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Cute Cat Cafes In Europe

If you are looking for cute Cat Cafes In Europe, you’ve come to the right blogpost! With kitties in Amsterdam, Madrid, Ukraine and more, there are lots of places to visit along the way. Cat Cafes in Europe are great to combine when on your travels, as most allow you to visit only for a few hours with a time slot. Perfect for a lunch break surrounded by four legged cuties. Read on to see our top recommendations in Europe!

12 Cute Cat Cafes In Europe

Here are the top 12 cat cafes in Europe that have been recommended by travellers who have been to each of these:

Miau Grau – Warsaw, Poland

Address: Kolejowa 49A, 01-210 Warszawa, Poland

Miau Grau is home to four cats; Charlie, Coco, Jaś and Klakier. All unique with their own personalities and gorgeous fur coats. Two of the cats seem to be from the bengal breed, with the other two short haired cats being another type of breed.

Located not far from the Warsaw Main (Warszawa Glowna) Train station, Miau Grau is located in the city center of Warsaw and easily reachable by public transportation or by foot.

For some delicious local food and drinks, you first order at the bar in the first area of the cafe, before heading into the cat section to the right. When your order is ready, you can collect it, and then bring your empty plates back to this area afterwards.

You can stay for only a specific amount of time, especially during the busy popular hours. This allows everyone to have time with the cats and enjoy some time together inside the location. There is also a large cupboard of games and activities to do while visiting, so you can stay for a relaxing time playing games together with others.

Read here for more in depth info about this cute cat cafes in Europe!

Pebbles Cat Cafe – Rotterdam, Netherlands

Address: Hoogstraat 30A, 3011 PR Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Pebbles Cat Cafe is located in Rotterdam city center, which is easy walking distance from the main touristic area of the Markthal and Cubic Houses. Situated just near the end of the Hoogstraat (High street), it is a great location for day trippers to Rotterdam, Netherlands.

There are 7 cats in total at this cat cafe and you can learn all about each cat and their name in the cafe. They all have their own personality too, which you can clearly see when visiting. Such as the white cat being a bit of the boss kitty!

The cafe also has a small but nice menu for treats, lunch and a high tea. As well as many choices of teas and most likely your favourite coffee to drink.

During your stay you are also free to take a board game from the shelf. The cats are very used to customers playing board games, but be prepared for an extra furry player who might want to play too!

Read here for more in depth info about this cute cat cafes in Europe!

White cat on the chair

Cat Café Kociarnia – Krakow, Poland

Address: Lubicz 1, 31-033 Kraków, Poland

Krakow is full of romantic cobblestone streets to wander, the largest castle in Poland to explore (Wawel Royal Castle), and a charming cat café tucked just outside all the hustle and bustle of Old Town. Cat Café Kociarnia is Krakow’s only cat café and the perfect place to kick off your day—pop in for an extensive assortment of coffee drinks, specialty teas, smoothies, along with sweet treats, and lunch items.

Unfortunately, it’s not the most vegan-friendly spot in Krakow, but what it lacks in eats, it makes up in sweet kitty snuggles! The café is frequented by a variety of kitties of all ages. There were less than ten hanging out when we visited, but that’s a good thing; it means that the others were adopted and found fur-ever homes! We thought it was the perfect place to relax from sightseeing while enjoying a hot drink with furry friends.

There isn’t a fee to visit the café, however, they ask that you purchase something to eat or drink or donate to help them take care of all of the sweet kitties. If you’re traveling with small children, it is essential to note that they only allow children 6 or older.

Written by Rebecca from Veggies Abroad

Cat Cafe – Vilnius, Lithuania

Address: Gedimino pr. 5, Vilnius 01103, Lithuania

Vilnius? I know, there is a good chance you’ve never been here and you might not even know exactly where it is. Neither did I until I first visited a few years ago.

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and is actually a really cool, vibrant city with a lot to offer! And that includes the Cat Cafe.

The Cat Cafe is a cute, cozy cafe that’s home to 15 cats. With different rooms and a comfortable decor the cafe feels almost like you’re visiting a friend’s home instead of a cafe.

And the cats are adorable! They clearly love the attention and will come greet you at your table, but you’re also more than welcome to walk around to get to know all the cats.

You can stop here for a quick coffee and some cat cuddles, but the cafe is also a good place to eat in Vilnius. They have a great lunch menu, delicious desserts and some good cocktails too!

Written by Sanne from Spend Life Traveling

O Porto Dos Gatos – Porto, Portugal

Address: Av. de Rodrigues de Freitas 93, 4300-466 Porto, Portugal

The lovely cat cafe in the Bonfim neighbourhood of Porto is the perfect place to meet well cared for felines. Not only do they have several rooms including an outdoor courtyard to roam, but they have a cosy playroom where guests can curl up and give them a cuddle.

O Porto Dos Gatos is a highlight of the Porto food scene with a menu of tasty vegan dishes. Try delicious bruschettas in different flavours, or opt for a vegan version of the traditional Portuguese francesinha: a meaty sandwich drenched in cheesy beer sauce!

It may not be super healthy but the food is well presented and tasty. Dishes are named after types of cat, then there are the hot beverages like the ‘catachino’. Everything is affordable and there’s a set meal of the day for €7.

The whole cafe has cat decor with feline-focussed artwork and cushions. Finally, the cafe is well-equipped to work online. Spend the day eating, working and playing with cats. What could be better?

Written by Rose from Where Goes Rose?

Cats Café – Chisinau, Moldova

Address: Alexander Pushkin St 32, Chișinău, Moldova

The capital of Moldova is certainly not very high on the bucket list of travellers in Europe – if at all. Many are passing through from Romania to Ukraine, especially to the highlights of Odessa.

But wrongly so, there is a lot to discover in Chisinau. Extensive parks, iconic buildings like the Moldavian Triumphal Arch, brutalist architecture from the Soviet times or modern shopping complexes. There are many exciting places to learn a lot about the life of the locals in the city like the big markets in the city center and at the train station. 

And after a long day of sightseeing, there is a special café to relax in: Cats Café. The café is wonderfully located in the center at 32 Alexander Pushkin Street (Strada Pușkin), in the building of the Bristol Hotel. This is right next to the Cathedral Park and the Triumphal Arch of Chisinau. 

The prices are very moderate, as in many places in Moldova. In addition to various coffee specialties and drinks of all kinds, hot snacks and meals such as pizza are also offered. 

So, don’t miss the exciting city of Chisinau and relax afterwards at Cats Café. 

Written by Phil from JOURNICATION Travel Blog

Meow Cats Cafe – Aix-en-Provence, France

Address: 10 Rue Fonderie, 13100 Aix-en-Provence, France

Meow Cats Cafe in Aix-en-Provence, France is a charming little coffee shop and restaurant that is home to five gorgeous cats. It is right in my neighbourhood and I consider myself very lucky to be so close to it. Whenever I get bored while working from home, I grab my laptop and I hurry over to Meow Cats Cafe. Since they provide free WiFi, I can easily work from there, all the while sipping on one of their delicious coffees, teas, hot chocolates or home-made lemonade – depending on the season. They also serve amazing desserts, breakfasts and brunch. So if I ever feel like spending an entire day working from there, I will not go hungry and I can enjoy the company of the five beautiful feline residents.

Meow Cats Cafe is a veritable jungle gym for these lovely cats. As soon as you enter, you notice a maze of boxes, tunnels and flap doors all around. These little cat residents never get bored. If they wish to hide from visitors, they can easily do so by escaping through a trap door behind the wall. Or if they want to feel like they are on top of the world, they climb up to one of the boxes on the wall or make their way through a series of tunnels under the ceiling. From time to time, some of the more social cats will get curious and come hang out. That is always a treat.

Written by Bea from PackYourBags

Micibo Cat Café – Cagliari, Italy

Address: Piazza S. Cosimo, 6, 09127 Cagliari CA, Italy

Wandering the lovely narrow alleys of Villanova, you will eventually end up in Piazza San Cosimo, one of the prettiest squares in town. Known to be the home of Cagliari’s oldest church, the Basilica di San Saturnino, there’s one more reason you will want to make your way there: Micibo Cat Café. 

Locals and tourists alike love Micibo. Students of Cagliari University visit to make use of the high-speed Wi-Fi. Whenever I visit, I can spot a couple of groups working on a project. What I enjoy the most about it is the homey feeling. It really looks and feels like a large living / dining room, with cats popping by to say hello whenever they feel like it (and sometimes, not at all!).

Another thing I particularly enjoy at Micibo is the choice of drinks and desserts – almost every item on the menu is lactose free! On any day you will find a selection of cakes (their cheesecake is really decadent), light and quick bites, lots of teas and coffee choices, as well as beer, wine and cocktails.

Micibo Cat Café opened its doors in late 2018 and since then adopted various cats from cat sanctuaries and cat shelters around town. The friendly cats will welcome you Monday to Friday from 4:00 to 9:00 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 4:00 to 9:00 pm.

Written by Claudia Tavani from Strictly Sardinia

Kattencafe Kopjes – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Address: Marco Polostraat 211, 1057 WK Amsterdam

Kattencafe Kopjes (often just called Kopjes) is Amsterdam’s first cat café, and currently the only one in the capital city of the Netherlands. It’s located in Amsterdam-West, not far from both Erasmuspark and Rembrandtpark, as well as the famous Foodhallen.

‘Kopjes’ is the Dutch word for little cups, but it’s also the word they use when a cat bumps its head against you, which I think makes it an adorable name for a cat café! There are eight cats that live at Kopjes, all permanent residents who have been adopted from two different Amsterdam cat shelters and, since they live there on the property, are all pretty relaxed about visitors. The huge Horus was my favourite, but Tiny (a cute little white and black cat with only one eye) is also adorable.

The cats also have their own section away from the café patrons if they need a break, but they all seemed perfectly relaxed when we visited, and all in the main room. The café is also closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so the cats get a big break then.

The café is fairly small, but very cosy, and there are lots of little hidey holes for the cats. It costs €3 to visit for a two-hour time slot. You can also purchase some drinks and snacks while you’re there, but you don’t have to. However, I definitely recommend their delicious red velvet cake. There are some cute little cat-themed books and games you can play while there, but mostly it’s just a lovely spot to hang out with some cats and have a coffee, rather than at a regular café!

Written by Kristy from Tassie Devil Abroad

Shakespaw Cat Cafe – Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

Address: 6 Union St, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6QT, United Kingdom

Shakespaw Cat Café is situated in the historical town of Stratford-upon-Avon is and is, without a doubt, one of the best things to do in the area. Not only are they doing their bit by offering up a shelter for the local cats whilst they wait for their forever home, but they help raise funds by asking visitors to donate £6 upon booking so that you can do your bit too.

In return, you’ll get to fuss over the loving furry felines – who will try and convince you that yours should be their forever home – whilst you enjoy a delicious meal or slice of homemade cake. Personally, I always opt for the kitty crumpets, as who doesn’t enjoy a cat-shaped crumpet whilst stroking a cat, in a café that’s full of even more cats. It really is kitty-cat heaven.

However, you’ll need to be well-prepared and book in advance if you’re hoping to visit the Shakespaw Cat Café whilst you’re in Stratford-upon-Avon, as understandably, it gets extremely busy on the weekends! To do so, you’ll need to book online so check their website for more information. 

Written by Millie from Travelling Through The Trees

La Gatoteca – Madrid, Spain

Address: C. del Duque de Rivas, 7, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Recently, people have started to adopt animal culture around cafes. Several cafes in Spain enjoy the company of animals. There are several cat cafes and dog cafes around the country. A few of the top cat cafes can be found in Madrid. They list among the must-visit cafes of Madrid.

I was searching for a similar cafe on my visit to Madrid and got to hear a lot about La Gatoteca. It is the first cat cafe in Spain that is also a shelter for homeless cats. La Gatoteca is listed as Club del Gato as they offer a variety of activities that are educational and therapeutic. It is the place where cat lovers can get around to play with them and even adopt them. You may also try typical foods from Madrid on your visit.

The thing that I loved about the place is the atmosphere. You get surrounded by cats while you sip your coffee and when you are done, you can also enjoy playful activities. The charges to visit the cafe vary according to the time spent. They charge 4 Euros for 30 minutes and 6 Euros for one hour. These charges also include one free hot drink.

Written by Paulina from Paulina On The Road

Source: Alberto Velilla

Maison de Moggy – Edinburgh, UK

Address: 17 West Port, Edinburgh EH1 2JA, United Kingdom

If you’re looking to visit beautiful designer cats, make sure you visit the cat café in Edinburgh.

When I lived in Edinburgh, I’d always walk past the Maison de Moggy cat café and stop to look at the cats through the window. I’d never been to a cat café before, but as a BIG cat lover I’d always wanted to. I just never got around to it. Then after lockdown finished, one of the first places I went was the cat café.

I didn’t really know what to expect. They had the most beautiful cats I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t just your typical domestic cat. They had so many rare breads – Sphynx (the hairless cats!), Norwegian forest cat, Ragdoll, Maine coon, chinchilla Persian, bengal siamese, and British short hair. I’d never seen a furless cat before so this was a highlight as well as the bengals and the most beautiful fluffy cats you’ve ever seen.

You’re allowed to pat and cuddle the cats and they encourage them to play with treats and toys. They also have a small menu with hot drinks (highly recommend the gingerbread latte) and cakes.

If you love cats, I’d definitely recommend going here. If I was still living in Edinburgh, I would definitely be back. It’s the only cat café I’ve been to, but I can’t imagine finding a better one.

If you’re looking for other things to do while you’re in Scotland, don’t miss my top 5 favourite places in Scotland:

  1. Craigievar Castle (beautiful pink castle)
  2. Dunnottar Castle
  3. Edinburgh Castle
  4. The Isle of Skye
  5. The Isle of Harris
Written by Ashleigh from Ashleigh’s Atlas

UPDATED 2024: BONUS CAT CAFE – Casa del Gato Zurich!

As of 2024, we visited the little location of Casa del Gato – a cat cafe in Zurich, Switzerland.

This beautiful location is just a short journey from the city centre, being home to 5 beautiful tom cats. Three of them are Maine coons and huge compared to the other two!

At the cafe, you can enjoy a bite to eat such as freshly baked pancakes or eggs as well as a drink of your choice. You should book a timeslot via their website to be sure you get a space, as they may be full otherwise and do not allow walk ins.

Find all information on this cat cafe in Zurich on our specific post – Casa del Gato!

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