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Rhodes Greek Island: 3 Full Days Exploring With A Car

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Rhodes Greece Island is one of the most popular islands to visit and we can see why. From gorgeous hidden gem beaches, delicious greek cuisine and historical greek ruins, the island has a bit of everything for everyone. As a couple, check our recommendations below of things to do in Rhodes and what to see on this greek island. 

Rhodes is the first place on the 2 week trip we enjoyed during October, you can find more Greece posts from this trip here!

Rhodes Greek Island

Where Is Rhodes Greece and How To Get There?

Firstly, where is Rhodes? This beautiful Greek island can be found in the Mediterranean sea and close to the islands of Kos, Patmos and Crete. The island itself has up to 43 towns and villages, with Rhodes city being the most popular for residents. 

The main airport is Diagoras Airport, which has many direct routes within Europe as well as lots of domestic routes to other islands and Athens. From here you can easily rent a car (which is what we did) from one of the many car rental companies. It’s very easy to drive in Rhodes if you are a confident driver, so its a top recommendation to rent a car to be able to get around best.

Else you can plan your visit by arriving by boat. Rhodes has 5 ports, but the main 3 are located in Rhodes city, which provide boat services for the public to other islands within Greece.

The photo below was the boat to the Greek island of Patmos that we took, which was the only time it rained in Rhodes during our 3 days on the island.

Rhodes Greece Facts

Here are some top facts about Rhodes for you to know before visiting:

  • The old town of Rhodes is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1988
  • Another name for Rhodes is the Knights Island – based on the history of Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem who once conquered Rhodes and stayed as their main living location
  • Rhodes is the largest of all Dodecanese islands in Greece
  • Out of all the islands, Rhodes is the second most visited
  • The third most visited archaeological site in Greece is Acropolis of Lindos, on the east coast of Rhodes.

Where To Stay – Esperos Village Blue & Spa – Adults Only

For a place to dream the nights away, reserve a room at the Esperos Village Blue & Spa hotel. This beautiful location is ideal for couples and its also for adults only, so no children are allowed here. The facilities are perfect for a few nights stay, with the large rooms all having a clean bathroom and balcony area. 

Dining at the hotel is romantic and suitable for all with dietary needs, with a buffet for breakfast with everything you can think of, and delicious options for dinner too. If not relaxing in your spacious room, you can chill by one of the two pools located outside with the beautiful Greek sunshine and a cold drink from the bar. 

Bring your book for some relaxation and don’t forget your suncream!

Things To Do On The Island of Rhodes

Here are some things to do and see in Rhodes that’s worth your time:

Explore Faliraki City

During the day, Faliraki is a popular spot for tourists to shop, relax at the beach and grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants. By night time, it’s just as popular for dancing, enjoying some drinks and having fun. If you love active, lively things to do, then this is the place. For those who love water sports and theme parks, you can also visit AquaWorld, the local water park with lots of slides and pools.

There are also gorgeous flowers everywhere, such as these pretty pink ones that were above someones front door.

Go Kite Surfing at Prasonisi Beach

As soon as you arrive here, no matter what time of year, you will find kite surfers enjoying the waves and winds here. The wide flat beach area provides the perfect spot for the surfers to glide across the shallow waters. There are also a few cafe’s and restaurants perfect for if you get hungry or fancy a refreshing drink.

Anthony Quinn Bay

One of the best and prettiest beach on Rhodes is Antony Quinn Bay. It’s the perfect local spot to swim in the clear blue sea. Here you can also snorkel along the rocks and discover lots of the fish, but they also come close to the water’s edge. It’s recommended to spend at least a day here, its gorgeous to relax at so take your book and snacks – else there is also a little cafe here for cold drinks.

Acropolis of Rhodes

The Acropolis of Rhodes is one historical hotspot to visit in the north of the island, close to Rhodes City. None of the structures are renovated, so it’s truly the ruins that you can explore. These ruins are also free to access and you can walk around the pillars (which were in scaffolding during my visit to stop them falling). Below this area, there is also the theatre and a stadium.

Rhodes Old Town

The Old Town of Rhodes is pretty special to visit with its’ unique and historical points of interest. The Old Town is also a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1988. The old part of this city has around 6,000 residents who live within the medieval walls and the original 7 city gates. It is absolutely gorgeous to wander around within the center as there are no large roads or cars allowed to enter. You can follow the cobblestoned streets past the local boutiques, cute restaurants and historical points of interest.

Towards the harbour, you can also walk along past the old windmills – which are on most Greek islands.

Acropolis of Lindos

If you like local Greek history, its well worth a walk up from Lindos to the historical Acropolis, which dates back to 300 BC. Here you can explore the ruins while seeing the beautiful view of the city below. There are so many cute white houses to spot as well as the beautiful clear blue waters of the beaches around Lindos.

You can also choose to hike around Lindos (highly recommended!). See here for more info!!

Get Lost In Lindos

This beautiful, fishing, white and blue village is a must see for all visitors. Its idyllic, typical Greek and worth at least a days’ visit. There are gorgeous little alleyways like a maze to get lost in here. You can indulge with all types of restaurants here, such as from fine Greek dining to local cheap eateries. When not hungry, head into some of the cute boutiques for shopping.

Watch The Sunset At Ixia Beach

Depending on what time of the year you visit the island, watching the sun set is a must when in Greece. Especially during the long summer months, the sun sets on the West of the island with the perfect orange glow into darkness. If you plan to visit during this time, enjoy some dinner along the coast before sitting on the pebbled Ixia Beach for the sunset.

Other Villages On Rhodes

There are many other villages to explore, since the island has 43 in total. The best part about renting a car is the flexibly you can have to explore other part of the island. All are unique and pretty, so driving by or stopping for a drink in a local cafe there is appreciated. Enjoy Rhodes at much as possible!

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Spending time of the Greek island of Rhodes is the perfect location for those who want to explore, relax and enjoy each others company together. The island has so much to offer all year round, so don’t hesitate to visit at any time!


  • Plan in advance what activities and locations you’d enjoy most to make sure you plan enough time visiting
  • Enjoy a boat trip or snorkelling at one of the local beaches
  • Watch the beautiful Greek sunsets together!

For all other activities on Rhodes, I would suggest to check some of these fun activities, as we did a few, and they were pretty amazing!

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