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European Couple Summer Destinations For Your Bucket List

Are you looking for some European Couple Summer Destinations for this year’s travel inspiration? This post is for couples and those in love looking for a fun summer weekend getaway to a full romantic honeymoon location. Pack the suncream as you’re going to want to get whisked away together. Your next charming vacation could be one of these European destinations, so let us inspire you with the list below.

European Couple Summer Destinations List

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

This romantic city in a middle of the forests of Luxembourg is a must-see place for all exploring couples. The capital city has the prettiest neighbourhoods such as Grund for enjoying your summer time in. There are little restaurants in the city as well as some great wine bars. Else if that is not your thing, head to the historical center for some amazing viewpoints, lots of shopping choices and interesting museums – such as the museum of contemporary art Mudam.

Curious for more info? Check our Ultimate Things To Do In Luxembourg post!

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Find yourself walking the modern streets and across the bridges in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Located in South Holland, Rotterdam has so much to offer for couples to enjoy. Whether you enjoy walking around all the modern architecture (unlike some older Dutch cities), enjoying a boat cruise with a bite to eat, cuddling some cats at a cat cafe, or cocktails from a skyline viewpoint – there is something for everyone.

For Summer in Rotterdam is a great place for staying outside with the warm summer sunsets. Check out the local parks and cutest neighbourhoods for a picnic and some relaxation. Rotterdam is a great place for a European Couple Summer Destination, which you can also easily combine with Amsterdam for a day!

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Erasmusbrug Rotterdam with spring flowers

Delphi, Greece

This lesser known location is a beautiful Greek spot worth spending at least 1 night at, such as on a summer road trip type of vacation. Many hotels here have a gorgeous view of the valley below, allowing you to relax with the summer sunset right in front of you and the mountains. For things to do and see in Delphi, and for those who love Greek history, must visit the Treasury of the Athenians, Delphi Theatre and archaeological museum of Delphi as the top highlights.

Etretat, France

This Normandy French coast is ideal for a romantic weekend away for some beach, sunshine and French cuisine. Etretat is a popular destination for also relaxation, with many camping and cute B&Bs in the whole area. The nature is the most highlight in this area, with the photo below showing just how beautiful Etretat cliffs are. However there are a lot more romantic must see things to do such as visiting the Benedictine Palace and the Etretat Gardens.

However we do highly suggest a road trip along the whole Alabaster Coast. That way you can enjoy the the whole northern coast together with your loved one! This is easily doable within a two or three day road trip.

White cliffs and the sea

Copenhagen, Denmark

Looking for something a bit more Scandinavian? Copenhagen is the place to be! This beautiful location in the summer comes alive with the best places to catch some sun with a bite to eat. Nyhavn is a popular spot to check out, but the city has many more locations too.

While you are there, you can enjoy a walk to the famous Little Mermaid statue followed by climbing the 400 steps to the top of the church spire of the Church of Our Saviour. Else if shopping is more your thing, Copenhagen is a great place with lots of unique stores. But to keep it romantic the Trivoli theme park is a must-see, which is very romantic with the colourful evening lights!

Sicily, Italy

For delicious food, wine and gorgeous weather, book yourself a trip to Sicily for a couples retreat to Italy. This gorgeous Italian island is perfect to spend time on. Arriving on Sicily is easy with direct flights from most locations to Palermo. From here, rent a car to give yourself flexibility for exploring the island. Else you can also arrive by boat from many places. Once on the island, you can choose to be active, such as to climb Mount Etna and some hiking, or to chill such as on a local hidden gem beach or hot springs.

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Krakow, Poland

For me, the city of Krakow is one of my best summer destinations for a short romantic getaway. With many gorgeous side streets between the main areas, the city is full of terraces for a bite to eat (hello pierogi’s!) for the food lovers among us. This beautiful historical city is truly a great place to explore and shop during the day. By night, you can find yourself in a local bar to enjoy the local drinks and cocktails.  

For couples, beside the food and drink highlights, join a free walking tour to learn the history, climb the Town Hall for 360 views and enjoy the royalty at Wawel Castle.

Wawel Krakow

Les Ardennes, Belgium

Looking for a forest weekend getaway? Enjoying the long summer evenings with a real fire, BBQ food and watching the Milky Way shooting stars above? This romantic location for couples is highly suggested for your next summer destination. Its best reachable by car so keep this in mind.

The Nutchel Cabins is a beautiful location located in the Ardennes where they have a few different cabin types to choose from, some including hot tubs too! You can enjoy a full weekend without internet here, which is truly lovely to spend time with your loved one. Enjoy some board games, turn off the electronics and enjoy each other’s company. During the day, start with a breakfast from the owners and then head to the local forests to explore and hike at. Else jump in your car and head across the border to Luxembourg for a mini day trip! By night, the area is so dark that allows you relax in candle light setting with the cosy fire and a blanket. If you visit and have clear skies, you will totally be able to star gaze from here!

All more information can be found on our cosy Nutchel Cabin weekend post from our Autumn visit.

Cabin in the forest

Patmos, Greece

As one of the lesser known islands in Greece, Patmos can be extremely romantic (and quiet) to visit. There are pretty white greek houses with pink flowers all over them in the summer.

Since it’s not so popular with tourists (except tourists mostly visiting for the Christianity history here) you can really enjoy Greece like a local. Rent a car while you are here, as the island is filled with beaches all around, some very secluded and private too! As for food and drink, there is a lot of choice but its definitely the place to be for fish dishes.

Book yourself a place with a pool for those lazy days at the hotel too. See more about Patmos and where to stay here!

Pink church with pink flowers

Dordogne, France

The South of France is one of those destinations thats worth spending at least 2 weeks at during the summer. There is so many quaint villages along the river and things to do that your 2 weeks could be filled completely up. With summer temperatures reaching the 35°C degrees, the Dordogne region is beautiful for a stay in a villa or camper with private swimming pool.

Renting a car is best to get around, allowing you to stop off at a delicious local ice cream shop in one village to visiting one of the many castles next. It is also easier with a car as you can pick up your weekly shopping at the local supermarkets for a cheap price. Summer time in the Dordogne is great for all, but especially for couples who love the outdoors, beautiful French villages and delicious French food. A highly voted European Couple Summer Destination!

Monschau, Germany

This quiet little but touristic village is a must see if Germany is on your list to visit. Monshcau is located in the Eifel region, west of the country. The village has a number of bakeries, cafes and lunch spots all serving local bites, and then delicious restaurants for the evenings. Fancy a schnitzel? or some typical German beer? check out the restaurant mentioned on our specific Monschau post!

I visited with a car road trip from the Netherlands, but can totally suggest to visit if you are making a road trip too. It is easy to reach Monschau by car mostly and worth spending at least 2 nights in the area, but longer is not really needed unless you want to go hiking in the National Park of Eifel. Here you can hike, walk, cycle and even enjoy a boat ride. Its a pretty place for a European Couple Summer Destinations with your loved one!

Looking for a pretty Germany city for a weekend away? Why not visit Monschau, a hidden but gorgeous cobblestoned village in the valley, close to Eifel National Park too! Read all about a weekend away to Monschau here at togetherintransit.nl

Innsbruck, Austria

If you are the more adventurous, hiking type of couple, then Innsbruck Austria is just the place to spend your romantic summer vacation. These gorgeous mountain views are just a short cable car trip from the bottom of Innsbruck too. So its suitable for all to get up and enjoy the fresh air and hike around. Just make sure you are prepared if you plan to hike some of the routes, such as knowing the expected weather (its a higher altitude after all) and having snacks/drinks with you.

For when you are back at the city, it’s pretty small, but charming. There are some great routes to walk around and explore, as well as to enjoy learning about the history. There are plenty of local restaurants to dine at for every price range too. For those who like to shop and love jewellery, Innsbruck is the place to be when buying products such as from their famous Swarovski Kristallwelten Store. 

Mountain views towards the north of Austria

Florence, Italy

Italy is a gorgeous place to spend the summer period with your loved one. With delicious local Italian food and wines to perfect summer temperatures – an ideal place for a short weekend to more than 2 weeks for vacation! One place we want to highlight is the city of Florence.

Florence is perfect for a cultural summer trip, as there are plenty of interesting museums that you need to add to your must-see list. Its a gorgeous place for exploring with your camera and map. Such as seeing the beautiful design of the Cathedral of Florence and then climbing the bell tower (same ticket as climbing the Duomo). There are also cute little restaurants and cafes in every little street and alleyway that you can walk in. Looking for a local experience, check our tips here!

The view from the Duomo in Florence

Dieppe, France

For delicious French food and the history loving couples among us, Dieppe should be on your list for a summer vacation. This seaside French city and fishing port is one of the top places you need to visit if you love eating fish. Straight from the boat it was caught on to restaurant, nearly all restaurants have some mouth-watering dishes with local cuisine. And what is great to know is that Dieppe won France’s finest market 2020 award, so make sure you visit during market day!

Else for the history part, Dieppe has some interesting history with World War 1 and 2. Take your time to visit Château de Dieppe and the surrounding German bunkers. You can visit these bunkers and more along the whole coast of Normandy, all the way to Etretat too – which is doable in a day trip from Dieppe!

Summary European Couple Summer Destinations

These destinations are all great places to explore as a couple for finding adventure, for relaxation and to enjoy the local cuisine from the country. Most can be visited easily within a weekend, but some locations definitely are worth more of your summer time. So make sure you plan wisely and research what else there is do based on your interests as a couple.

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