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The Four Seasons of the Kralingse Bos

Kralingse Bos in the Summer within Kralingen

No matter what the weather brings, the Kralingse Bos is a beautiful place for a walk in all four seasons, which is just outside of the city of Rotterdam. You can visit the park for the nature or to pop for lunch to one of the many restaurants. The lake is a popular place to swim (when suitable) as well as spotting the small sailing boats. It’s easily reachable by car, cycling, walking or a nearby tram.

This post is to share photos of the four seasons from my experience.

Four Seasons: Spring

The flowers are in bloom, swans with their signets are swimming around and the trees are full of green. Very picturesque! During spring there is an increase in fitness within the park, better weather bringing out the runners, cyclists and sport fanatics. However there are also boot camps that continue throughout the year – even in winter!




Four Seasons: Summer

During the summer a picnic is the top thing to do! Take a blanket and find a spot on the likely busy grass area near the beach. You are permitted to using BBQs here too so invite your buddies for a gezellig time! For children you can also visit the Klimpark Fun Forest for them to climb up into the trees.



Four Seasons: Autumn

Walk through the crunchy orange leaves in search of a warm food and a hot drink. There are a few restaurants to choose from but my favourite place to make a pit stop is at De Nachtegaal, a cosy pancake restaurant that serves lots of choices (all very filling so go on an empty stomach). Foodie tip: A pancake with bacon, old cheese & syrup – sooo delicious!

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Four Seasons: Winter

If you are lucky enough to be in Rotterdam when it snows, the Kralingse Bos turns into a cold but magical place for a winters walk. Covered in snow, it’s a great place for those beautiful winter photos and to hear the snow crunch underneath your shoes.



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  • Take a picnic
  • Great place for dog walkers too
  • Take your rubbish with you

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4 Seasons of the Kralingse Bos

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