Hiking to Horseshoe Bend, AZ

The Horseshoe Bend, located only 6.4km from Page and 8km from Lake Powell, can be easily reached with a car on your US travels through Arizona. The beautiful curve of the Colorado River can be seen after you hike from the carpark through the recycled sand, which is protecting the Navajo Sandstone. You will see the incredible Horseshoe Bend from above. At the top of this hike, you are basically standing in the crossroads of Page, Lake Powell, Glen Canyon and Vermillion Cliffs. By car is the best option to travel here, but there has been an increase in tours too.

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US State Arizona

Here are all the things we did in the US state Arizona during our 2 week US road trip!

Scenic Route 89A Vermillion Cliffs Navajo Bridge togetherintransit.nl (1) Copy of Copy of Scenic Route 89A Vermillion Cliffs Navajo Bridge togetherintransit.nl (2) Copy of Scenic Route 89A Vermillion Cliffs Navajo Bridge togetherintransit.nl (2) Horseshoe Bend Copy of Hiking Antelope Upper Canyon Navajo Tour Arizona togetherintransit.nl (1) Meteor Crater Arizona togetherintransit.nl Route 66 togetherintransit.nl (1) Route 66 togetherintransit.nl

Coming soon: Hoover Dam + Helicopter Grand Canyon Trip!

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2 Week Road Trip Route

Scenic State Route 89A Vermillion Cliffs and Navajo Bridge

With our 2 week road trip through America we decided to take Scenic State Route 89A from Cedar City Utah to Page Arizona. By the time we were on this route, our driving experience had improved and we were enjoying the landscape and long winding roads through the nature, stopping at each viewpoint along the way. This post shares our stops at the Vermillion Cliffs and the Navajo Bridge before heading to Horseshoe Bend and ending in Page, Arizona.

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Wandering The Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

Visiting the Bonnville Salt Flats Speedway is a top thing to do with your rental car in Utah. The densely packed salt pans are a unique natural feature stretching over 30,000 acres! Famous for it’s Speed Week to break racing records, we had arrived on the white salt reflecting area on an early morning for a little drive with our rental car. Continue reading “Wandering The Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah”