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Discovering Norway in Spring: 9 Must-See Destinations

Norway In Spring - the flag with blue skies and flowers

Norway is a country of unparalleled beauty, with its stunning landscapes, picturesque fjords, and charming cities. Norway In Spring is an ideal time to explore this Scandinavian gem, as the snow melts away and the flowers start to bloom. If you’re planning a trip to Norway during this time of year, you’re in for a treat!

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best places to visit in Norway during spring, all written by travellers who have experienced their chosen location personally.

Whether you’re a nature lover or a culture enthusiast, there’s a location in this list for everyone to enjoy Norway in the springtime. So keep on reading to discover the magic of Norway places to visit in the spring!

Facts About Norway In Spring Time

Here are a few quick facts about springtime in Norway to get you started:

  1. Spring in Norway usually starts from the middle of March and lasts until May.
  2. There is still snow in Spring, which starts melting in the mountains early on.
  3. The Spring season in Norway brings with it long hours of daylight, with the sun rising as early as 4am and setting as late as 11pm in some parts of the country. So this depends on where you are wanting to visit!
  4. Temperatures during Spring in Norway can vary depending on the location too. Coastal areas are usually milder, with temperatures averaging around 5-10°C, while inland areas can be much colder, with temperatures ranging from 0-5°C. So even in Spring time it is best to have your warm clothes!
  5. Spring is a popular time to visit Norway to see the famous Northern Lights, as the longer days mean more chances to catch a glimpse of this spectacular natural phenomenon. We personally saw the northern lights in Tromso during a Winter trip, such a beautiful show!
  6. Spring is a great time for outdoor activities in Norway, such as hiking, skiing, and fishing. Make sure to plan some activities for your visit and clothes appropriate for it!
  7. The Spring season in Norway is also marked by the celebration of Easter, with many traditional Easter markets and events taking place across the country. If you are visiting the bigger cities, you will likely see these advertised and you’ll be able to join the local events!
  8. Spring in Norway is of course also the time when many flowers start blooming, including the national flower of Norway, the purple heather. Other popular flowers that bloom in Spring in Norway include crocuses, daffodils, and tulips.
  9. Norway is famous for its fjords, and Spring is a great time to explore them. So if you are near the fjords, book a boat trip, fishing, sailing or some other activities to be on the water!
  10. Finally, Spring is a great time to visit Norway for those looking to avoid the crowds of the peak summer season, while still enjoying mild weather and the beauty of nature.

Norway in Spring time - the mountains still with snow in the distance

Norway Places To Visit During Spring

Here are a collection of pretty places to visit Norway In Spring, all written by travellers who have been personally:


Hellesylt is one of those little villages in Norway you can’t help but enjoy. I visited here while on a travel tour through Norway and I am so glad that I did. It is just majestic and beautiful here and so quiet and serene. It does not have the hustle and bustle of city life.  What makes this place so great is that it located right along the Geirangerfjord. You can take a short ferry from here to Geiranger Village in a day and go exploring which I did. You can see great views of the mountains and waterfalls. It’s mostly outdoor activities here in this part of Norway. Another thing I was able to do was go kayaking on the water. This is something you should book in advance.  Other activities you can do are hiking and mountain biking since there are many trails out of the village and in the higher mountain areas.

There is not much in the way of accommodations here. I stayed at nice and quaint Hellesylt Hostel and Motel. You can also go out camping here if you prefer. I personally recommend staying indoors as even in the spring it can be a little chilly out here. Hellesylt has enough to keep you busy here for at least a weekend, either as a getaway or just part of your trip through Norway.

Contributed by Nick from The World Overload

Norway In Spring - Hellesylt


Bergen is on the west coast of Norway. Although it is the second largest city in the country the centre and its sights are easy to explore on foot.

The harbour is the most recognisable tourist attraction but a trip on the funicular to Floyen for the views is also a must. It is possible to walk up but save your energy for the full day walk from Floyen to Ulriken instead.

For me the highlight is how easy it is to combine Bergen with a trip to the fjords and Norway’s beautiful countryside. The best way to see the fjords is on a trip called Norway in a Nutshell which must be booked in advance. It can be done either as a day trip from Bergen or you can start or end in Oslo. Spring is the perfect time to do this trip with the fruit trees in bloom and the days getting longer, until the sun turns again in late June.

For more cultural activities visit the Bymuseet (town museum), home of Grieg (Norway’s most famous composer) at Trollhaugen or if you have a car, Fantoft stavkirke.

One of the best hotels is Thon Hotel Rozenkrantz which has an excellent location on the harbour.

Contributed by Kristin from Scotland Less Explored

Activity Tip: Consider taking a Bergen walking tour to learn more about Bergen in the past vs present.

Norway In Spring - the flag with blue skies and flowers


I found spring to be the perfect time to visit Trondheim. Located on the west coast of Norway, it’s an amazing blend of spectacular nature and beautiful architecture that really came alive in the slightly longer (and slightly warmer) springtime days.

As the city starts to emerge from the depths of winter, you’ll see winks of colours as flowers and trees begin to bloom. At the same time, if you visit early enough, you’ll get what I think is the best part of Scandinavia: northern lights!Sure, they’re not a guarantee and they’re less likely in the later spring months. But time your visit well – as I was fortunate enough to do! – and you’ll get to see those incredible colours dancing across the sky during your trip.But it’s not just the scenery that makes Trondheim a great destination in the spring. There are also tons of things to see, with the better weather making it a much nicer prospect to be outside exploring all of them. The Nidaros Cathedral is a must-see, but I also really recommend Rockheim, a museum dedicated to Norway’s pop music scene. Because history in this part of the world doesn’t always have to be churches and Vikings!

Contributed by Astrid from Seek Scandinavia

Cityscape of Trondheim Norway - architecture background


A wonderful city to visit during the Spring is Oslo, Norway! During this time of year, you can find lots of discounts since it’s the off-season. This, coupled with the fact I was able to stay with a local friend, were the two main reasons I chose to visit. Plus, it didn’t hurt that the weather was starting to warm up, and Oslo offers all kinds of things to do!

For example, I spent one day checking out everything located around the city center. My favourite places were the iconic Munch Museum, where I saw the numerous masterpieces created by Edward Munch, and the gorgeous botanical gardens.

Then, in the following two days, I expanded further outside the city center. For example, I highly suggest walking through the many museums on the peninsula of Bygdøy. To reach them though, you’ll definitely want to take the bus as the peninsula isn’t within walking distance.

And if you aren’t sure how to navigate the public transportation network, I recommend downloading the Ruter App. It makes getting around the city easy as you can directly purchase the tickets you need through the app.Ultimately, if you’re looking to save on a place that is normally wildly expensive, consider visiting Oslo!

Contributed by Kristin of Global Travel Escapades

Activity Tip: Consider taking an Oslo Fjord sightseeing cruise with an electric boat!

Oslo Norway


Norway’s springtime is full of life and Voss (also known as Vossevangen), with its plethora of outdoor activities, is a fantastic place to enjoy them.

There are many waterfalls in the surrounding area and it is a great base to explore the surrounding area, including Eidfjord, Vøringsfossen, and Stalheim. Spring is the best time to see waterfalls; as the snow starts to melt, the waterfalls come to life! Tvindefossen is a beautiful waterfall near the highway where anyone can see it, even if you’re not an avid hiker.

Voss is also known for its two top-tier ski resorts, Voss Resort and Myrkdalen Fjellandsby. If you go earlier in the spring, you will have enough snow to still ski. Myrkdalen Resort is open until the beginning of May.

Voss also boasts one of the best places in Europe to white-water raft, along the Raundal River. There are tons of other outdoor adventures like kayaking, rock climbing, paragliding, and even skydiving if you’re up for the thrill!

For a less sporty activity, check out the internationally famous Vossa Jazz Festival, held every year the week before Easter. Voss has plenty of places to stay, but the best option is to visit the town on a day trip from Bergen. You can reach the town by train (only one hour) or by car with ease!

Contributed by Megan of Megan Starr

Voss in May, Norway Spring timer


When I visited Ålesund, Norway in May the days were long, flowers were in full bloom and there was wall-to-wall sunshine. Statistically, this is the driest month of the year in a damp region of the country.

Architecture is Ålesund’s calling card. Following a devastating fire in 1904, the town replaced its destroyed wooden buildings with those built in an Art Nouveau style.

I explored Ålesund on a self-guided walking tour (the friendly Tourist Information Office should be able to help you out with a map). This is a very walkable town, although there is an initial steep climb to the top of Aksla Hill for an unmissable panoramic view of Ålesund.

This walking tour includes the unmissable view of the town’s candy-coloured houses from Hellbroa (bridge). Don’t miss the modern sculptures that pay tribute to Ålesund’s fishing heritage – The Boy Fisherman and The Herring Wife – and the gorgeous Art Nouveau Pharmacy. At Molovegen, you’ll find a handful of picturesque wooden houses that survived the inferno that reduced the town to ashes.

Immerse yourself in Ålesund’s architectural heritage by staying overnight at Hotel 1904, a hotel housed in an Art Nouveau buildings dating from – you guessed it – 1904.

Contributed by Bridget from The Flashpacker

Activity Tip: Try the hop on hop off bus for easy explorations with an audio guide!

Norway In Spring


Flam, Norway is a charming village situated in the heart of the Norwegian fjords.We visited in the spring, and while the weather was generally mild and pleasant, it can get quite windy as the fjords get a bit of wind, particularly in the spring, which can add to some lower temperatures at times.

We found plenty of things to do in Flam, including hiking, kayaking and fishing. Hiking is always something we chose to do, and there are plenty of trails to chose from, including several for families with kids!  Booking water activities like kayaking in advance is a good idea because Flam is also a popular cruise destination in the Spring, booking in advance ensures you can do your chosen activity.

Our absolute favorite activity, and one of the most beautiful scenic routes we have experienced was taking a ride on the Flam Railway. It’s stunning. The train takes you through the stunning mountains, valleys, and waterfalls of Norway, offering breathtaking views that are even more beautiful in the Springtime.  You can see flowers and snow during the same ride. This is because the elevation increases over the course of the train ride.  At one point, the train stopped and we witnessed a beautiful show with a dancing woman at a waterfall.

We always try to stay at smaller family run hotels, or in this case consider staying in a traditional Norwegian cabin or cottage for a true Norwegian experience.  Flam does not disappoint and has been one of our top favorite destinations in our travels in the last decade.

Contributed by Diana from Travels In Poland

Flam Church, Norway


Stavanger is a beautiful place to visit in Norway any time of the year, but it is especially lovely in the spring. We visited Stavanger in early May.

We started our day by strolling through the streets of Gamle Stavanger, a charming cobblestoned area lined with white wooden houses. With pretty gardens and flower boxes in full bloom in the spring, the area looks gorgeous, and seeing these houses is one of the best things to do in Stavanger.

Walking the waterfront is another fun thing to do. We enjoyed stepping inside the little Maritime Museum, but the area also makes for a nice wander, with colorful facades and maritime sculptures.

Our favorite spring activity in Stavanger was definitely the cruise of Lysefjord. The 3-hour cruise through the fjord takes you past spectacular scenery, and you cruise just beneath Preikestolen, or Pulpit Rock. The hills were jewel green, and we saw some baby goats and waterfalls along the route!

If hiking has opened for the season, you may be able to hike to the top of Pulpit Rock for sensational views over the fjord.

The cruise is very popular so you may want to book ahead of time.

We stayed at the Thon Hotel, located near the train station.

Contributed By Dhara from It’s Not About the Miles

One of the streets of Stavanger


Tromsø is one of the best places to visit in Norway in spring; while the rest of the country is blooming in flowers.

It’s widely known that Tromsø in winter is somewhere special, but in springtime, I enjoyed all of the perks of winter (snow, skiing, northern lights and reindeer) without all of the drawbacks – the weather’s a little warmer and there’s a lot less darkness!

There’s so much to do in Tromsø in the springtime. It’s still possible to enjoy the northern lights throughout March and into April, and it’s mild enough to see the city’s landmarks such as the Arctic Cathedral and the Polar Museum without freezing when I spent too long outside!

During my trip to Tromsø, I still enjoyed snow-based activities like skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling, but later on in spring, the weather warms up considerably and if I’d visited at the end of May I’d have enjoyed long days and evenings!

I also warmed up with delicious food; Tromsø has a great food scene, with international fare and it’s also home to the northernmost brewery in the world, Macks Ølbryggeri.

I stayed at the Thon Hotel Tromsø. It had modern, comfy rooms and an incredible breakfast buffet!

Contributed By Claire from Europe in Winter

Activity TIp: While in Tromsø, consider a beautiful Reindeer Sledding & Feeding with a Sami Guide


We hope you have been inspired now to visit Norway in Spring. Norway really has so much on offer, with the most beautiful hiking routes, pretty villages, idyllic landscape and more. Whether you plan to visit on your own, as a couple or with family, Norway is always a good idea.

We personally have only experienced Norway during Winter in December, which was amazing. However these pretty must-see destinations have definitely inspired us personally and we look forward to visiting Norway in May next year!

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