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2020 Travel Summary: 9 Locations We Visited Safely

Our 2020 Travel Summary is quite all over the place due to what we have all been experiencing in the world. However since we are living in the Netherlands, it has been relatively easy to travel and safe with a car to other safe areas in the Netherlands and abroad. Our Summary of 2020 includes more places than we had expected at the beginning of the year.

2020 Travel Summary

FEB 2020 – Isle of Wight, UK

So just before many lockdowns started happening, I was lucky enough to head back to my Isle of Wight once home-sweet-home location to visit family. This was for a quick weekend in which I managed to squeeze in many sweet family moments. This unknowingly would be the last time I would see them in person for 2020!

I didn’t make a blogpost about this trip as it was 100% family focused, but you can find my awesome Isle of Wight posts here!

The Isle of Wight in England has some interesting and fun facts that you should know if you are planning to visit! It's the perfect location for families and couples who love getting out in nature and seeing local attractions. togetherintransit.nl #travel #isleofwight #pureislandhappiness #UK

JUL 2020 – Dieppe, France

For this trip, we enjoyed a weekend away staying in Dieppe. We had stopped off in Brugge on the way for 1 night, which was a beautiful little place to see. But since we didn’t stay long, it didn’t make the 2020 Summary list.

Dieppe is the perfect place to stay for a few nights while enjoying the Alabaster Coast. This beautiful location in Normandy is ideal as the base, allowing you to drive around seeing the top highlights and enjoy the French Cuisine.

JUL 2020 – Etretat, France

So this was technically during our Dieppe Weekend Away, but totally deserved it’s own mentioning. When you hear Etretat, you top thing you likely already know about is the pretty white cliffs. This gorgeous place should be on everyones France Bucket List.

White cliffs and the sea

AUG 2020 – Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a place I had never really visited properly before, so being there for a long weekend was a great idea. Staying in a hip hotel in Kirchberg, we enjoyed exploring the main city area of Luxembourg. It wasn’t the best of weather, but the city was beautiful regardless. Great place for exercise too, walking up and down all those hills!

AUG 2020 – Eindhoven, Netherlands

We’ve added Eindhoven to the list of travels this 2020, as we actually moved here from Rotterdam. So its totally travel related! We have been at our temporary stay in the city from August 2020 until December 2020, so 4 enjoyable months! You can read all about living in Eindhoven with our 4 month review post!

Else you can check out our other Eindhoven posts here!

SEPT 2020 – Krakow, Poland

Krakow was chosen due to the location being a bit work related for the boyfriend, but for me it was my very first time in Poland. I had pretty high expectations after scanning the internet and reading some amazing blogposts about Krakow. The short 2 nights stay was very short, but perfect to see all the top things in the city. It also allowed to me eat as much pierogi as possible!

Wawel Krakow

OCT 2020 – Luxembourg (Again!)

Does it count for the summary if we visited the same country a 2nd time? I think so, so here it is again! This time for October we stayed in a lovely Airbnb and wanted to enjoy the more local side of the city. Since we had seen many things in our first trip already, we now had time for other things. We explored some new neighbourhoods that we missed the first time, as well as new restaurants!

OCT 2020 – Forest Cabin In Belgium

As much as the whole year was pretty good for us, spending 3 nights at a Nutchel Cabin really topped off the list in October. This gorgeous forest location was the perfect place to turn off the wifi and connect back with nature. We got our boots muddy, spent hours in the local forest and practiced LOTS of nature photography. It was such a great trip, that we had actually booked back in March when COVID started in EU, so we were lucky that we could still travel safely here.

Cabin in the forestDEC 2020 – And…. back to Luxembourg for a 3rd time!

Okay, maybe we are seeing a trend for 2020 now. Luxembourg has become such a beautiful place for us that we couldn’t resist heading back in December. For our third time, this would be for actually longer than our previous stays in Luxembourg. This time we are staying for 2 months!

We’ve just posted a Christmas In Luxembourg post too! But we cant wait to share more usual travel blogposts about Luxembourg for 2021.

Lake in Luxembourg with a drone

Thank you for reading our 2020 Travel Summary!

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