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A Romantic Night at Stay Ici In Belgium

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Stay Ici in Belgium is the next forest cabin location you should find yourself booking, as its perfect for a cosy weekend or romantic night stay off grid. After our beautiful forest weekend stays at the Nutchel Cabin in Belgium and at Parc Buitengewoon in the Netherlands, we couldn’t wait to try another forest getaway. Stay Ici is just the place to be, allowing you to connect back with nature, enjoy the silence as well as to enjoy good company with loved ones.

Read on to get more inspired about Stay Ici in Belgium, and why you should visit it. This is based on our personal 1 night stay in late Autumn, November 2021.

Where Is Stay Ici?

This hidden gem is located in Humain, Belgium in the Pays-de-Famenne region. Close to Namur and Dinant, it’s a short drive South East to reach Stay Ici. It can also be easily reachable with only a few hours from either the Netherlands, France of Luxembourg – making it perfect to visit for a few nights away.

It’s best to arrive by car as its not ideal to arrive with any public transport due to the location. For more forest cabi vacation tips, check here.

Type Of Cabins

They have a 3 different forest cabins to choose from (two of each), all beautifully designed to allow lots of light in with a creative twist of being build above the ground. The cabins to choose from are:

  • The Tower
  • The Glass Cube
  • The Flying Fermette

Our cabin was Flying Fermette #1 and was super ideal for 2 people with all the amenities. But it could fit 4 as there was a pull out sofa if needed. When walking up the stairs to the cabin, its beautiful design is instantly noticeable at the top, opening the doors to the dining area with a wood fire already lit by the staff for your arrival. From here you have a walkway and kitchen that leads to the little living room. A very cosy welcome!

Around the corner from here is the bathroom, which includes a built in shower and toilet. For sleeping, the bed is situated at the top, with a ladder to climb up into it! This was nice to have the sleeping area even higher than the living space, as you could look down outside into the nature too. Maybe not for those scared of heights!

Tip: When booking, we suggest to take the breakfast! There was so much to choose from and plenty for the two of us that we ended up saving some for lunch too. It was all fresh, delicious and tasty!

Things To Do At Stay Ici?

Since there is no connection here (only 4G near the reception), you are super off grid, make the most of it and enjoy the lack of phone notifications and enjoy some of the following things:

Relax, Relax and Relax!

Well the main thing to do when visiting Stay Ici is of course to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet in nature. Surrounded by the forest of trees and bushes, its the perfect location to turn off your electronics and rest. Wanting to finally finish that book you have? This is the place to be. Get cosy with the fire on and a nice drink (tea or more!) for full relaxation.

Top tip: Don’t forget to take some warm fluffy socks and a cosy jumper for relaxing next to the fire for ultimate cosiness.

Watch The Stars

If you have a clear night, the location of Stay Ici in Humain is ideal for stargazing. Through the tree tops you can definitely spot a few star installations and possible shooting stars. Our cabin didn’t have a rooftop sitting area, but if you pick the tower, you can enjoy the rooftop and watch the stars above best.

Tip: take a tripod with you for capturing the night sky without any movement.

Play A Board Game

Take along with you some classical and fun board games. That way you can enjoy the company of your loved ones with a challenge. Some games we suggest include scrabble, chess and exploding kittens. The dining room table area is great for this and you are then right next to the wood fire too.

Our personal favourite for the night was scrabble, which we played while eating lots of fresh nibbles and french bread for dinner!

Share Memories And Make Plans By the Wood Fire

Nothing better than reminiscing next to a wood fire, sharing stories of past events or fun stories that’s worth sharing. Whether it’s a funny, sad or unique story, bring it up and enjoy the evening together. You can also plan future travels, such as the next day to a city or your next big adventure abroad.

Things To Do Near Stay Ici?

Explore Dinant

The city of Dinant is only 36 kms away making it a short 36 min drive from Stay Ici. We visited Dinant on the way to our night at Stay Ici, which was very easy to do when travelling by car. Dinant is a small but interesting location. For things to do, find yourself walking or taking the cable car to the top of the cliff to visit the centuries-old fortified Citadel. These days it is a museum, as well as having some lovely views across the river.

You will also instantly notice the amount of saxophones in Dinant, as it’s Adolphe Sax’s birthplace, the saxophone inventor. Enjoy a walk along the waters edge and across the main bridge, before digging in to a bite to eat or drink at one of the local restaurants.

Hike In The Local Surroundings

There are many hiking routes in the area, starting from Stay Ici as well as from the church of Humain in the village nearby. Keep to the routes and follow the signs to stay on track. For Autumn, its a pretty location with all the colourful leaves, the muddy routes and perfect for mushroom spotting!

Go Bird Spotting

Since this is such a gorgeous location in the middle of the nature, you will also find yourself hearing many birds and wildlife in the area. Get up early for a walk around sunrise, and we’re sure you can spot some pretty animals along the way. During our own visit, we saw lots of blue tits, robins and even a woodpecker showed up for breakfast.

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Stay Ici in Belgium Summary

Our personal stay (not sponsored) was a delight. We would have stayed longer but it was a last minute getaway for us, which worked out perfect. Arriving by car is definitely best, since its truly in the middle of nowhere and the muddy roads (for our stay in Autumn) would have been difficult to walk all the way up to the cabins without the car.

We enjoyed our night in the silent location of Humain, slept so well and enjoyed the deliciously supplied breakfast in the morning. We highly suggest to try it out for yourselves if you are thinking of going, perfect for couples, families and even for groups of friends. We will definitely visit again and next time we’ll try a different cabin!!

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    A contemporary tree house! That looks like fun AND romantic! Great things to do there too.

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    Wow! What a magical place to stay. I have never spent the night in a treehouse so would love to stay somewhere like this. Being off-grid is just perfect to appreciate your surroundings too.

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    Great post! Looks like a really amazing staycation in the cabin in the woods..

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    Oh wow, it looks like a perfect place to stay. I love it, thank you for sharing it!

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    14th November 2021 at 2:03 am

    I’ve never stayed in anything quite like this before! That’s such a unique design and I love that it’s in the forest too for some peace and quiet.

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    14th November 2021 at 6:06 am

    What a unique experience! I especially love the idea of star gazing.

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