Tunis, Tunisia – Cruise Day 4

Waking up and getting dressed for our trip in Tunis we were a little unsure of what to expect. We had done some research of the other destinations on our cruise and had a good idea what it would be like, except for Tunis. All dressed and breakfast eaten, we headed with the other Dutch couple off the cruise ship to share a taxi into the city centre. Right from the start it was a bit hectic since the taxi driver didn’t speak much English, but we arrived safely and had a few hours before having to get back to the ship.

We took off straight towards the markets and cafe areas, with my bag around my front and my sunglasses on. We all decided to meet back up with the other couple after some exploring to share a taxi to the next location, which gave us all a sense of personal security to stick together when travelling together.




img_2708We visited a beautiful location Sidi Bou Said, but it was filled with beautiful unique gifts, jewellery and decorations for houses. The whole area was also painted perfectly white with light blue windows and doors. It was so hot in Tunis we must of drank easily the 8 litres of water needed a day, within the 5 hours of being in the city!



It’s a beautiful place to walk and visit, however due to the lack of time we had before getting back on to the cruise ship we missed out on seeing many unique and interesting locations.

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