Intimidating Area 51 and Spotting Aliens on the Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada

Nevada is the home to the famous Area 51, a highly classified secret military base, that is otherwise known as the base that is subject to conspiracy theories regarding unidentified flying objects. Our 2 week road trip through America had to include something random and this was it, driving the dirt road to the entrance gate as well as stopping at the famous Rachel and Little A’Le’Inn bar. Easily drivable from Las Vegas, we were too curious not to visit! but we could not prepare for the intimidation we experienced. Plus who knows, maybe we could see an Alien after all!

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Visiting Hoover Dam From Las Vegas

Located near Boulder City, Nevada the Hoover Dam has been open since 1936. The highly populated Dam is visited by nearly a million tourists a year, who also visit Las Vegas and enjoy road trips through Nevada and Arizona. Situated in Black Canyon on the border, it holds back the Colorado River and Lake Mead, with the Dam provides power and hydro-electricity to both states as well as California. Originally called the Boulder Dam, it was constructed during the Great Depression to prevent flooding in the area. With only 48 km from Las Vegas, it’s an easy day trip adventure! Continue reading “Visiting Hoover Dam From Las Vegas”

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour from Las Vegas

Seeing the Grand Canyon in person is something, but seeing it while flying in a helicopter is another! A day trip from Las Vegas was one of the coolest, adrenaline-rush things we did during our 2 week US road trip through Arizona and Nevada. The lively city provides many helicopter tours for adventurous tourists wanting to see the city from above, but also to the Grand Canyon National Park.  Continue reading “Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour from Las Vegas”

Route 66 from Page, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada

Staying in Page, Arizona was the perfect place during our 2 week US road trip itinerary to stop for 2 nights to visit the must see attractions within the area. Situated next to the Colorado river, Monument Valley and Glen Canyon Dam, we were able to visit Horseshoe Bend and even took a longer drive to hike at Zion National Park for the day. Page is located on route 89, which we followed during our Scenic Route 89A through the Vermillion Cliffs and Navajo Bridge. But for our trip, we headed south to Route 66 for the next step in our American adventure!

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