Best 9 – 2017!

Looking back at 2017 we had some great adventures like family visiting us in the Netherlands and our Road Trip in America!

This was the year we spent more time working on our social media, and it shows with our best nine photos! We were new to Instagram (about 7months now) but by the end of 2017 we have received 16,548 likes to the photos we shared and are very grateful for all the shares and feedback!

togetherintransit_full (1)We were also very grateful for all the retweets and shares on twitter which has helped us gain more followers. We currently have 953 followers, realistically very low but to us already more than we had ever expected. Early December we were even more excited when we were reading the local newspaper Havenloods and seeing one of our sunset photos shared to the readers for the first time!

2017-12-10 16.23.55

For 2018 we will be striving even more with our social media as well as publishing our american road trip vacation photos & blogposts! It is all still a learning curve and still a hobby so we look forward to sharing more in 2018!!

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