longer, here are some hotels tips for Bruges:

  1. Hotel Dukes’ Palace Bruges: Set in a former ducal palace, this luxury hotel offers elegant rooms, lush gardens, and a serene atmosphere, all within walking distance of Bruges’ historic city center.
  2. Hotel de Orangerie: Overlooking the picturesque canal, Hotel de Orangerie provides charming accommodations with a view, a cozy lounge, and a central location for exploring Bruges’ medieval streets.
  3. Hotel Academie: Situated near the famous Minnewater Park, Hotel Academie provides modern rooms, a fitness center, and easy access to Bruges’ cultural attractions, including the Markt and Belfry.


Distance: 242 km

The bustling city of Frankfurt is mostly known as the European finance center and its airport is one of the most important ones worldwide. But the German city is way more than that.

First, there’s the old town with its half-timbered houses, a beloved destination for locals and tourists to enjoy a cup of coffee, do some shopping or visit one of the many great museums. It’s also the place where you’ll find the city hall (‘Römer’). This former patrician villa with its three-gabled roof is one of the most famous landmarks in Germany.

Just a few steps from the ‘Römer’ and really not to oversee is the huge St. Bartholomew Church. It’s possible to climb the Cathedral Tower via 328 steps. From the viewing platform at a height of 66 meters, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the surrounding Old Town with Römer and Paulskirche with the famous skyline in the background.

A day trip to Frankfurt is not complete without a stop at one of the most famous photo spots in the city: The Eiserner Steg bridge. This famous iron footbridge connects the city center and Römerberg with Sachsenhausen on the southern banks of the Main River and offers an excellent view of Frankfurt’s skyline.

Speaking of the skyline: Frankfurt is often called ‘Mainhattan’, due to its location at the river Main and its impressive skyscrapers that are rarely seen anywhere else in Europe! See more that you can do in Frankfurt here!

Written by Alina from World of Lina

If you wish to stay longer, here are some hotels tips for Frankfurt:

  1. Jumeirah Frankfurt: Offering a blend of modern luxury and exceptional service, Jumeirah Frankfurt boasts stylish rooms, a spa, and panoramic views of the city’s skyline from its central location.
  2. Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof: Situated in a historic building, this upscale hotel exudes old-world charm with elegant rooms, gourmet dining options, and a prime location near the financial district.
  3. Motel One Frankfurt-Römer: Ideal for budget-conscious travelers, Motel One Frankfurt-Römer provides stylish and affordable accommodations in a central location, just steps away from Römer Square and the Cathedral.
  4. Adina Apartment Hotel Frankfurt Neue Oper: Combining the comforts of home with hotel amenities, Adina Apartment Hotel offers spacious apartments, a fitness center, and a convenient location near the Opera House and River Main.


Distance: 265 km

Colmar is a great place to visit as one of these day trips from Luxembourg. This small city in France is located in the historic region of Alsace, not far from the German border. The distance Luxembourg – Colmar is 265 km by car, but it is a mere 2,5 hours train ride by direct, high-speed trains.

You can see lots within half a day, and I can totally recommend this half day tour for those who want to learn and see a lot in a short amount of time.

Colmar is a very walkable city, and once you leave the train station, you can visit everything on foot. The list of things to do in Colmar is long and includes sightseeing, shopping, and local food. You will love Colmar’s cobbled streets and picturesque architecture made of half-timbered houses. Don’t miss the Petite Venice (Little Venice), an area crisscrossed by small canals. Historically this was the tanner’s neighbourhood, and their workshops are replaced today by lovely shops, small boutique hotels, and traditional restaurants (named winstubs).

Colmar also has fascinating museums like the Unterlinden Museum –  covering nearly 7,000 years of history, from the prehistoric era to 20th-century art -, the chocolate museum, or the Bartholdi Museum. The latest is dedicated to Auguste Bartholdi, a French sculptor born and raised in Colmar and author of the Statue of Liberty in New York.

From mid-November to the end of the year, don’t miss Colmar’s Christmas market but be sure you book your train tickets well in advance!

Written by Elisa from France Bucket List

If you wish to stay longer, here are some hotels tips for Colmar:

  1. Hôtel Le Colombier: Nestled in a charming half-timbered building, Hôtel Le Colombier offers cozy rooms, a tranquil courtyard, and a central location for exploring Colmar’s historic district.
  2. Hôtel Quatorze: This boutique hotel combines contemporary design with comfort, featuring uniquely themed rooms, a trendy bar, and easy access to the town’s picturesque canals and attractions.
  3. Hôtel Saint-Martin: Located in the heart of Colmar’s Old Town, Hôtel Saint-Martin provides traditional Alsatian charm with comfortable rooms and proximity to local restaurants and boutiques.
  4. James Boutique Hôtel: Set along the canals of Colmar, James Boutique Hôtel offers modern accommodations with a touch of elegance, a cozy lounge, and a short walk to landmarks like Little Venice and the Unterlinden Museum.


Distance: 121 km

Nancy is the capital of Meurthe-et-Moselle in Grant Est – one of the regions in France. Nancy has long been considered as one of Europe’s most attractive cities, and it remains an important centre for art, architecture and design.

Nancy achieved its highest point of fame when Stanislas Leszczynski, ex-king of Poland and father-in-law of Louis XV, became the Duke of Lorraine and Nancian ruler. He commissioned a series of construction projects that transformed the medieval town into a modern 18th-century city. the main axis: Rue Saint-Dizier, Place Stanislas and the Ville d’Hiver. Place Stanislaw is recognised as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Nancy is also known as a gastronomic destination. In addition to the museums and monuments, it is equally famous for its delicious food. Visit one of the many family-run, traditional restaurants for some hearty, regional fare.

While in Nancy you should visit the Museum of Fine Arts, one of the oldest fine arts museums in France. The museum has great collections of paintings, including works by Caravaggio, Rodin and Modigliani.

Nancy is a fantastic place from this day trips from Luxembourg post. It is easy to visit via train to Nancy’s main station Gare de Nancy-Ville with frequent departures from Luxembourg City, almost every hour during the week and a few times per day on weekends. the trip takes approx 2 hours by train and around takes only 1hour 30 minutes by car.

Written by Ania from The Travelling Twins

If you wish to stay longer, here are some hotels tips for Nancy:

  1. Hôtel de Guise: Set in a historic 16th-century building, Hôtel de Guise offers charming rooms, a cozy courtyard, and a central location near Nancy’s iconic Place Stanislas.
  2. Hôtel Mercure Nancy Centre Gare: This modern hotel provides comfortable accommodations, a restaurant serving regional cuisine, and proximity to both the train station and Nancy’s city center.
  3. Hôtel Stanislas: Located in the heart of Nancy, Hôtel Stanislas offers a combination of elegance and comfort with stylish rooms and easy access to the city’s major attractions.
  4. Hôtel d’Haussonville: Housed in a beautifully restored 18th-century mansion, Hôtel d’Haussonville offers boutique-style accommodations, a serene garden, and a sense of historic charm in the center of Nancy.


Distance: 47 km

Already saw all the things Luxembourg city centre has to offer and are now looking for amazing day trips? Short 50 minutes drive from the Luxembourg city you will reach a charming town on the banks of the river Saar. Saarburg was first mentioned in a document in 964 AD. It’s known for a spectacular water drop of almost 20 meters right in the city centre. The river Leuk was diverted through Saarburg in the Middle Ages in order to make a better use of the water power. At the bottom of the waterfall you can spot two mills, which nowadays host the mill museum.

In the upper city just before the waterfall you can admire brook bridges with flowers alongside the narrow rows of houses. This area is also know as Saarburg’s Little Venice. Take a walk through them to get to the largest preserved defence town, the Kunoturm, town hall on the fruit market, Pilgrimage Church of St. Marien, Parish Church of St. Laurentius, and House of Warsberg Edelhof. From there you can enjoy beautiful views of Saarburg from different angles.

The city of Saarburg also features a bell foundry, the Glockengießerei Mabilion, which was producing the bells for cathedrals all over the world until 2002.

You can find plenty of amazing restaurants around the upper part of the city or you can organise a picnic at the banks of the river with the view of the Saarburg.

Written by Tjasa from The Travel Momento

If you wish to stay longer, here are some hotels tips for Saarburg:

  1. Hotel Saarburger Hof: Located in the heart of Saarburg, Hotel Saarburger Hof offers comfortable rooms, a traditional restaurant, and easy access to the town’s famous waterfall and historic center.
  2. Hotel zum Schwan: Set within a historic half-timbered building, Hotel zum Schwan provides cozy and well-appointed rooms, a terrace overlooking the river, and a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Distance: 174 km

Koblenz is known as the place where the Rhine and Moselle come together. This impressive point, called the Deutsches Eck might be Koblenz most popular tourist spot. From there, you can take a cable lift up the hill across the river and have a very impressive view of the city and region. Else to take this beautiful tour that includes a boat trip!

Koblenz is a city with quite some history and during your visit to the city, you’ll encounter some pretty impressive buildings. When visiting don’t forget to take a look at the Liebfrauenkirche, the Vier Türme point, a crosspoint where you’ll see 4 historical houses on each corner, and the electoral palace, a very impressive building with a wonderful and very large garden. Plus, you can’t visit Koblenz without strolling along the waterside of the Rhine and Moselle, passing by the Deutsches Eck with the Memorial of German Unity.

From Luxembourg City, it’s only a 2-hour drive to get there. If you’re visiting by train this might take you a little longer. However, it’s highly recommended to go by car, since the region counts many very charming villages along the Rhine and Moselle you’ll certainly want to see as well. If you have the time, extend your trip and pass by the Lorelei, the village of Bacharach, and Castle Eltz.

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If you wish to stay longer, here are some hotels tips for Koblenz:

  1. Mercure Hotel Koblenz: Overlooking the Rhine River, Mercure Hotel Koblenz offers comfortable rooms, a panoramic restaurant, and a central location for exploring Koblenz’s historic sites.
  2. Mosel Hotel Hähn: Located on the banks of the Moselle River, this hotel offers modern rooms, a vineyard terrace, and easy access to the Deutsches Eck and Koblenz’s picturesque Old Town.
  3. GHOTEL hotel & living Koblenz: GHOTEL Koblenz provides contemporary accommodations, a fitness center, and a convenient location near the Koblenz-Lützel train station.


Distance: 230 km

Mechelen is a vibrant city in the heart of Belgium, located smack in the middle between Brussels and Antwerp. This little city is still off the tourist radar, yet it has so much to offer. To start off with, it is quintessentially Flemish in every which way: Culturally, architecturally and gastronomically.  

Speaking of gastronomy, Mechelen is a veritable paradise for any foodie. New hip eateries are mushrooming up across town on a daily basis. Grab a spot of lunch at the open air market (Vleeshalle or old meat market) where you can find everything from local Belgian fries to mouth-watering Irish pies. The city has a few vegan restaurants (Lief, The Kind Coconot) and plenty of frietkoten (little stalls to get fries).

Aside from gastronomy, there are a lot of beautiful corners and squares to discover simply by wandering around this very walkable city. Start with the 16th century colourful Haverwerf, quench your thirst with a famous Belgian beer at the Fishmarket (incidentally the best place for a night on the town) and marvel at the gabled buildings on the Central Square. Work up an appetite while climbing the 500+ steps of the Saint Rumbolds cathedral, catch your breath at the top to the tune of the most incredible views of the city.

Mechelen is an easy day trip from Luxembourg, provided you have a car. The drive is scenic 230km traversing right through the country of Belgium. Alternatively, public transport will also get you from Luxembourg to Brussels but it will require a bit more time (circa 4 hours) and patience.

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If you wish to stay longer, here are some hotels tips for Mechelen:

  1. Martin’s Patershof: This unique hotel is set within a former church, featuring stained glass windows, comfortable rooms, and a peaceful atmosphere in the heart of Mechelen.
  2. NH Mechelen: An ideal hotel located in the perfect location of the city, clean rooms and a delicious breakfast available before a day of exploration.

Summary Day Trips From Luxembourg

These beautiful 17 locations are all doable Day Trips From Luxembourg and all have something unique on offer, depending on your own interests.


  • Plan your day trip in advance to not miss out on anything you’d love to see or do
  • Check driving routes or train journeys in advance
  • Take your passport, since you will be another country after all!

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