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Exploring Frankfurt In May

There are some great cities to visit in Germany during Spring, but for a fun trip combining skyscrapers with a pretty historical centre, your next trip should be to Frankfurt in May! Frankfurt is easy to reach and has everything you can think of. There are lots of activities, local museums and things to do in Frankfurt that you can choose from too. Curious? read on to see our recommendations!

This is based on our personal visit to Frankfurt in May 2022.

Where to stay in Frankfurt

During our stay, we actually stayed in Darmstadt (only 20mins away by car) cat sitting two cute brothers, in return for staying for free. It’s perfect for those who love animals and want to look after them while their owners are away. You are then responsible for their health and wellbeing while you also look after their home. This allows you also to stay for free in return. We then combined this with visiting Frankfurt for the day.

Curious to do this too? Here is our full post about the Trusted Housing process and here is our referral code!

Things to do in Frankfurt in May

If you have at least a day to enjoy Frankfurt, check out the following things that you may enjoy:

Join a free walking tour

We didn’t have time ourselves, but we saw lots of local walking tours throughout the historical centre and surrounding areas along the river. These walking tours are great for exploring the city and learning about the historical aspects. They also usually show you the main points of interest and share some fun facts throughout.

Eat breakfast with locals

For a delicious bite to eat, find yourself stopping at Mainkai Café. This small but fun location has lots on offer to choose from, with everything freshly cooked. We can totally recommend some scrambled eggs and the fresh combo meals with lots of choice. It’s easily walking distance from the city centre with inside and outside seating.

Explore the sky scrapers

If you love architecture and curious to see some new sky scrapers, Frankfurt is a great place to walk about to see some. The skyline is great to see from a distance, such as from one of the many bridges. But it’s also fun to take a walk nearby! You will also see many airplanes flying above them.

Make time to also stop at the Gallusanlage park. It’s a beautiful green space of park with trees and grass surrounded by all the buildings.

See the city from above at the Main Tower

If you are not afraid of heights, make sure to visit the Main Tower for their observation tower. The building is 200 meters tall and 2 of the floors are observation levels. You can buy tickets in advance online or at their reception desk, but keep in mind it can be busy. Once you’re at the top, its fantastic views of the city on a clear day. You can do this easily in Frankfurt in May or any other month as they are open all year round.

Drink some cider at the Römerberg square

The square is the perfect place to enjoy a cold drink on a hot day. There are a few cafes and restaurants around and they are all serving similar drinks (and food for those who are hungry!). We personally enjoy sitting in a touristic place also just to enjoy watching other tourists. It’s usually great weather for Frankfurt in May (for us 22°c!) so it’s the perfect outdoor weather for a cold drink.

Take photos at the Frankfurter Römer city hall

This medieval century building is one of the cities most important landmarks. Since 1405 it has been the city hall for Frankfurt, showing the city coats of arms and a clock face for all to see. Much of the building was destroyed in the Second World War, but it was restored and renovated back to how it was.

Other activities and things you can do in Frankfurt:

We didn’t get to see or do everything in Frankfurt. But there is a lot more you can see and do during your visit. Curious? See here some other activities and things:

  • Palmengarten Botanical Garden
  • A concert at the Opera House
  • German Film Museum
  • Senckenberg Natural History Museum
  • Enjoy local treats and food at the Kleinmarkthalle
  • Stadel Museum
  • Money Museum
  • A river boat cruise

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When visiting, we hope you have great weather to enjoy the city. Frankfurt comes alive when the sun is shining, allowing you to fully enjoy without an umbrella. There are lots to do in Frankfurt in May, however many of these mentioned can also be done at other times of the year.


  • Wear suncream and comfy walking shoes
  • Make sure your camera or phone is charged for taking photos!
  • Sit back and relax at a local restaurant to enjoy a local dish or drink

Thanks for reading our Frankfurt In May blogpost!

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