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Free and Cheap Things To Do In Maastricht, Netherlands

Looking for inspiration of what you can do as yourself, with friends or family with free things in Maastricht? Or at least something that wont cost a fortune? Well look no further, as I’ve summarised this list of things to do! From local hiking to going crazy with glow in the dark illusions, there is something for everyone.

Free and Cheap Things To Do In Maastricht, Netherlands

Here is our list of top free and cheap things to do in Maastricht in the Netherlands.

Explore Fort St Pieter

Just 10 minutes south of the city center is the St Pietersberg location. This fortress is a great place to explore when wanting to learn more history about Maastricht. The battery previously had 12 guns and was the perfect strategic point to defend the area.

Meet Maastricht Tours

For a small price you can join one of the many city tours hosted by Meet Maastricht. Their tours are amazingly run by the team, with the chosen languages in English and Dutch – focused for tourists, students and new locals to Maastricht. Not only do they provide walking tours, as you can also do a bike tour!

As of writing this post they have the following tours available to book:

  • Peter’s Village and Mountain Bicycle Tour
  • Roman Maastricht Walking Tour
  • The Trail Of Sint Servaas Walking Tour
  • Valley Of The Maas South Bicycle Tour
  • Early Industries Walking Tour

Frontensingel Park

Walk and enjoy this park in the North of the city. It’s only a short walk from the city center and close to Sphinx. In the park you can walk past 19th century fortifications and an old a railway bridge from 1856. There is also a viewing platform from the Noorderbrug exit, a place that cars once used to leave the road. It’s a nice route to walk for a loop from the city center and back. 

Maastricht Underground Caves

Go underground for less than 10 euros with a tour either at the North or South underground caves. The tours provided are for small groups to explore two sections based on the tour you choose. I personally plan on visiting myself soon, curious what its truly like down there!

Shop 2nd Hand

Maastricht and surrounding locations have a few 2nd hand shops that you can visit for free. But be warned, if like are like me, you will totally find something cute, useful or nice to buy. Of course it’s not the full price that the item once was, but for a discount!

Tip: In Dutch, just search for ‘kringloop’ to find some 2nd hand shops in your area. But if you want, we have a full list of the local thrift stores here which includes an interactive google map!

Dominincan Book Shop

You don’t need to spend any money if you dont want to, but its totally worth your time to explore this gothic church that is now a beautiful book shop! Find more information about this book shop on this post!

Museum of Illusions Maastricht

Get into your creative side by exploring the Museum of Illusions located right in the city center. Here you can learn all about the science behind all aspects of an optical illusion, as well as have as much fun as possible with your friends or children.

Join A Running Tour

Fancy running with a group? With Maastricht Running Tours you can run around specific routes to learn about Maastricht while in your running gear. They also currently have a green hillside route that takes you around the city into more nature areas.

Go Hiking In The Area

Using a free app like Kamoot allows you to find and follow some amazing hiking routes. Either pick one of the routes to follow, or you can plan your own route in the app based on your level of fitness and how far you wish to hike. It’s not only for the nature areas, as it also includes some self hike routes through the city too.

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Thank you for reading all about these Free Things In Maastricht things to do!

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