Red Squirrels on the Isle of Wight, UK

During my time back home visiting the Isle of Wight this spring I took the time to visit Alverstone Mead, a great location to view the beautiful red squirrels and local wildlife. At peak, there are 3500 red squirrels on the island based on the success or failure of the seed crop growth in Autumn. We took the correct food to feed the squirrels and allowed plenty of time to view them. The island is the perfect nature sanctuary and well worth your patience to spot them! 

We were lucky to see two squirrels during our quiet stay at the hut, a younger one and a fully grown one. However you really do have to be patient. We had arrived at Alverstone around 11:00am so rather on the late side, but we had no other plans for the day so we had plenty of time to sit and wait for a furry fellow to come by.

Red Squirrels Alverstone Isle of Wight 1

Red Squirrels Alverstone Isle of Wight 17There is a bird & squirrel watching hut called the The Bern Thearle Hide, which has recently been renewed and fixed up by volunteers. There were already a few people quietly whispering to themselves waiting around who had also not yet seen any.

Red Squirrels Alverstone Isle of Wight 2

Red Squirrels Alverstone Isle of Wight 3Placing the nuts and dried fruit on the specially cut tree and along the edge of the pathway made it inviting for not just squirrels but the beautiful local birds such as blue tits, finches and robins. There is also a feeder already in place that is filled up by bird watchers and volunteers from the hut where the birds feed from.

Red Squirrels Alverstone Isle of Wight 8

Where To Spot Squirrels

I recommend sitting out at Alverstone Mead as a great location, however other locations recommended by Wight Squirrels to spot squirrels include:

  • Behind the railway exhibit at Fort Victoria, Yarmouth
  • Quarr
  • Newport to Cowes cycle track
  • Robin Hill
  • The Garlic Farm, Newchurch
  • In and around Shanklin Chine and village

Red Squirrels Alverstone Isle of Wight 9

Red Squirrels Alverstone Isle of Wight 13

What To Feed Squirrels

When we visited in Spring, we bought some delicious hazelnuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, dried fruit and some mixed seeds with coconut (also for the birds) from the local store Easy Weigh. These are all very healthy for the squirrels. Easy Weigh is also a perfect place to pick up some sweets for yourself too while you go squirrel spotting!

One thing you should absolutely avoid feeding squirrels are brazil nuts and fatballs.

If you are visiting the Isle of Wight during the late spring and early summer, this is perfect for feeding squirrels at these times due to food shortages so you will really help them out too.

Red Squirrels Alverstone Isle of Wight 10

Red Squirrels Alverstone Isle of Wight 14

Red Squirrels Alverstone Isle of Wight 16

Red Squirrels Alverstone Isle of Wight 11

For more information please visit Wight Squirrels website!


  • Find a viewing spot and stand very still and quiet – they hide from movement and sound!
  • Dusk and dawn times are best, avoiding the usual dog walking times
  • Well worth your patience to see these magnificent wild animals

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Have you spotted any red squirrels before? Share with us in the comments!

21 thoughts on “Red Squirrels on the Isle of Wight, UK

  1. Omg! Those red squirrels were adorable. Your photos looks very captivating that I wanted to pick them. Thanks for sharing on what are the proper food to feed for this cute creatures. How i wish I could also visit the place. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it sure is important not to feed them the wrong food as they can get sick just like us if we eat something raw etc. I’m glad these creatures are wild though, peacefully living in these well looked after locations 🙂


  2. So cute, but do not be fooled they can bite pretty hard I was told 🙂 I am actually used to seeing red squirrels as I grew up on the Polish countryside where there is plenty of them. I never thought I will see black or grey ones though. But when I moved to Michigan those are the only ones I see now:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I definitely kept my distance, they are not to be handled! Lovely to hear you have also had the experience of seeing these cute red ones in the wild, I hope to see a black squirrel in the future – another great excuse to travel hehe!


  3. These res squirrels are so adorable! Nature is gifted and these cute ones make every thing so sweet! Loved reading about your journey into the Isle of Wight. I would love to meet them myself someday.. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The local birds are just too much. How beautiful. But I have seen some similar squirrels in Germany last spring time, leaping from tree to tree (looking like flying monkeys I swear) and they are truly beautiful. it’s important to not disturb nature, not offer food. just to observe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for commenting 🙂 I’ve heard of similar Squirrels in Germany too buy never seen them there myself. As these are red ones and tightly observed to preserve them on the small island, it is encouraged to feed them at this location as long as you provide the correct food as there are often shortages of food in the wild there 🙂


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