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Christmas In Luxembourg: Photoblog Of Festivities

Christmas in Luxembourg is a truly christmassy atmosphere that everyone should experience at least once. There is pretty decorated Christmas trees, beautiful decorations on the city buildings and festive glühwein available at many places. With cold weather and warm Christmas lights, its perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit with loved ones.

It was pretty much raining the whole Christmas week in Luxembourg during my stay, but two weeks later we had the most amazing snow that i documented in a separate post Luxembourg City In Snow: Winter White Wonderland.

Decorations In The City Center

The city center for 2020 was beautifully decorated throughout. Walking around in any city street, you have a warm welcoming feeling for December. Many shops have a beautiful window design and they were still open for last minute gifts too. The city streets are also beautifully lit up with hanging decorations.

Some of the decorations as you can see in the photos are very big. One beautiful Christmas tree can be found near the Golden Lady statue which is close to the Pont Adolphe bridge.

A popular area when walking around Luxembourg was the love heart decoration. Here everyone was enjoying the Christmassy atmosphere and the Christmas decorations set up, even with the rain. From families taking pictures to the older generation enjoying the lit up trees. The ultimate selfie spot!

Another pretty location is the blue lit up tree that has the city hall in the background. Completed in 1838, it has a neoclassical style. If you look closely you will see two lions at the entrance, which represent the city of Luxembourg. These can also be found on its coat of arms.

Food And Drink

We picked up some festive glühwein at a local selling point and enjoyed it while walking further through the city. They also had other delicious treats for sale for a bite to eat.

Decorations At The Cloche d’Or Shopping Center

A great place to stay dry from December weather (unlike my photos above) is at the Cloche d’Or Shopping Center. Here for December 2020 they had some amazing Christmas decorations. I’m not sure if its the same every year, but when we arrived it was Smurf themed.

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Summary Christmas In Luxembourg

The city of Luxembourg has been truly christmassy and enjoyable with Christmas decorations. I have really enjoyed strolling around the city, even with the rain. It was also lovely to find some festive glühwein too as this to me makes it Christmassy! If you ever get the chance to get out in your location even just for a walk, its well worth it.

But now is the time to spend some time off the blog and enjoy the rest of the Christmas period with good music, good films, good food and some more wine!

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