Magnet Obsession

Travelling with my parents it was always exciting to visit a new city or country. Places like Disneyworld in Florida, skiing in Bulgaria and diving/quad biking in Egypt were fantastic experiences we had as a family. But one thing that all our family holidays had in common was that we would buy a magnet for the fridge.

I took this family tradition with me when I started travelling with Lennart. It’s become a bit of an obsession. Before we even touch down on the landing strip of a new country I am already fantasizing about what our magnet might have on it, how it looks or the style, and where we will put it on the fridge once we get back home.

Our holiday to Rome got a little out of control. We came across hundreds of magnets at every attraction we went in and every shop we walked past! There were so many different designs to choose from, like modern photo magnets, silly cartoon ones and roman themed designs. We had a moment where we lost control of ourselves and ended up buying 5 magnets over the 5 days we were there. However one was for Pompeii and one was for Mount Vesuvius, so technically 3 magnets for Rome. We don’t regret it as we like them all, but we are definitely starting to run out of space for magnets!

I will post some photos soon of our amazing collection!