Road Trip Itinerary West Coast USA

Oh how exciting it was to plan a road trip in America! Below is the full itinerary we planned out for a total of 15 days – and we highly recommend the route to you. Our road trip is a combination of hiking and exploring the National Parks, sightseeing small towns to bustling cities and stpping at the best viewpoints in our rented white SUV car.

We had to change one of two plans (based on the weather) on the way which has been shown adjusted below. We hope it gives you in an insight to a planning a road trip in the US as well as enjoying our own experiences and stories! Don’t forget to check out and share our clickable google map route too!

We will be adding links & blogposts to each day of the itinerary once they have been finalised to share with you! 

Day 1 – Fly to Denver from Amsterdam via Iceland. Cheap deals with Iceland Air!

Day 2 – A whole day Sightseeing in Denver

Day 3 – Leave Denver with the Amtrak to Salt Lake City

Day 4 – Pick up the rented car from Avis in SLC, visit the Bonneville Salt Flats and end in Cedar City

Check out out Driving experience as Europeans in the US here!


Day 5 – Drive the Scenic State Route 89A through Jacob Lake to Marble Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and end in Page

Day 6 – Hiking in Zion National Park

*Day 5 and 6 we switched around due to dangerous thunderstorms all day above Zion on day 5.

Day 7 – Antelope Canyons tour, Meteor Crater and end late in Las Vegas


Day 8 – A whole day Las Vegas

Day 9 – 2nd whole day in Las Vegas (& Area 51/Rachel)

Day 10 – 3rd whole day in Las Vegas (& Grand Canyon Helicopter tour!)

Day 11 – Drive to Death Valley, Bodie and end at June Lake

Day 12 – Lake Tahoe and end in San Francisco

*Had to skip Yosemite National Park on day 12 and drive around to Lake Tahoe due to the Tioga Pass closed with snow.

SF 1

Day 13 – San Francisco (and Silicon Valley) with the car

Day 14 – San Francisco & Alcatraz

Day 15 – San Francisco last day. Cheap deal with Thomas Cook & Flybe!

Day 16 – Home Sweet Home ❤

Below shows our route with google maps! View the map larger to see exactly the routes that we did per day.

*This road trip took place in September 2017


Have you taken a road trip through America before? We’d love to hear your stories and tips for next time!

40 thoughts on “Road Trip Itinerary West Coast USA

  1. US is so vast, we’ve been four times and only ever scratch the surface. What a shame you didn’t get to do Tahoe and Yosemite, they are both incredible, although your trip still sounded great. Next time you go, do the Pacific Highway 1 too that is a great trip.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment! We had planned the PH1 but there was the landslide last year closing off the highway road half way, so we shortened our road trip in the end to save some money for next time. We hope to go back and do this in the future!


    1. It sure took us a while to plan!! we first decided what we really wanted to see as the starting points then planned the route as we went. Missing Yosemite was unfortunate but we had planned last minute an extra day in SF so it worked out okay with our planning. Sure was good to have a few extra days in between incase something else had happend though 🙂


  2. Wow, that is a crazy itinerary! I’ve seen more of Europe than I have of the US because it’s just so overwhelming to me to see all of the places there are to see in the States. I’ll definitely bookmark this for my next trip back!

    Liked by 1 person

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