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Marres Maastricht Museum InstaMeet: Love & Freedom

On the 9th October, myself and many other photographers from the Netherlands were warmly invited to the museum of Marres Maastricht. They have a new exhibition until 28th November 2021 for locals to visit and its well worth it for while in Maastricht.

About Marres Maastricht Museum

Marres Museum is a location to experience contemporary art in a beautiful historical building. Many of the artists and curators that have exhibitions here share their wildest possible senses for the public to explore.

The museum also has a cafe called Marres Kitchen, where you can enjoy a mediterranean lunch or dinner. Visiting during lunch time we can imagine is best, as the garden is a wonderful spot to also explore and enjoy.

Located in the city center of Maastricht, this pretty museum is found on the Capucijnenstraat just a short 15min walk from the main Maastricht train station. It’s easy to find with google maps in a cute street of houses and a nearby school.


  • Address: Capucijnenstraat 89, 6211RT Maastricht
  • Website: Marres.org
  • Email for questions: Info@marres.org

About the Expo at Marres Maastricht

The exhibition itself is called History’s Footnote: on Love and Freedom where 11 international artists unravel traumas of racial, gender, sexual and cultural injustices. This group exhibition by the South African curator Khanyisile Mbondwa connects the stories of the film makers, visual artists, singers and pets about decolonisation, lost languages, collective protest and forgotten history.

A central theme in the exhibition is the quest for love and freedom to which history serves as a footnote. Their website shared above shares more information for this as well as more in depth stories from each of the 11 international artists.


  • Expo Open: 2nd October 2021 until 28th November 2021

Own Photos

I didn’t take too many photos while there, simply as I was exploring the expo and posing in photos for other photographers. But I did really enjoy capturing different angles that not everyone was thinking of and seeing things in a different way.

The photos below are taken by Dzisky Architecture.

Others Photos

Here are some photos taken by other photographers during the day at Marres Maastricht. Everyone has their own style which is so fun to see and take part with. I love how some focused on brightening up the image, to others choosing to provide more shadow effects.

Check my instagram highlight to see all who joined the instameet as well as the photographers of these photos!

Thank you for checking out my instameet photoblog from Marres Maastricht!


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