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Introducing Our New Niche Site: Together In Switzerland

Ascona Switzerland - Taken by Zoe Together In Switzerland

Hello, Bonjour, Ciao, Buongiorno fellow travellers!

Thank you for staying with us all this time and enjoying our informative and fun blogposts about our travels around the world. Together In Transit has been my proud personal travel site for many ongoing years, and I love how well its grown.

We have been a little quiet the last few months, but have no fear, as we now have time to pick up our travel site again and will be sharing brand new content. Such as about our Winter Norway road trip that we have yet to share!

But to share a little why we’ve been a little quiet…. well…

The Reason We’ve Been A Little Quiet: We Moved Abroad!

We’ve moved home many times during the start of covid, so it’s nothing too new for us living out of cardboard boxes. We started in Rotterdam together, then moved to Eindhoven for 6 months, Luxembourg for 3 months and then Maastricht for more than 1 year. But instead of moving again in the Netherlands, we are moving abroad and leaving the flat but pretty Dutch country behind.

For 2022, we left what we knew in the Netherlands and started a brand new adventure together. This time Switzerland!

Ascona Switzerland - Taken by Zoe Together In Switzerland

Together In Switzerland

It took us a while to settle in Switzerland, with lots to organise and new things to learn. We also had a few temporary homes before we found our forever home, so that took up our time as well. But after 6 months, we’ve finally got ourselves sorted. And ready to pick up writing again about our travels, experiences and life in general.

We also started our move abroad with a brand new Niche site: Together In Switzerland.

Here we have started blogging all about our Expat experiences as newly Swiss expats. We also blog about our home city of Lugano, Switzerland – which is in the Southern canton called Ticino.

This new site will be a place where we share our passion of living in Switzerland, enjoying local hikes, joining local events and overall Swiss related content. So far, we’ve shared many things about Summer and a few weekends away to places like Zermatt.

Lugano In Spring - Zoe Together In Switerland

To highlight, this new site will not be a replacement of Together In Transit. From now on, we will be working on both websites providing good quality content for our readers, whether here for global travel content, or on the new site with Switzerland related content. 

If interested, you are warmly welcomed to also start following our latest content on Together In Switzerland. Click the link to head to our main homepage for this.

Else stick with us, and we will be sharing brand new content for Together In Transit as soon as possible!

With Love,




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