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Pet Sitting With Trusted Housesitters

We are recently new to the platform of Trusted Housesitters* and so far it has been like we are in a whole new world full of loveable owners with their pets. There are opportunities to cat sit (and dog, horse, chicken sit) all over the world, helping out owners while they travel themselves. The platform is easy to use for you to combine the love of travel with pet sitting!

*This post is not sponsored and written based on our own opinions.

What is Trusted Housesitters?

Trusted Housesitters is an online platform and app that has over 60k members. They were founded in 2010 and has since grown to an amazing platform for pet owners and pet sitters worldwide. In exchange for a free place to stay, pet sitters look after the owners animals while they travel. It’s a great set up, allowing the pets to be looked after with a lot of love while the owners are away.

What’s good to know, is that Trusted Housesitters has pet owners in 130 countries, allowing you to be a member and pet sit for someone local or for someone half way across the world. It works out well for the animals best interests, allowing them to stay home in their relaxed, comfortable home.

What Animals Can You Pet Sit On Trusted Housesitters?

Most animals that you can pet sit are cats and dogs, with this of course being the common pet. However we have also seen the following while being active users:

  • Chickens
  • Horses
  • Bearded Dragon
  • Rabbits
  • Hamsters
  • Goats
  • Parrots

So it’s quite fun to have the opportunity to pet sit some interesting animals.

Our Personal Experience

As we are cat lovers, we registered to the Trusted Housesitters site and have been signing up for some local cat sits in our area and in the Netherlands. Our first cat sit to highlight was in Rotterdam, Netherlands. We wanted to visit this city since we used to live there, so for us to go back was great to see friends still in the city.

The house sitting we found via the website was located right in the city center, and it had the cutest 2 kitties we have ever met. The house also had two pet goldfish that we looked after too. The cats were both 6 years old and both had unique, cute personalities. Both were super lovable asking for attention and loved sitting on our laps from the first day too!

We own a cat ourselves who is very loveable but independent, so it was super lovely to meet some new kitties who would walk all over you in the morning and sit on our laps all day!

The interesting part was that the house we were sitting ended up having issues with the plumbing and we had no hot water for 4 days! The owners did their best and organised a handy man to come and check but could not be fixed correctly. So that was a nice challenge for us – luckily the cats kept us warm after some cold showers!

We already have two more pet sitting lined up, so we cant wait for more kitty cuddles and new locations to travel to!

Join Trusted Housesitters!

If your interested and we’ve persuaded you to join, click here to save yourself some money on the registration fees! This is our referral code for you, so that we’ll get 2 free months for everyone that joins and in return you’ll get 25% discount on their membership too!

There are 3 membership options to choose from – such as being just a pet sitter, a pet owner or combined. We personally took only the pet sitter membership, since we have a great cat sitter for our own cat, so we didn’t need the combined membership. It’s an annual plan, so well worth the fees (especially with our 25% discount!).

Thank you for reading our Pet Sitting With Trusted Housesitters post!

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