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Seasons In Maastricht: Activities in Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter!

As well as our top things to do in Maastricht post and our free things to do in Maastricht post, we wanted to highlight some specific things to do during each seasons in Maastricht – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter in Maastricht! Each season in Maastricht has something fun, special or unique to see so it depends on what time you are visiting to what you can see. Of course you can enjoy the locals parks, restaurants and shopping all year round.

Seasons in Maastricht: Activities in Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter!

Spring In Maastricht

Spring in Maastricht is one of the most prettiest times to visit, of course, since all the flowers, birds, bees and butterflies are out and about showing themselves off. Springtime in Maastricht is also gorgeous for finally sitting outside after the winter period and enjoying a drink or two at a local cafe.

For other things to do in Spring In Maastricht:

  • Enjoy a hiking route at Sint-Pietersberg and the old ENCI factory
  • Visit the local weekly market for fruit, veg, treats and flowers
  • Join a free walking tour to discover the city better, such as seeing the old city walls and Hell’s Gate
  • Discover the blooming blossom trees in Maastricht
  • Stroll the city night lights on fresh but warmer evenings
  • Watch the baby swans and ducklings at the park

Top tip: The best time to experience Spring in Maastricht is on an early, sunny morning. Its the perfect time when all the birds are waking up and eating breakfast as well as all the flowers coming alive after a sleepy night! Sunday mornings are best for this, as the city of people also do not wake up or come out so early either. 

Summer In Maastricht

Summer in Maastricht is perfect for those who love being outdoors. There is usually so much to do enjoy and do, so with good weather it’s a great combination.

For other things to do in Summer In Maastricht:

  • Enjoy longer hiking routes from Maastricht to surrounding Limburg locations
  • Cycling to Belgium and back – why not?!
  • Plan a picnic in a local park
  • Enjoy lots of drinks and lunches at the sunniest terraces in the city
  • Explore the local modern architecture
  • Join a local festival (food/wine and music ones!)

Top Tip: Use the app Kamoot for finding new hiking routes, it is free app where you can find already planned routes or make your own based on elevation, distance and time. Super easy to use it offline too, so you can turn off your internet to enjoy the full walk without notifications.  

Autumn In Maastricht

Autumn in Maastricht is lovely if you don’t mind a bit of rain or wind. The changing of the seasons also turns the beautiful green grass and bushes to the beautiful oranges and browns too. Walking through the parks at this time of year can still be pretty, with all the leaves falling in the wind.

For other things to do in Autumn In Maastricht:

  • Explore the local 2nd hand and vintage thrift stores
  • Enjoy a rainy walk through the parks
  • Visit local museums or cinema
  • Discover the 30,000 tiles at the Sphinxpassage
  • Get a coffee and freshly baked cakes and croissants at Wij Maken Coffee (the best!)

For more rainy day activities in Maastricht, check out our specific Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Maastricht post!

Top Tip: Grab your raincoat and umbrella to explore the city. It’s not so bad in the rain as you can experience the city in another view. For example, if you are into photography, find some puddles to splash in, then use them to take some great reflective photography. The cobblestoned streets of Maastricht are quite pretty even in the rain! 

Winter In Maastricht

For the last Seasons In Maastricht, we’ve come to Winter. Winter in Maastricht can be quite a chilly period, just like the rest of the Netherlands. However it’s usually a bit colder here in the South than the rest of the country. The benefit of being colder, is more chance for snow. The last few years there has been some dustings and sprinkles of snow. Which was lovely since it lasted for a few days, allowing everyone to enjoy it before it melted.

For other things to do in Winter In Maastricht:

  • Discover the local Christmas markets in the city as well as the Valkenburg Christmas markets!
  • Drink Gluhwein at the local restaurants
  • Shop local in the boutiques and stores – such as the Dominical bookshop converted from a church!
  • Eat the best Limburgse Vlaai at the Bisschopsmolen bakery

Top Tip: It’s cold, so wrap up with lots of layers before visiting. Maastricht has a magical vibe during the winter and Christmas period, with the festive lights sparkling in the night. Head for a wintery walk at night to enjoy the city like this, before getting a warm drink at a local bar. 

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Thank you for reaching our Seasons in Maastricht post!

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