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The Masurian Lakes And Mragowo: Activities And More!

Whether you want to stay a week, weekend or only a few days at the Masurian Lakes in Poland, Mragowo the perfect location to enjoy with loved ones here. Based in the Masurian Lake District, Mragowo has so much to offer that it’s a must for your next travel destination. From beautiful hiking routes, sailing and water activities, good food and drink – theres something for everyone.

The Masurian Lakes And Mragowo

Where Is Mragowo and the Masurian Lakes

Mragowo is located in the North East of Poland in the geographical region of Masuria. There are around 21k inhabitants who enjoy this region as their home. This area is also known by the famous Masurian lakes, where there are over 2,000 lakes in total. This region of Masuria is a beautiful place that is popular with Polish nationals as well as tourists.

To get to Mragowo, it’s best with a car as it’s pretty easy driving in Poland. This also allows you to be flexible to your own planning. We can recommend renting a car from an airport (if arriving by plane) and then driving from there. We did this during our visit which worked out great and it was pretty cheap!

  • From Warsaw it’s 223 km which takes around 3 hours
  • From Gdansk it’s 244 km which takes around 2 hours 30 minutes

We used a car for our 10 days Poland road trip too. Poland is safe to drive around in our experience!

Facts About Mragowo

Here are 5 facts about Mragowo that’s worth knowing before you visit:

  1. The 15th century coat of arms is a bear’s claw – a symbol from when a bear was was shot in the paw after threatening behaviour
  2. Mragowo is the capital of the region’s lake district
  3. There are over 1500 places that you can sleep and stay at
  4. The first written word about Mragowo was in 1338
  5. The historical Polish name of Mragowo is Ządzbork from World War One.

Facts about The Masurian Lakes

Like above, here are also 5 facts about the Masurian Lakes too:

  1. It is an area of around 52,000 square kilometres
  2. There is a boat service connecting some of the main towns together via the the lakes
  3. As mentioned above, there are more than 2,000 lakes in total with Śniardwy being the largest one
  4. Mikołajki is a popular tourism center within the Masurian Lakes
  5. The lakes have been shaped by glaciers from the Pleistocene ice age period

The Masurian Lakes: Things To See, Do And Enjoy Near Mragowo

Here is our list of top things to enjoy while spending a few beautiful days at Mragowo in Poland.

Museum of Military Equipment

This is a cool place to visit if you are visiting with kids. The museum is outdoors and has over a 100 collection of military machines, such as tanks and trucks. Many are from the former Warsaw Pact. They also have old emergency vehicles and exhibitions inside for when it’s raining. They often have organised rides with some of the functioning tanks and trucks, ask when you are there for more information.

Linowy Lemur Rope Park

For a forest activity, find yourself swinging through the trees like a lemur. The Linowy Lemur park is the perfect activity to get you out of your comfort zone up in the trees. Hooked up to safety equipment and looked after by the staff, you can follow the ropes and obstacles along a diverse system of routes. It’s for all ages, so no excuse for trying something new!

Walk Around The Lake

From Mragowo you can walk to the waters edge and follow the path all around to the other side. Start at the little pier and head North until you reach the other side. It’s a lovely route along the water’s edge and accessible for all with the flat pathed route. If you take some cash with you, there is a little boat that you can take to get back to this pier for a small amount.


This cowboy American wild west is a fun day out for those with children. There are horse riding shows, petting area for other animals, live entertainment, western themed village with saloons (for a drink) and play area. It’s nice on a sunny day since a lot of the activities was outside.

Rent A Boat

There are an unlimited amount of locations around the lakes near Mragowo that you can rent a boat. Depending on your experience, you can rent a little motorboat or a huge sailboat. Since the area is known for getting out on the water, plan at least 1 whole day doing this. Or to rent a boat one morning, and second day the afternoon. That gives you plenty of time to enjoy being on the water as well as exploring the lake area.

From Mragowo there are some locations you can get to that takes 1 hour to sail, and another beautiful place that takes at least 4 hours sailing – so rent a boat based on also where you want to go with it.

We personally rented a boat from Mikołajki (mentioned more below).

Mragowo Museum

Wanting to learn more about the history of Mragowo? The main museum is the place to visit. Their exhibition about the history of the Mrągowo commune is very detailed and understandable, leaving you with a lot of knowledge. As an idea, they share information about the region and shows the history of archaeological excavations. The museum is not very big, but plan at least 45minutes when visiting.

Visit Mikołajki

A short drive from Mragowo is Mikołajki, one of the main popular touristic destinations to visit in the area. Mikołajki is a great place for the boat rentals mentioned above as well as some delicious places to eat and drink. Despite it being a touristic location, it was not overpriced.

We also visited Mikołajki on our 10 day road trip through Poland.

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