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Off Grid Forest Cabins For Couples – In The Netherlands and Belgium

If you are looking for Off Grid Forest Cabins For Couples, you’ve landed on the right page. It is very popular these days to enjoy a vacation in your own country, such as to stay at a unique chalet or forest cabin. These off grid and back-to-basic locations are not only great for your wellbeing, it’s great fun with loved ones!

Off Grid Forest Cabins For Couples

Here are 4 locations that we’ve been to, that we also recommend to you:

Nutchel Cabins, Belgium

Hidden in the Ardennes province of Belgium, can you find one of the two locations of the Nutchel Cabins at Martelange, Belgium. The Nutchel Cabin forest huts have been built beautifully, with a few different cabin designs to choose from for your stay.

Like all places on this blogpost, Nutchel Cabins is a place build to spend time offline with loved ones. Being so close to the forest, its also perfect for following some hiking routes in the area. After a full day of hiking or exploring the area (you can also visit Luxembourg from here!), get home to your cabin in time to warm up. The wood fire is best for those cosy warm evenings inside.

They have a 2nd location for the Nutchel Cabins now in Alsace, Northern France – so if you’re interested in travelling to France instead, book a cabin at this location!

Our full review of our stay at Nutchel Cabins can be found here.

Cabin in the forest

Parc Buitengewoon, Netherlands

Located in the Limburg province of the Netherlands, Parc Buitengewoon is a great place for an off grid forest cabins for couples. Not only do they have some amazing panoramic domes, huts and even a tipi cosy for 2, they even have a few with hot tubs that you can rent – making the visit even more relaxing.

Parc buitengewoon has a lovely set up, with a restaurant also on site for those that do not wish to bring any food. You can also enjoy their delicious delivered breakfast for the morning, then by dinner their BBQ packet, allowing you to cook on the patio on the already prepared BBQ.

Staying here for a whole weekend was amazing, with the bed being the most comfiest mattress I’ve personally ever slept on. You will find it hard to get up and leave!

Our full review of our stay at Parc Buitengewoon can be found here.

Hoge Veluwe Tiny House, Netherlands

This cute but modern looking tiny house is one of a few found at the Hoge Veluwe. Situated right next to the national park, it’s the perfect getaway for couples who want to hike and explore the park during the day. This is also great for those who don’t want to travel to far within the Netherlands, as this location is pretty central and between most of the bigger cities.

The tiny house was fully equipped with a small kitchen and decent bathroom. So it wasn’t as off-grid as the others, but still the same feeling of being in a unique place. With good weather, there is also lots of wild animals here – so you will likely be surrounded by birds and squirrels!

Our full review of our stay at this tiny house can be found here. And you can book directly here!

Stay Ici, Belgium

Our 4th recommendation for an off grid forest cabin is to visit Stay Ici in Belgium. Located in Humain, this really off grid location doesn’t even have internet or wifi, so you only actually have 4G connection at the reception area. This is really perfect for truly shutting off the technology and finding silence and relaxation.

Stay Ici has 3 types of forest cabins to choose from, and we personally stayed in the Flying Fermette cabin. It was really lovely and quite romantic once it started getting darker. The wood fire is a great addition to the cabin to warm up and the water supply is perfect enough for enjoying your stay.

We’ll definitely head back to Stay Ici to try out the other two cabin types, both super unique within the trees!

Our full review of our stay at Stay Ici can be found here.

Looking for some top tips for your stay at one of these?

Check our top 5 tips of what you should take for your stay!

Else to find the other locations in more detail here:

Nutchel Cabins, Belgium

Parc Buitengewoon, Netherlands

Hoge Veluwe Tiny House, Netherlands

Stay Ici, Belgium

Summary Of Our Off Grid Forest Cabins For Couples

All cabins are amazing to visit, each being unique and with their own beauty. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but do plan to go back to a few of these to try their other cabin types. It’s very easy to spend one night at these locations, but we suggest to stay for a long weekend to truly enjoy the forest cabin life and surroundings. It’s also worth the weekend to shut off the technology and relax with loved ones.


  • All are easiest (and most preferable) to reach by car
  • Take these things with you to truly enjoy off grid
  • Enjoy!

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    20th November 2021 at 7:59 am

    Wow those cabins are so romanticand beautiful ..wish to stay someday .thanks for sharing

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    20th November 2021 at 12:22 pm

    Grown up surrounded by nature I always had a special connection with it. Staying in one of these 4 cabins would be a dream come true for me! They all looks seriously amazing. 🙂

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    20th November 2021 at 5:27 pm

    These cabins look incredible to stay at! I love how modern they all are inside and they all seem to be very cozy too.

  • Reply
    Elena Pappalardo
    21st November 2021 at 12:13 am

    This post is really calling to me as I’ve been fantasizing about going off the grid. I simply adore the cozy vibes, particularly Parc Buitengewoon. That dome is just so cool!

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