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An Autumn Nature Weekend In A Nutchel Cabin

Cabin in the forest

A Nutchel cabin in the forest, what a dreamy nature experience everyone should experience! If you like glamping experiences, this cosy treehouse Nutchel cabin location in the forest is perfect for nature lovers. Located close to a nature park and in the Ardennes, it is the most ideal location for an Autumn weekend away in Belgium. Whether you are travelling as a couple, single, with pets or a group of friends – it’s cosy for everyone.

Read more about our stay, why you should visit and some nature hiking routes that we highly recommend!

*This post and weekend away was not sponsored.

The Nutchel Les Ardennes

This beautiful place is close to the Luxembourg border near the small town of Martelange, Belgium. Arriving by car was the easiest way, bring your belongings and food for your stay with you. This place were super easy to find, despite some small temporary changes they are making to the parking area (during our October 2020 visit).

With some incoming rain, we checked in with the super friendly staff and got our key to cabin 25! We were then picked up with our stuff on a forest golf type buggy. So we didn’t have to walk a few times back and forth in the rain – which was great!

Cosy Nutchel Cabin Accommodation Choice

The Nutchel has a total of 26 (different types) of cabins you can rent for your stay, all with their private area and uniqueness. For our weekend we stayed in The Canopy, a 4 persons cabin built 3 meters off the ground. We couldn’t wait to visit as it was perfect Autumn weather for crispy leaf walks, mushroom photography and warm cosy evenings with the candles and wood stove.

The cabin was perfect to wake up in from the comfy bed. And since we had a cabin for 4, we could choose the upper or lower bed. In the end we tried both, because why not?!

Opening the large glass doors out to the view of the forest was perfect to see all the tall trees and birds in the mornings. The cabin also had a cute bathroom and shower area  as well as a real toilet. Back to nature with a real toilet I do prefer! The kitchen facilities were perfect for the weekend too, which was fun to work out what to make for dinners with only two gas rings. Also you dont have a fridge, so need to make sure to pick up ice packs for your camping cool box. But this is super easy to do when you also pick up your dry wood for the stove. For the evenings there were plenty of candles, oil lanterns and a wood stove to stay cosy – which we absolutely loved.

P.S we highly recommend the breakfast, which came with juices, fruits, eggs, fresh condiments, cheese, ham, fresh bread, yoghurt and croissants!

Haute Sûre Forêt D’Anlier Nature Park

This is the name of the nature park that you are located near. From the Nutchel cabins, you can walk straight into this beautiful location within 10 minutes. This nature park I felt was more for those who are with families and smaller children, as they had some fun fake birds to spot as well as a tower to climb up and look down. There were also some Scottish highlander cows and information boards to learn more.

One cute wild animal we spotted while walking here was a red squirrel climbing around a tree. Such a cutie!

Getting Into The Real Forest – Route 1

As we wanted to walk in real forest nature and away from any touristic location, we explored ourselves. If you follow the path to the Nature Park mentioned above, you will end up walking under a bridge. If you walk up the small path of this bridge and follow the route up the hill, you will reach a pure nature forest pathway. This walking route will take you all the way to the graveyard towards Radelange, where you can easily walk along the road for 1km back to the Nutchel again. This route is easily done within 1-2 hours. It took us longer due to making lots of Autumn photography moments!

Getting Into The Real Forest – Route 2

For another pure forest path route, simply cross the main road from the Nutchel large parking area/bridge and walk along the road towards Radelange. In no more than 100 meters you will see a bench and nature path heading up the hill. Follow this path up through the tress and you will find yourself at the top in the forest on another walking/hiking path. This spot was great for spotting wild mushrooms and enjoying the peaceful forest. We were also here 1-2 hours, but we had to take the same route back down. Else you could have continued all along the path ending up somewhere new.

Sûre Lake in Luxembourg

Within 20 minutes driving you can find yourself at the Sûre Lake. We decided to head to the viewing platform called Burfelt. You can easily park at the top and take a nice stroll to it on the main forest pathway. Once there, it’s not for those who cant handle heights, as the walkway’s viewpoint is made of wood with gaps in between. At the end you are also greeted with a slanted piece of glass, allowing you to look down easily. Heights dont bother me, but even here I was a little freaked out I might drop something important!

Watching The Stars From Our Nutchel Cabin

The Nutchel is a great location to look up when its dark and count the stars. Based at the location, there are not many big cities close by to cause lots of light pollution. On our first night at dinner we totally realised this and looked up from our balcony area. The sky was clear and perfect conditions for us to look up and easily see the Milky Way.

The Back To Nature Experience

Our top highlights of staying here were the following:

  • The pure getting lost-in-nature forest walks around the Nutchel
  • The birds singing in the morning with the morning mist visibly floating past the local river below
  • Cooking some fun meals on the 2 ringed gas camping cooker (pasta dishes being our fav!)
  • The local cat (we never found out his/her name) that came inside from the rain for a bit of warmth
  • Pre-shower coldness in the bathroom before enjoying a pure amazing hot shower
  • The cosy evenings with the wood stove burning – It was SO nice to put your feet up, get comfy on the sofa and get lost in my book
  • Challenging each other at chess with candlelight before bed

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Nutchel Cabin Summary

Staying in a Nutchel Cabin was perfect and super cosy for the weekend away to Belgium. It was for 3 nights and absolutely the perfect time to explore the local forests as well as enjoy the cabin life. It was the first time for us to experience something like this, and we’d totally book again for the next year (maybe a cabin with hot tub next time!).  Highly recommended for couples, families, friends and of course families! You can even take your pet along with you so no one gets left behind.

*This post and weekend away was not sponsored.


  • Take a book, some board games and leave the electronics at home (except the camera!)
  • Since the Nutchel is not far away by car from Luxembourg, you can easily combine with a visit here too!
  • Take food, drink and snacks with you – as the local supermarket is not that big

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