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Luxembourg Castles That You Can Explore

Luxembourg Castle at the top of the mountain

One thing that’s a must when visiting the magical country of Luxembourg is to explore at least one Luxembourg castles. There are many to visit and choose from, some in better condition than others. Each one has a unique fairytale or historic story to learn more. This post highlights 5 of the top visitable castles in Luxembourg that you definitely shouldn’t miss while in the country.

Luxembourg Castles

Below is our collection of castles that you can visit throughout the year:

Bourscheid Castle

Written by Ruma at The Holiday Story

The mountainous area of Europe is a well-known home to ancient medieval castles. One such castle is known as Bourscheid Castle. It is the largest castle situated in the highlands of Luxembourg on the outskirts of the commune of Bourscheid by River Sûre.

The gothic style architecture gives off beautiful scenery in the mountains. The construction started in 1095 and ended in 1430. It was prevalently a wooden fort transformed into a stone castle by the Bourscheid. The Metternich replaced the House of Bourscheid in 1626. In the woke of the French Revolution, which eventually ended feudal powers, the castle was abandoned in the 19th century and reduced to open-air ruins.

At present, it is a listed site managed by Luxembourg Government. The majority of the castle is open for visitors all year round. Some parts are closed due to the ongoing restoration work. Special discounts in ticket prices are available for students and children. Eislek tourist office provides qualified tour guides. Apart from this, an audio tour program in seven different languages is also available for smartphones.

Bourscheid castle in Luxembourg

Clervaux Castle

Written by Annabel at Smudged Postcard

Clervaux Castle is located in northern Luxembourg, around an hour’s drive from the capital. From its inception in the 12th century, the castle has seen many battles and was most recently rebuilt after sustaining severe bombing during the Second World War.

The castle houses an excellent photographic exhibition which alone warrants the journey from Luxembourg City. The exhibition – the Family of Man – traces the human experience from birth to death with all of its highs and lows in between. The collection of 503 photographs by 273 artists is taken from 68 countries. It is a very wonderful and moving exhibition which will appeal to visitors of all ages.

Elsewhere in the castle, there’s an excellent collection of scale model Luxembourg castles which fills several rooms – these are detailed and provide a brilliant overview of the country’s history.

If you’re looking for a Luxembourg campsite near Clervaux Castle, the brilliant Kaul Camping is worth considering – there’s an outdoor pool (open to the public), restaurant, bike park and various different accommodation options including tent pitches and glamping.


Written by Kateryna Topol from Paths to Travel 

Esch-sur-Sûre is a small village a short drive from the downtown core of Luxembourg city. Set in the mountains the village is capped by Sûre river and home to the ruins of a very old manor-house – the oldest castle in Luxembourg. These cattle ruins are shared between two peaks of the town: a fort that can be reached up a steep staircase and a combination of ruins surrounding a church on the opposite side. As a visitor, you get a fantastic view of the village and its narrow streets from either side but the best, 360° view is from the fort tower. 

Luxembourg is a very small country so you could easily do a day trip to see Esch-sur-Sûre Castle and some other nearby historical buildings, but if you were looking for a taste of medieval history Esch-sur-Sûre has a few hotels, restaurants, and other historic points of view.

Given how the ruins are an architectural part of the town they are free to explore year-round, any time of day or night. The easiest way to get to Esch-sur-Sûre is by car, but you could also take a train to Ettelbruck and then 535 bus to the village. 

Vianden Castle

Written by Chrysoula from Historic European Castles

One of the most impressive castles to visit in Luxembourg is Vianden Castle. It is located in the picturesque town of Vianden only 55 km away from the capital, Luxembourg city. The castle was originally constructed in 1100 in the form of a Romanesque keep on the ruins of a small Roman fort.

From its construction until the 15th century the castle was gradually expanded and upgraded turning it into a luxurious home for the counts of Vianden until it was slowly abandoned in the 16th century. Restoration work started slowly during the 19th century and it was completed in 1990 when the castle opened to the public. Nowadays the beautifully restored castle is open for visitors daily.

It can be easily visited from Luxembourg city by train or bus. The journey takes less than an hour and there are more than 77 trains per day and the bus runs every 30 minutes. (every hour on Sundays).


Written by Bec from Wyld Family Travel

Larochette Castle sits high above the town of the same name, guarding it for centuries.
You can see it easily as you drive into the town high and mighty on a rocky cliff that seems to defy gravity with the castle sits on. As you drive around to the to the car park you can see the stone walls that protect the grounds.
To get into the castle you can walk over the moat (although not filled with water anymore) through the large gateway that must have seen some amazing homecomings for the occupants and there is where you will find the ticket booth.

After you get your ticket you are able to wander the grounds and the castle freely. While the castle is in ruins you can see how mighty it would have been back in its heyday. Some of the stone walls are still intact throughout the grounds as well as the surrounding area. A castle has been on this site since the 12th century and was home to many noble families during this time. At one time there were 5 families living on the site. Luckily it is slightly separated into two pieces giving the families some space!

The largest piece of the castle is gorgeous and there are small plaques on each of the floors to tell you all the information about what happened in the castle.

The gardens are stunning and are lovely to wander. There is also a small cafe on site where you can get some basic drinks and snacks to enjoy as you take in your surroundings.

Beaufort Castle

Written by Paulina from Paulina On The Road

Situated in the Mullerthal region, there are two namesake castles at Beaufort, one from the Medieval period and one from the Renaissance. Beaufort Castle was first built in the 11th century and it was then just a small fortress on a rock. It had the tone walls and requisite moat of Medieval European castles.

By the 12th century, the fort was expanded by adding a “keep”, meaning a giant room. By the 16th century, it grew more and became a property of the House of Orley as the Beaufort family’s daughter married to the son of the Orley family.

Find where to stay in Luxembourg to relish this castle with patience. Travellers can step inside this castle to travel back in time and learn about the tragic history of the thirty-year war. The Renaissance Castle, however, did not see any damage. You can enjoy the views of the castle that date back to the mid-1600s. Do not forget to check out the grand gardens and outside areas of the castle. Also, take a trip to the cellar to test the Cassero and blackcurrant liqueur in the distillery. It will leave you with a lasting taste of this castle.

Luxembourg Castles

Ansembourg Castle

Written by Paulina from Visit Southern Spain

Situated in central Luxembourg, the Ansembourg Castle is among the famous “Valley of the Seven Castles”. This valley is by the riverside of Eisch and is named on the seven castles that it lines by. The Ansembourg Castle is among those seven beautiful castles. There are two Ansembourg Castles, an old and a new one, that was built in 1639.

The castle was inherited by De Merchant family by marriage. They are the reason behind the appearance of the castle. They added two wings on each side of the castle in 1719 and enhanced the southern gable with sublime arches. The arches on each side of the getaway are adorned with statues that represented the four continents back then.

The tourists will be stunned by the enigmatic fountain, the stone lions in the garden, the weeping fountain, and the Fountain of Hell at the southern end of the park. The sculptures standing on both sides of the romantic path, representing antique deities are also mesmerizing.

At a small distance from there, lies the garden’s labyrinth. It is also a symbol of a complicated route towards knowledge, illumination, and acquisition. Travellers can perfectly enjoy Spanish soups after relishing the scenic views of the castle.

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