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Luxembourg Gift Guide: Local Luxembourg Presents and Ideas

Luxembourg traditional birds

Are you looking for a local Luxembourg Gift Guide? You have come to the right blog! Below we share the most interesting, unique and fun Luxembourg presents and ideas that you can gift loved ones and friends. Else shop for yourself from many of these local Luxembourg sellers!

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A Luxembourg Print

There are many pretty Luxembourg prints found on Etsy. From detailed map prints to colourful designs, suitable to hang up on a wall. These are great to hang up as decoration on an empty wall in the house. If someone is new to Luxembourg, its also a great gift for them to learn the regions and local areas!

Villeroy & Boch Luxembourg coffee mug

Do you want to gift a coffee or tea lover something useful? This beautiful mug is perfectly themed with the Luxembourg sightseeing sites. The mug itself has an interesting design with a fun but comfortable handle. This design of Luxembourg sites is available on one of their coffee mugs!

A Souvenir (because why not!?)

Head over to a souvenir shop in the city to find yourself a nice souvenir gift from Luxembourg. You can find many typical souvenirs such as magnets, glasses, tea towels and clothing. For some more luxurious souvenirs, check out Luxembourg House in the city center. There they sell some lovely products and gifts all made in Luxembourg.

Local Alcohol

If like me you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, some beer with friends or something stronger for the weekend, a bottle of alcohol is highly welcomed. Luxembourg has a variety of distilleries (like Diedenacker and Muller-Lemmer) as well as some delicious wine from the country and Schengen area. You can find a wide range of local alcohol sold at the bigger supermarkets like Auchan, where its also easy to see which ones based on country. However there are also many stores selling local wine and alcohol dotted around the city center.

Hiking Clothes, Shoes & Accessories

Seeing as more than two thirds of the country is nature, might as well get out in it! For this, we can totally suggest gifting loved ones (and yourself) some decent hiking boots, some waterproof/breathable clothing and any accessories. There are hiking routes literally everywhere so a hiking type of gift is perfect. One of my personal favourite hiking locations is the Mullerthal Trails.

Something With Luxembourgish Text

It’s always nice to own something thats designed with the language combined. These shopper bags (and they totally do t-shirts and hoodies) are a great gift for someone who loves shopping and needs an extra bag for carrying things with!

Luxury Chocolate

Being so close to Belgium with their well known chocolates, you may be surprised to here Luxembourg has some delicious chocolates of their own. You can find and buy chocolates at the three most known Luxembourgian chocolatiers right in the city center – Oberweis, Namur and Kaempff Kohler. They all have a dining place for staying and to enjoy a drink too, else buy some chocolate and indulge when you get home!

Guide Auto-Pédestre Hiking Route Book

This hiking guide book is extremely popular among locals and quite often sold out, so if your interested in getting it as a gift you might have to wait a little while until they reprint new ones. The book itself is has up to 201 circular routes in Luxembourg that you can explore. The routes include all types suitable for all ages as well as the difficulties. The book also shares the length of the route, elevation, where to start, a detailed trail description and of course some photos.

An Umbrella

Oh haha we get it, this is needed simply due to the weather! It rains on average 177 days in Luxembourg, with November being the wettest month. But don’t let that stop you getting out and about. You can still enjoy the city and beautiful landscape of Luxembourg during the rain with an umbrella. Else if you’re lucky, the rain would turn to snow in Luxembourg!

A Péckvillchen

If you can’t guess what that word means, that makes two of us! This peckvillchen is a traditional clay bird whistle. The birds tail forms the part of the whistle to make a sound, with original clay birds having two tones. They are traditionally sold during Easter, with new designs each year to collect. But the original are a reddish-brown clay colour, which are classed as a collectible. So keep your eye out for a collectible, else gift yourself and loved ones with a new version.

A Luxembourg Lonely Planet Guidebook

All Lonely Planet Guides are great for learning and exploring about the country. But I can definitely recommend the Lonely Planet Guide for Luxembourg! Whether that is needing information for a day trip in Luxembourg, learning how the public transportation works (btw it’s FREE!) or wanting to explore some of the famous hiking trails in the “Little Switzerland” area of Luxembourg. Their website has many up to date information, but who else loves a good guide book instead? They make great travel inspiration gifts too!

Honey, Jams and Luxembourgish Mustard

Are you hungry yet? In the local Auchan, other supermarkets and here you can find a wide range of honey, jams and mustard all made locally in Luxembourg. These are great at combining together as a gift for those who love condiments. I’ve tried one or two mustards from here, and will definitely stock up on more soon as they are delicious!

A Luxembourg Language Course

Some might think that learning Luxembourgish is actually more torture than actual learning, but it’s a great gift idea for those who plan to stay longer than a few months. I can’t personally recommend any however, as I have only been picking up the basics during my temporary visit. But if you know one, add the info and link in the comments and I can update this post!

A Luxembourg Themed Puzzle

This themed puzzle of the Alzette river running through the Grund neighbourhood is one to add to anyone’s puzzle collection. You can order the puzzle in different sizes depending on who its for, from 30 pieces to a 1000 pieces – so go crazy and challenge yourself or the loved one to completing it!

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Summary Luxembourg Gift Guide

We hope this Luxembourg Gift Guide post helps give a nice impression of what you can buy as a gift (of for yourself) from Luxembourg. Its great to get some Luxembourg products as well as supporting local Luxembourg sellers. I hope this post inspires you to finding the right gift for the loved one and friends. Else there is no harm in treating ourselves instead!

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