Wandering The Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

Visiting the Bonnville Salt Flats Speedway is a top thing to do with your rental car in Utah. The densely packed salt pans are a unique natural feature stretching over 30,000 acres! Famous for it’s Speed Week to break racing records, we had arrived on the white salt reflecting area on an early morning for a little drive with our rental car. Continue reading “Wandering The Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah”

Road Trip Itinerary West Coast USA

Oh how exciting it was to plan a road trip in America! Below is the full itinerary we planned out for a total of 15 days – and we highly recommend the route to you. Our road trip is a combination of hiking and exploring the National Parks, sightseeing small towns to bustling cities and stpping at the best viewpoints in our rented white SUV car.

We had to change one of two plans (based on the weather) on the way which has been shown adjusted below. We hope it gives you in an insight to a planning a road trip in the US as well as enjoying our own experiences and stories! Don’t forget to check out and share our clickable google map route too! Continue reading “Road Trip Itinerary West Coast USA”

Weekend At Dwingeloo, Drenthe Netherlands

Dwingelderveld National Park is one of 20 National parks in the Netherlands. Open all year round you can visit for the day to hike and explore, or decide to rent a place to stay for longer. Founded in 1991, the landscape is made up of health lands with many sandy hills and wetlands. The park covers 37km2 and is home to sheep, three types of snakes and several rare butterflies. Take your hiking boots and prepare yourself for the Dutch weather as this is a perfect place for a weekend away.

Continue reading “Weekend At Dwingeloo, Drenthe Netherlands”