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Nieuwe Kerk, Delft

Delft is one of my favourite cities in the Netherlands (even though I don’t visit very often), as it always looks so cosy and old fashioned but has all the shopping and food choices that you need.

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Back when I still didn’t live in the Netherlands permanently, we had taken a day trip to Delft to explore and the Nieuwe Kerk was on our list of things to see. However even after a few years it is still a treat to see when in Delft, standing tall on the market square.

In 1496, which was 100 years after they had started building, the church and tower was completed. An ‘apple’ form was positioned at the top to symbolise eternity, however this wasn’t the case when the church burnt down to the ground in the Delft City Fire of 1536.

The Nieuwe Kerk is now still the second highest church in the Netherlands, with multiple times being caught in a middle of a thunderstorm and lightning striking the top. You may even think based on the black covered tower spire that it has once been on fire, but this isn’t the case. The stone that was used when the tower was restored (1872) can turn black from acid rain, causing this church to have a black tower top.

For more history and information on prominent people who have been buried here, you can see here on the website.

Climb The Tower

If you choose to climb the tower (which is highly recommended!), you will be able to see the perfect view of Delft. If you are lucky with the weather, you can also see Rotterdam and The Hague in the distance, since everything is pretty close by! To climb the tower, you need to buy a token and you will be shown the way to go.

The total steps to the tower top are 376 which is at a height of 85 metres, so only take on the climb if you feel up to it and don’t expect any lift access. The steps are pretty narrow too so take this into consideration when you visit.


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We climbed the tower during winter time, giving us an eerie view of Delft from the top. Lots of mist with the view of the last snow and ice on the rooftops! Since I’m living close by, I’ll be heading back on a clear sunny day to see those views better.

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Delft 2For prices and opening times, see the the current information here on their website.

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