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Rotterdam Centraal Station Rooftop Tour

For 2019 you could book tours for special buildings in Rotterdam with the Rooftop Dakendagen events, such has the Rotterdam Centraal Station Rooftop tour. This event is organised over one weekend ever year in the month of June. This amazing event allows you to check out the views of the city. However you can also join a movie night, join a yoga class or dance the night away on a rooftop that is usually inaccessible.

Rotterdam Centraal Station Rooftop Tour

For the Rotterdam Dakendagen event for 2019 we booked a tour for Rotterdam Centraal Station Rooftop. We have been to the Dakendagen events before, with our previous photoblog here!

You can buy different tickets throughout the weekend, with most people buying the weekend ticket. However for a tour like this you need a special tour ticket through their website. These special tours sell out fast so you need to check out their website when they announce the selling date.

In The Hall

The group gathered together below the clock and met our tour guide, who was an NS employee on his day off. We were all provided with yellow NS visor jacket to stick together as it was a busy Saturday (as well as for the guide to keep track of us all).

He started the tour by giving us some fun and interesting facts about the building phase of the station. As well as explanations from outside and inside the hall area. Such as why the building was designed the way it was and how all the wood inside the hall is very dense and fire resistant.

Under The Rooftop Hidden Areas

Here the tour group climbed up a few levels of staircases to the roof area above the shops (Feyenoord shop and the Bruna). You end up in an inclosed area where you can see the angle of the rooftop. This section shows the metal construction of the building from inside with roof insulation. It was also very ventilated allowing you to enjoy the coolness from the 27°c outside.

On Top Of The Rooftop

This was the bit we were all excited for most, the Rotterdam Centraal Station Rooftop. We take the lift to the inside area for employees who work at Rotterdam Centraal Station. Here we have to climb up some smaller steps followed by a ladder to the rooftop. It was smart that we had our sunglasses as it was pretty bright above the station!

The views were pretty cool, seeing buildings from a completely different perspective. We have been in and on top some of the buildings around us in previous years, so now looking back at them now was pretty cool.

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We love the Dakendagen event in Rotterdam and this was the 3rd time we have taken part in a tour. This year we had perfect weather, allowing us to enjoy the sunshine rays while standing on top of the train station. We highly recommend joining this event, with a weekend ticket perfect to visit all open buildings. Furthermore we feel it is worth booking tickets in advance for the special tours just like this one.


  • Book your special tours as soon as they become available, as this one sold out very quick!
  • Wear sensible shoes for tours and weekend event, as you will be walking lots between all the buildings taking part
  • Not the best event for those with a fear of heights, but well worth facing your fear for!

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Have you ever joined the Rotterdam Dakendagen event in Rotterdam? Would you book the Rotterdam Centraal Station Rooftop tour? Let us know in the comments! 

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