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Day Trips From Maastricht: Beaches, History, Nature And Cities!

Day Trips From Maastricht

Maastricht is such a pretty place that its hard to leave if you’re here, but with so many ideas for day trips from Maastricht – we’re sure you will be interested to one of these! From Dutch beaches, pretty shopping cities to a WW1 historical Belgium location, this list of day trips from Maastricht has a bit of everything.

Below you can find four country categories, sharing a total of 18 Day Trips from Maastricht to locations in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany. Thats the great thing about being in Maastricht and travelling, as you are close to 3 other countries!

Keep reading for the full inspiration of places to visit, all shared by travel writers who have each visited the location they shared.

Day Trips From Maastricht – Netherlands Locations

Rotterdam, Netherlands 

Distance: 197 km

If you are looking for a cool modern city in the Netherlands, then Rotterdam is the place to visit for one of the day trips from Maastricht! This urban architectural location has some incredible history of the city being build back up since World War Two. Meaning that most areas and buildings are not older than 1945. This makes the city these days rather special, to have such a history and how it has grown from it.

So for architecture, its super cool to walk here to be amazed with the tall buildings. However Rotterdam has also much more on offer. From outdoor nature areas like the Kralingse Bos and Het Park, lots of events in the summer and winter, as well as being beautiful to visit in spring time. The city is also great for shopping, with a whole centre area car-free, allowing you to shop all day without having to cross a road full of cars.

Some must-sees for a day trip include seeing walking or cycling over the Erasmusbrug (pictured below), enjoying a drink or snack at a skyline bar, being fast on the water with a local water taxi and exploring some local street art across the city.

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Best Travel Apps For Visiting Rotterdam, Netherlands

Maasvlakte, Netherlands

Distance: 236 km

If your looking for a beachy day trips from Maastricht for some vitamin sea, the Maasvlakte Beach and harbour is only around 2.5 to 3 hours away by car.

This industrial location is mostly home to the Rotterdam harbour, working 24/7 with some of the largest container ships in the world. There are tours and museum FutureLand that can be visited to learn more about this. You can enjoy boat spotting as well as seeing the World’s largest wind turbine here!

Else if the beach is more your thing, the Maasvlakte beach is the perfect spot for some sunshine. There are some dunes to walk through and plenty of space to sit along the long man made beach. You can swim in the water, but is mostly cold for the year unless on those hot summer days.

Don’t expect to see any terraces as its truly full of nature here either, so make sure to bring your own drinks and snacks if needed. Depending on the time of the year however, the little snack/ice cream truck might be in the area for refreshments.

Tractor trails in the beach sand

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Distance: 89 km

A day trip to Eindhoven is a great place to visit, which also isn’t so far away. With a short train trip of 1 hour on average, or 1 hour 15 mins by car. Located in the province of Brabant, this city is well known for it’s cool vibe area of Strijp-S and a top photography location for explorers.

In the city as well as the Strijp-S location there are numerous shopping streets to enjoy. You can find the big popular stores to local boutiques, as well as all the restaurants and cafes you can think of. For something a little more unique, head to the street art location for some live artists at work creating new designs.

For other Eindhoven things to do, find yourself enjoying the local parks and nature areas, visiting the local Philips museum or enjoying a photography walk with friends. Top foodie tip is after lots of walking, to treat yourself to a delicious bagel from Bagels and Juices in Strijp-S.

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Hoge Veluwe National Park, Netherlands

Distance: 169 km

The Hoge Veluwe is a national park located not far from Apeldoorn in the Netherlands, which is only about an hour and a half drive from Maastricht. It makes it one of the perfect day trips from Maastricht for nature focused. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. One of the fantastic things to do is to park your car and borrow one of the hundreds of free loaner bikes and just ride around the flat trails in the park.

The trails in Hoge Veluwe will take you past some great art museums, one that has many Van Gogh’s on display since he spent time in the park himself. Other points of interest are, the informative Visitor’s center, a hunting lodge turned café, a great playground for kids, an underground museum, and a snack bar. On top of all these things to do, the scenery is fantastic and the bike rides are just plain fun for the whole family.

You won’t want to miss this fun way to get out in nature and enjoy it in a truly Dutch fashion…on bikes!

Written by Corinne Vail from Reflections Enroute

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Distance: 210 km

One of the best day trips from Maastricht is to the city of Amsterdam. From the city it takes about 2 hours by car or 2.5 hours by train to get to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and you find a lot of amazing things to do and see.

One of the best things to see in Amsterdam is the canals and the canal houses. These look very picturesque and are very famous. Another one of the best things to do in Amsterdam is going to the museums of the city. The most popular one is the Rijksmuseum, where you can find a lot of historic paintings and other objects. Other interesting museums are the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum, and the Anne Frank House.

What’s great about Amsterdam as well is the shopping opportunities in the city. The Kalverstraat is the major shopping street that is most popular for shopping. Besides that, The 9 Streets is an area where you find a lot of boutique shops that are great! Furthermore, there are many great parks in the city. Of these, Vondelpark is the most popular one. Also, there are many things to do alone in Amsterdam. For example, you can join all kinds of groups, workshops, and tours in the city.

Written by Dymphe from Dymabroad

Leiden, Netherlands

Distance: 221 km

Leiden is a wonderful city to spend a day trip in. It is home to one of the country’s largest universities and a mere 20-minute ride away from the famous Lisse tulip fields. The city is nicknamed “the city of discoveries” because of the many Nobel Prizes (no less than 16) that have been attributed to scientists working at the university.

First things first, one of the best things to do in Leiden is to rent a bike! As is the case with many of the cities in the Netherlands, the city is small and very bike friendly. Bike to the Hortus Botanicus (the largest botanical gardens in Western Europe) and stroll around the gardens, visit the funky Naturalis Museum and grab a bite to eat in the Sint Pieterskerk, which these days is no longer a church but a restaurant.

Bike off lunch while hunting down the prettiest hofjes (almshouses)! Next up bike the 9K to the Duivenvoorde Castle, a 13th century castle which is open to the public. After visiting the castle, make your way back to the city centre of Leiden and discover the vibrant nightlife the city has to offer. Those university students sure know how to liven up the city!

Written by Caroline from Veggie Wayfarer

Scheveningen, Netherlands

Distance: 230 km

Scheveningen is a beach town on the west coast of the Netherlands. It’s part of the city of The Hague. Another perfect beach day trips from Maastricht, since it’s 2 hours and 15 minutes by car.

Scheveningen is one of the most popular beach towns in the Netherlands. So going for a swim (during the Summer) is a favorite activity. Playing or walking the beach is popular all year long. When it’s a bit stormy outside, the waves are beautiful and nothing beats a long beach walk then.

Sit down at a beach club. You can visit them from March till October. Most of them don’t have a year round concession. Beach clubs aren’t the only places to eat in Scheveningen. On the boulevard and pier are lots of permanent restaurants that sell churros, soft serve ice cream and fish. The iconic pier and boulevard are what Scheveningen is famous for. On the pier is a ferris wheel, bungee jump, a restaurant and promenade.

Besides the breach and sea, there’s more to see on the boulevard, like Museum Beelden aan Zee (Sculptures at Sea), Sea Life Scheveningen and the Kurhaus. The last one is a famous Grand Hotel with a view on the sea and on the boulevard.

Written by Cosette from KarsTravels

Day Trips From Maastricht – Luxembourg Locations

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Distance: 202 km

For something abroad, visiting Luxembourg City is a wonderful day trips from Maastricht. With only being 2 hours 10 minutes away from centre to center, it’s an easy trip by car. Parking is easy in Luxembourg city so simply find a garage and then time to explore!

The city centre is lovely for shopping in the boutiques and local stores, with many restaurants situated in each street too. The center is car free, allowing you to pass from shop to shop easily. Top tip: for cat lovers, visit the cute cat cafe in the city center for some kitty cuddles and a warm drink!

From the city centre, get the lift or walk down to the local Grund neighbourhood. Here you can walk along the river at the bottom of the valley and back up for a lovely walk. You can also walk all the way to the modern neighborhood of Kirchberg on the other side, then to simply get the tram back.

All public transportation is free in Luxembourg, so you can also head out of the city for some hiking, such as at the Mullerthal trails, to a castle like at Vianden or to another city like Belval in the south of the country.

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Day Trips From Maastricht – Belgium Locations

Ypres, Belgium

Distance: 262 km

If you are looking for a more historical location to visit, Ypres is the place to be. Surrounded by World War One history, Ypres is a beautiful location to learn more in person.

The city has many things to do, such as climbing the city Cloth Tower for 360 views of the area and a museum all about how the city survived the war and the reconstruction of everything. It’s also worth walking around the city walls, build back when the location needed protection.

In Ypres you can experience the Menin gate memorial, a place to remember all the missing soldiers of WW1 as well as to pay your respects with the Last Post ceremony every day at 20:00. Highly worth visiting is also the In Flanders Fields Museum, Museum Merghelynck and the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917.

For further exploration, add Tyne Cot Cemetery and Hooge Crater & Front Line Hooghe to your list of things to do, to truly see how it was like back in the war by walking the front lines yourself from what now still is visible.

More information about Ypres and these things to do can be found here.

Weekend in Ypres Belgium

Brussels, Belgium

Distance: 123 km

Brussels makes a fantastic day trip from Maastricht. The city is full of interesting sights, great food and fascinating culture; there’s truly something for everyone in this international city.

Getting to Brussels from Maastricht takes around 1 hour 22 minutes by car, or just over 2 hours by train. Start your visit to Brussels in the Grand Place, Brussels’ stunning main square and one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. The ornate buildings around the Grand Place are the old headquarters of Brussels’ trade guilds; the square was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998.

For a fun and quirky way to explore the city, follow the Comic Book Route. This self-guided walking tour takes you around central Brussels’ most interesting areas and celebrates Belgium’s connection with comic books along the way through giant pieces of street art depicting Tintin, the Smurfs and other beloved Belgian characters.

When you’re in Brussels, don’t miss out on sampling the best in Belgian cuisine – waffles, chocolate and beer. A brewery tour and tasting session at Brussels Beer Project is the perfect way to finish your day in Brussels.

Written by Helen from Helen On Her Holidays

Namur Belgium

Distance: 91 km

Namur is a beautiful, not very touristy city, in the South of Belgium. Even if it’s the capital of Wallonia region, it is relatively a compact city, with plenty of attractions to see on a day trip. One of the best things to do in Namur is visit the citadel. Located on top of a hill at the confluence of the Meuse and Sambre rivers, the citadel has been protecting the city for centuries. Firstly, the views over the city from the top of the citadel are gorgeous. The access to the citadel grounds is free of charge, but for tours or exhibitions you need to pay. One of the most interesting tours is the underground tunnels of the citadel.

Recently, the city has gotten its own cable car so reaching the citadel only takes 5 minutes. In the old town centre of Namur, you will find the St Aubin Cathedral, the only one in Belgium built in a late Baroque style. Among the narrow streets of the city you will find plenty of restaurants, breweries and chocolate shops, where you can sit down and enjoy some delicious Belgian food and beer.

Written by Joanna from A World In My Pocket

Antwerp Belgium

Distance: 109 km

Looking for a unique day trip from Maastricht City? The beautiful city Antwerp in Belgium is only a 1,5-hour drive away by car or 2,5 hours by train! 

Antwerp is the fashion city of Belgium, take some time for shopping and discover the most exclusive shops like Dries Van Noten and be sure to visit the Schuttershofstraat and Nationalestraat.

Antwerp is a wonderful city full of culture, stop by the photo museum, here you can see works by both famous and less well-known photographers from all around the world. For the most beautiful view of the city, you can enter the MAS museum. You can visit the highest floor for free so you can make sure to soak in all of Antwerp’s beauty! 

Architecture lovers will adore the city as well, you will find beautiful old buildings around every corner, make sure to visit the Vlaeykensgang, Antwerp’s most hidden, but most beautiful alley.

Written by Stéphanie from Bey Of Travel

Bruges Belgium

Distance: 222 km

One of the most romantic and historical day trip destinations from Maastricht is without doubt Bruges. Also called ‘Venice of the North’ you really can’t miss spending some time in this wonderful city. 

Top things to do for one day in Bruges include climbing the Belfry to enjoy an amazing view of the city, going for a romantic boat tour on the canals in between the famous swans of Bruges, visiting one of the many museums (including the Chocolate and Fries museum!) and having a beer at one of the many beer cellars hidden in the small streets.

From Maastricht, it is only a 2.5-hour drive to Bruges, perfect for a day trip or maybe a weekend! If you don’t have a car at your disposal, it’s also very easy to reach by train. During your visit to Bruges, you won’t need any transportation method at all, just your feet, because this small city is best visited on foot.

Written by Emma from Emma’s Roadmap

Liege, Belgium

Distance: 32 km

The best part about visiting Maastricht is its proximity to many other countries. Travellers can easily visit many stops in Belgium including Liege. Since both Netherlands and Belgium are Schengen countries, visitors can easily travel from one country to another without any formalities. There are many great day trips from Maastricht to Belgium, but the best one among them is Liege. It is because Liege is a beautiful Belgian city with its preserved beauty.

Reaching Liege from Maastricht is easily accessible because there are a lot of options. Travellers can choose to go by car that takes about 28 min, or by train that takes about 35 min to reach there. They can also find many boat tours that take about 1.5 hours to reach Liege from Maastricht. The boat allows travellers to explore the Meuse and the Albert Canal.

Liege is a great one-day trip from Maastricht as it has hidden gems like the Saint-Paul Cathedral, Prince Bishop’s Palace, Museum of Walloon Life, Liege railway station, and more. Travellers will find many things to do in Liege including exploring Liege city center, Palace Saint-Lambert, and Le Perron (the city’s famous monument). This fountain is the symbol of the city of Liege.

Written by Paulina from Paulina On The Road

Dinant, Belgium

Distance: 127 km

Dinant is a charming and picturesque town in the French-speaking region of Belgium. It’s 130 km away from Maastricht and can be reached by car in one hour and a half. The old town is crossed by River Meuse, around which the main attractions are concentrated.

The symbol of the city is Notre Dame de Dinant, a gothic church from the 13th century with a pear-shaped bell tower added in the 16th century. Just behind it, high on a cliff, sits the citadel, built for the first time in the 11th century and rebuilt in 1815. In order to reach it, one can either climb 408 steps or take the cable car. Besides the Arms Museum inside, the best reward will be the incredible bird-eye views over the river and the old town.

In front of the church, there’s Charles de Gaulle bridge. It was named after a former president of France that was hurt in Dinant during a battle. Nowadays, it is lined with funky saxophones, each representing a different country of the EU. This is a tribute to Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone, born in Dinant.

A little out of the town center stands Maison Leffe, where one can learn how the famous beer is made. No trip is complete without a souvenir. The best choice in this case is a Couque de Dinant, an extremely hard and sweet biscuit that comes in  all shapes and can be bought in any bakery.

Suggested by Raluca from Travel With A Spin

Day Trips From Maastricht – Germany Locations

Monschau, Germany

Distance: 74 km

From Maastricht city is a beautiful short day trip to the German location of Monschau. Best reachable with a car, its only 1 hour away. This pretty cobblestoned town is a dreamy place to visit in all seasons, but the most prettiest in the middle of Autumn. All the local timbered houses are then surrounded by the nature with yellow, orange and brown trees.

Monschau itself is situated in the bottom of the valley with the gorgeous river Roer passing through the whole area. Once you arrive, its ideal to first enjoy a walk at the top along the panoramic walking route. This allows you to see the town from above, spotting all the cute houses, shops and restaurants between the nature.

From here you can then walk (or drive) down to the bottom to join the locals for a drink, bite to eat or a bit of local shopping. There are some pretty boutique and souvenir shops.  Else to head to the castle to learn about the history, to the local Scheibler museum or the delicious mustard museum for a local treat.

For an extra tip, you could spend half the day at Monschau and then adventure at Eifel National Park for a hike at the dam or to explore the historical Vogelsang Nazi Training Camp.

Looking for a pretty Germany city for a weekend away? Why not visit Monschau, a hidden but gorgeous cobblestoned village in the valley, close to Eifel National Park too! Read all about a weekend away to Monschau here at togetherintransit.nl

Cologne, Germany

Distance: 116 km

About an hour and a half drive east of Maastricht, across the border into Germany, you will reach Maastricht. You can also go by train, but you will have to change once in Aachen.

The number one attraction of the city is the cathedral, Kölner Dom. It took more than 600 years to build and for a few years it was the tallest building in the world. You can take the many stairs up the tower for a panoramic view of the city or, if you book in advance, take a tour on the roof.

Cross the bridge over the Rhine for the best photo spots back over the cathedral and bridge. From the other side of the river you can stroll along the water on the Rheinboulevard and watch the ships pass.

If you happen to visit during carnival season, be prepared and get in costume! Between November 11 and February Cologne becomes Germany’s carnival capital.

Written by Christin From Christin Has Fernweh

Dusseldorf, Germany

Distance: 109 km

Düsseldorf is the capital city of North Rhine-Westphalia and is at the confluence of two rivers – the Rhine and the Düssel. The city is about 100 kilometres away from Maastricht, and to get there, it’s about an hour to 90 minutes for self-drive and about two hours by train.

Düsseldorf is famous for its vibrant mix of German tradition and modern culture, and such qualities is manifested through art, music, and architecture. The city is nurtured many seminal artists, and it’s filled with museums and heritage sites that make the visit exciting. Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen Classic Remise, Museum Kunstpalast, and K20 are some of the best art and history museums located in the city center. Take pictures at the Kö-Bogen and Neue Zollhof (or the Gehry Buildings), they are both well-known modern architectures, with the latter is a redevelopment at the harbour’s riverfront, designed by distinguished architect Frank Gehry. 

For those who enjoy shopping, the Königsallee is the main shopping avenue with international brands and designer boutiques. Before leaving the city, venture to the Carlsplatz Market for some delicious local cuisine and a craft beer, and don’t forget to try “Himmel and Erde” a local dish made from black pudding, potatoes, drizzled with apple sauce.  

Written by Kenny from Knycx Journeying 

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