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GLOW Eindhoven 2020: Blue Lights On The City Skyline

Glow Eindhoven 2020 has been a rather blue week this November – with the organisers being able to light up the whole city skyline in blue lights!

After being a little gutted that GLOW was cancelled this year, I wasn’t expecting much to happen in the week of November. But as a surprise the organisers had something up their sleeves. On November 10th the city was lit up with blue lights from all the top buildings! and by 13th November, the whole city had red balloons also visible from many streets and city locations.

I went out twice to practice my night photography, since i had never had such a blue sky before. I don’t have any photos of the red balloons in the city though, except for the cool photo shown below of all the red balloons on the Evoluon building (that looks like a UFO).

Here is my photoblog of the best photos I’ve taken during the this GLOW Eindhoven 2020 week – enjoy!

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Luckily we did not have any rain and perfect clear skies for the two nights I went out making photos. Eindhoven sure has been a bit colder for November, but wasn’t a problem for a few hours of walking.

Did you also manage to get out and see the blue lights in Eindhoven? Let us know in the comments!

Hope you liked my GLOW Eindhoven 2020 photos!!

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