Hiking to Horseshoe Bend, AZ

The Horseshoe Bend, located only 6.4km from Page and 8km from Lake Powell, can be easily reached with a car on your US travels through Arizona. The beautiful curve of the Colorado River can be seen after you hike from the carpark through the recycled sand, which is protecting the Navajo Sandstone. You will see the incredible Horseshoe Bend from above. At the top of this hike, you are basically standing in the crossroads of Page, Lake Powell, Glen Canyon and Vermillion Cliffs. By car is the best option to travel here, but there has been an increase in tours too.

We first visited Horseshoe Bend in the late afternoon when we were travelling the Scenic State Route 89A from Cedar City to Page. Pulling into the dusty carpark that was full of tourists and workmen just finishing their day. It’s a 25 minute walk (which is only 2.4km roundtrip) so we didn’t think of bringing water, which we regretted and definitely recommended. You have to make the steep climb followed by a steep decent to enjoy the fascinating view of the colorado river down below.

Hiking the horseshoe bend togetherintransit.nl

Hiking the horseshoe bend arizona togetherintransit.nl

Hiking to Horseshoe Bend - togetherintransit.nl

Hiking to Horseshoe Bend - togetherintransit.nlFrom photos online you expect it to be so peaceful to view, but the coaches in the car park already gave us a warning that this was very touristic. At the bottom of the steep decent people crowded around each other to get the perfect shot of the bend, but we instantly took a walk west to get away from other tourists to really take it all in.

Hiking to Horseshoe Bend - togetherintransit.nlSince it was still a few hours from sunset, we headed back to the car to go check into our motel and grab something to eat for dinner. We took our time and visited a pizzeria restaurant called the Canyon King, which at first we had doubts and there was a bit of a wait but the food was delicious.

Heading back to the Horseshoe Bend by 18:35pm we were more prepared with some warmer clothes, our camera with tripod, hiking shoes (not necessary but more comfy than our sneakers!) and water.

Hiking to Horseshoe Bend - togetherintransit.nl

Hiking to Horseshoe Bend - togetherintransit.nlSunset was just as busy as during the late afternoon, but at least no coach parties full of tourists. For sunset there were only couples and friends enjoying each other’s company and a wedding couple for those sunset wedding photos. We climbed up onto some of the higher rock to the east this time and relaxed after our long day with the view. As a British-expat-turning-Dutchie I found this setting was very ‘gezellig‘ together!

Hiking the horseshoe bend arizona togetherintransit.nl

USA 13There is construction currently in place to improve the car park, toilets and create an overlook with safety railings, so we are happy to have already visited before it becomes a possible paying touristic location. It would be a real shame but we realise this is becoming a very busy touristic location. P.s spot all the tourists in the photo above!

In the future (few million years) it’s possible that the river will erode through the narrow neck of rock, creating a natural bridge and abandoning the circular channel around the rock. But for now its still a beautiful curve of the Colorado River!


  • Take water with you
  • Sensible walking shoes
  • Warm clothing for sunset
  • Take all rubbish with you
  • Respect others visiting (take your time / no pushing)
  • Be careful not to fall

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Have you visited the Horseshoe Bend before? We’d love to hear your stories!

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52 thoughts on “Hiking to Horseshoe Bend, AZ

  1. Never heard about the horseshoe bend but gosh it looks breathtaking! I also love to explore the less touristy places before they actually become the target spots of tourists around the world!!

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  2. Beautiful pictures! I have been wanting to go to Horseshoe Bend for awhile. One of these years I will do a roadtrip there and also visit the Utah National Parks. Pinning this for future reference.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I wanted to see this spot on our trip to the Grand Canyon but we decided to travel out towards Monument Valley instead of up to Page, so I missed it…hopefully next time! Thanks for the good guide on how to get there and all, will come in handy when I do go again! 🙂

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  4. Horseshoe Bend has been at the very top of my bucket list for at least a year now and I just can’t seem to find the time to get there. Your pics are awesome, and I’m pinning this for when I finally book that trip!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for commenting! I know your feeling, America wasn’t too high on my list a few years ago.. But my love of road trips pushed us there to explore somewhere where we couldn’t use euros!! We totally loved it and would definitely go back to new places.


  5. Urgh. I’ve done that before. This it is only a short walk, so leave my bag/water behind, and then reeeally regretted it. Hopefully I’ve learnt my lesson now, so if I do this walk, I’ll bring liquids!!

    I LOVE your photos, especially in the middle of the day where the rocks almost match your hair. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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