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Buggy Rental in Greece – Rent A Buggy On The Island Of Paros, Greece!

the buggy we rented at the beach

During our weekend stay in Paros, while exploring Greece in October, we decided to take a buggy rental in Greece. It was such a last minute but brilliant idea for us, since we had a day where we wanted to see more of the island. We were first considering taking the local bus, which is really easy and cheap to do. However we wanted to have a bit of excitement, which a buggy sounded like the perfect way to explore!

Read on to see our tips, reasons for rental and experience of renting a buggy in Greece!

Buggy Rental in Greece

Here is our top reasons why we think you should rent a Buggy in Greece too:

It’s The Most Fun!

You can already guess that a buggy rental in Greece is far more exciting than just a car or scooter. We did spot there were plenty of quadbikes also to rent, but with the two of us we loved the buggy option best.

We had the most fun renting the buggy, with my boyfriend doing most of the driving (and drifting!!). It was really fun to take the buggy around the island, down small dirt paths, over the mountain hills and to the beaches.

We think that some tourists who had rented a car instead might have been a bit jealous while we whizzed around having so much fun.

It’s Great For Exploring Locally

With a buggy rental, it’s better than a car rental as it allows you to take all the bumpy dirt paths. Many little cars would be restricted to some of these that we experienced, whereas the buggy allowed us to go right down them!

For example, we took a a random public dirt road down to a hidden beach in Paros. This was clearly just where some locals nearby went for a swim and it was so ideally.

It’s Not As Expensive As You Think

For low season (late October), we rented the buggy for a whole day for only 100 euros. This to us seemed like a pretty good deal. During high season we saw that it was between 150 and 200 euros for a day instead. We feel this was quite a good deal, since you can rent it for the whole day, with long hours from early morning to really late in the Summer. So we think you get your moneys worth!

It’s Safe

When you first see the buggy, you may think it might be not that safe – due to no windows or netting. But nothing to worry about as they are perfectly safe. You should wear the seatbelts which tightly straps you in well. There is plenty of space also for a backpack, water bottle and other items if you are using it to travel around.

Even with my boyfriend drifting around on the dirt paths, we felt perfectly safe in the buggy. Highly recommended!

Where To Rent A Buggy In Paros, Greece

So our experience of a buggy rental is based on our stay on the island of Paros in Greece. We stayed in the Sivanis Apartments in Naousa and rented a buggy on the same day as going there at Ride Moto Rental. They had plenty available due to low season and so we walked right in after breakfast.

You can check their full selection of rentals – including 2 different types of buggys – on their site!

Of course you do need your driving license to rent a buggy. I have a EU Dutch driving license and so simply handing this over for verification was enough. They also wrote down the place we were staying at and then simply had to sign the paperwork for the confirmation of rental.

The buggy’s are automatic, with only two easy pedals, which is great for the island up and down the hills. We can imagine people find this also more easy in general to drive.

Our Tips With Buggy Rental in Greece

Here are our suggested tips when you want to rent a buggy in Greece:

  • You should have a license with you, so don’t leave it at home when you visit Greece!
  • Some experience driving would be best, but the buggy’s are automatic which are pretty easy!
  • During high season, make sure to book in advance a buggy rental in Greece. They otherwise likely wont be possible for rent on the day of your choice.
  • Apply and take additional suncream with you!
  • Take supplies for what you plan to do, such as your swimwear, towel and sunglasses
  • Take water with you or some snacks, as you may come across a secluded location great for a little break.
  • Prepare for any weather, such as a warm jumper for the evening
  • And lastly, safety first – always wear your seatbelt!

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