Normandy, France – Day Two

The cloudy morning turned to sunshine as we had reached our first destination of the day, Pointe Du Hoc. Free to get in we walked past through to the viewpoints of the bunkers and monument. Amazing to see the view and how far along the coast you can see, how the Germans positioned themselves during the war. Here you could also experience the damaged bunkers (could go in a few) and the massive holes in the ground left behind from the bombs.



We took the drive from Pointe Du Hoc to Carentan, in search of a place for lunch and our next destination the La Combe German Cemetery. It wasn’t very advertised with road signs so we had to use the sat nav and address, obviously not a place the French like to advertise. How strange it was to be walking among 22,000 graves of German soldiers, many of them aged between 16 to 22. Most graves consisted of two people, with too many that were unknown with no name.

Keeping other cemeteries in mind, we headed next to the American Cemetery & Memorial, which was the complete opposite of the German cemetery. This place seemed the busiest out of all of our chosen museums and places we visited during the weekend. The American cemetery is close to Omaha beach where most American soldiers lost their lives. The cemetery is filled with perfectly lined white crosses with one grave per soldier. It was all very touching with different graves having flowers placed in respect.


DSC_2010The last museum on our list was the Overlord Museum. Greeted with original tanks situated outside we went in and looked at the big collection of items from June 6th, 1944. There was some interesting personal items and stories of witnesses and soldiers throughout the museum and compelling to see items like a tank full of bullet holes.

We finished the day with a dinner in Bayeux followed by a long walk around the beautiful city. Couldn’t resist a nutella pancake for pudding too!


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Munich, Germany 2016

We have just got back from a spontaneous long weekend away! We booked only 2 weeks ago for the autumn break, to the beautiful Bavarian capital Munich. A last minute KLM flight and a few nights at the Hotel City Munich were booked.

Day One

Flying on Friday morning we had a quick breakfast and caught the intercity from Rotterdam. No delays which is always good. We started our KLM flight separated in the aircraft, but we were allowed to sit together after take off due to space available (in the extra leg room seats too!), Thanks KLM!


We decided to start our weekend with a free walking tour by SANDEMANs NEW which took around 3 hours of all the main places within Munich. Tom was our tour guide and showed us the most interesting points of interest within the city centre. Some places included the City Hall, Royal Palace/Munich Residence, the Bayerisches National Theatre, the open markets at Viktualienmarkt, the Hofbräuhaus beer house and the St. Peter’s Church.

The church had something rather unique, a skeleton named Saint Munditia, who has  a transparent body stocking which is covered in gold and jewels, with glass eyes. Apparently beheaded with a hatchet.


Day Two

We spent our 2nd day enjoying a buffet breakfast, followed by a morning of shopping. After a quick lunch we decided to head to the Olympia Park. We watched a movie before we left the Netherlands about the kidnapping and murder of 11 Israeli athletes and coach at the 1972 Olympics, called Munich.  So it was strange to be walking there through the olympic park housing area where the tragedy happened.



dsc_3037dsc_3057We went up the 291.28 metre tower for the 360 views of Munich. We could just see the Alps in the distance. Definitely a recommendation to do for only €7.00 per person!

For dinner we headed back into the city to the Restaurant Zum Spöckmeier for a delicious meal and washed down with you guessed it… a nice cold beer!


Day Three

Dachau was our main destination for day three. First checking out of our hotel, storing our belongings, and heading to the SBahn train. Arriving at Dachau station we walked the 40 minute journey to the concentration camp following the Path of Remembrance. The camp is free to enter and we paid only €3.50 each for an audioguide, which has over 300 numbers of information to listen to. I found that the 22minute film was the most interesting as it really tells the story with photos, videos and personal stories to explain what it was like at the concentration camp, which you can then walk around to the barracks, bunker, the grounds and the crematorium building. We also went inside the gas chamber, which was actually never used at this concentration camp.

dsc_3112dsc_3120The Jourhouse to the concentration camp and the famous gate with the words “work will set you free”.

The bunker with its long corridor.

dsc_3150The main maintenance building.

dsc_3163The gas chamber and crematorium.

dsc_3153The liberation of this concentration camp by US Army troops was April 29, 1945. This memorial site is very intriguing to visit and worth a few hours of your time.

My visit to Munich ended with quite a rather funny/stressful ending! I was scheduled to fly home on the 4th morning of our trip, while Lennart would stay longer for work. I wanted to check in with my KLM app but to my surprise I had to wait another 27 days until check in! I don’t know how I had not seen it earlier when booking my flights, but I had somehow paid to fly back home 1 month later!! But it’s safe to say I managed to travel back to the Netherlands with Transavia, my second favourite airline (with costs 3 times less than the last minute KLM flight!).