The Cubic Houses Of Rotterdam

When in Rotterdam you have to see the famous Cubic Houses, also known in Dutch as the Blaakse Bos (Blaak Forest) situated at Blaak. These unique houses were designed by architect Piet Blom in 1977, representing trees in the city center. The original plan of 55 houses resulted in 39 completed, all built at 45 degrees. Its unique that each house has 106 square metres (1,100 sq ft),  but realistically there is 1/4 of the space unusable based on the shape!

Each cube house contain three floors:

  • ground floor: entrance
  • 1st floor: living room & kitchen
  • 2nd floor: two bedrooms & bathroom
  • top floor: small garden/spare room & storage

Cubic houses 1

Cubic houses 6

Cubic houses 10

You can visit the museum Kijk-Kubus which is a showroom of one of the cube houses for you to explore and feel for yourself what it would be like to live in one! Make yourself at home by checking out the views from the top floor or find yourself relaxing in the living room looking out to the Markthal. You can check the opening details here.

Cubic houses 5

Cubic houses 16

There is also Dutch hostel Stayokay for travellers to sleep the night and share rooms with other travellers, but for the more luxury travellers and families in mind, an Airbnb to experience the whole cube living is also available.

Cubic houses 11

Cubic houses 7

Cubic houses 12

Last but not least, the cubic houses are home to a chess museum. Opened in May 2006, the museum is home to many private collections and unique chess pieces. I’m not really a chess fan, but it’s impressive to see so many chess pieces in one location! You can even play a large game of chess with the city of Rotterdam – moving the green and white pieces such as the Erasmus Bridge, Euromast and the WTC tower.

Cubic houses 8

Cubic houses 9

Easy to reach by walking roughly 25 minutes from Rotterdam Central Station through the city,  or by taking a tram, bus or even train to Rotterdam Blaak station. From here you will see them instantly! Other places you may wish to visit in Rotterdam is the famous Markthal that is situated next to train station Blaak. The cubic houses are also close to the Oude Haven, a popular spot for a bite to eat or drink and now one of the most vibrant nightlife areas in the city of Rotterdam.

Cubic houses 14

Cubic houses 2

Cubic houses 13

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Have you visited the Cubic Houses of Rotterdam? What did you think? Could you live in one?


14 thoughts on “The Cubic Houses Of Rotterdam

  1. I’d seen photos of these before but didn’t really know anything about them or where they were. Totally on the bucket list now and I had no idea you could stay in one *heads over to Airbnb to search* 🙂

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