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Code Orange Hoek Van Holland PHOTOBLOG

Today in the Netherlands (10th August 2019) we have been experiencing some very strong gale force winds… so we decided to take a walk at the beach Hoek Van Holland. I took our new lens for my Nikon out to practice too, and couldn’t wait to check out the photos I had taken! 

So what is Code Orange?

Code orange is one of the four warning codes that is used in the Netherlands. These are set by the Dutch KNMI Weather Bureau to alert citizens regarding type of a weather warning.

Source: KNMI

All four weather warnings to look out for are;
  • green – nothing to worry about (least risk).
  • yellow – stay alert with weather changes up to 48 hours with a 60% chance of happening.
  • orange – be prepared with weather changes within 24 hours with a 60% chance of happening.
  • red – take action and expect a big impact within 12 hours (most risk).
Code orange is the most popular in my experience, usually used when there are strong winds, thunderstorms, really high/low temperatures and snow. However we see the occasional code red too, and then it’s good to stay inside!

Code Orange Hoek Van Holland Photos

Below is our collection of Code Orange Hoek Van Holland photos taken during our windy walk. It is advised not to walk close to the waters edge as you can easily be pushed in by the wind, so we mostly kept to the beach. However some daredevils were walking right out to the lighthouse!
Hope you enjoyed our Code Orange Hoek Van Holland photos! 

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