All About Me

I’m Zoe, the one behind all the posts on this website. Originally British and from a small English island, now 

permanently living in a big Dutch city. You can find me full time working in the capital of the Netherlands, but spend as much time as possible with the ones I love back in Rotterdam.

Travelling has always been a passion from an early age, cherishing those early family memories of trips abroad. What started with vacations to France, turned into vacations around the Europe, to now the World. 

With the love of taking photos since 2009, I’ve also been slowly discovering my camera and my style. Mostly been serious about photography in the last two years. However I am no where near the level I would want to be, but that’s okay as there is always something to learn and improve!

As well as travel and photography, you can find me spending my free time in a gym class, watering all my plants (totally lost count), keeping in touch with family and catching up with the latest Netflix series.

I started ‘Together in Transit’ as a way to share the passion for travelling and discovery. I dream of exploring often, and so I travel as soon as I have time from my busy schedule and the savings to pursue those destinations.