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Sightseeing in Copenhagen, Denmark

The largest city in Scandinavia, Copenhagen turned 850 years old in 2017! This beautiful city, easily reachable from Europe, is a great choice for a weekend city trip away shopping in the mile long pedestrian shopping street. The top highlights like Nyhavn, Trivoli and freetown Christiana are nodoubtable unique sightseeing locations.

With a week off from my previous studies we decided to visit Copenhagen as the destination in April. It was frosty, out of the touristic period and therefore cheap but it was a great choice for us!

Reserving a room at the Generator Hostel was a great choice as it’s right in the center of the city with very welcoming staff. One of the best hostels we have stayed in based on price, location to city and facilities offered. We stayed in a private room with bathroom. Highly recommended!

Since we were visiting in early February, the temperature was around -5°c so when visiting the popular Nyhavn, there were hardly any restaurants open and realistically too cold to enjoy a beer outside! The beautifully coloured haven was still pretty to see without the busy scene of the summer months. We spent easily an hour walking around here soaking in the winter sun.


Exploring the city throughout the week we came across the Rosenborg Castle and the beautiful grounds. We never went in but carried our walk towards the Amalienborg Palace and further around the city.



One thing we were recommended not to miss was the freetown of Christiania, unused army barracks that were taken over by hippies in 1971. Since we were travelling during February it wasn’t as lively as we had expected. Walking around this area was rather quiet and most stands were closed, plus we only saw the odd person who would walk past smoking weed or playing music to themselves. We can imagine this would be 10 times more busier during the summer months, but still enjoyed the experience to be there.


Walking from Christiania we visited the Church of Our Saviour and decided to climb the 400 steps to the top of the spiral tower. A very pretty church, totally worth the visit and experience! You have some great views at the top, which we were lucky to have a clear day!

Some famous statues not to be missed are the The Little Mermaid and the H.C. Andersen Statue, writer of famous fairytales such as ‘The Ugly Duckling’, ‘The Nightingale’ and of course ‘The Little Mermaid’. It was good to see that the statue wasn’t vandalised with paint or decapitated, which has happened in previous years.


As it was so cold we needed warming up and decided to visit Den Bla Planet, a pretty impressive aquarium which is easy to reach with public transport. It has a very pleasant walkway throughout to follow and it’s perfect for families and couples.  It ends with a massive tank where you can just sit and watch, enjoying the different species swimming around you. We definitely warmed up here and enjoyed the aquarium.


We enjoyed the visit, even with the freezing weather. Maybe a small weekend back in the summer time would give us the full experience of Nyhavn, as well as visiting things we didn’t have time for such as the famous Trivoli.


*We visited in 2013

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