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Trust Housesitters – Referral 25% off membership!

We love pet sitting around the world in return for staying at a beautiful home. Interested too? check our referral code here, which gives you 25% off the 1 year membership (and we get 2 months for free in return!).

To get inspired, we have a post about our 1st experience here, but have since been to many more sits in the Netherlands and abroad!

Together In Transit

This is my main website where you can find all travel destinations to inspire you for your next trip, as well as a few local expat posts too! Curious? check my homepage for the full scope!

Rent The View

Looking for some amazing viewpoints for photography? Somewhere unique that not all have access to? Check Rent The View to find out more!

Mama Ginger

This Mama Ginger a side website, focusing on some kitty cuteness with out cat Szila. She may be the star, but the site includes other cat and lifestyle related posts.

Etsy Shop

For all things plant related, check my latest home made products on my Etsy store!


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We are always open to any tips, tricks, suggestions and questions. We are also open to working with you as a brand or tourism boards that would love some new content!

Please get in touch by emailing us directly at Togetherintransit (@) hotmail.com or via our contact form.