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The Mullerthal Trail: Hiking, Waterfalls & Forest Fun

The Mullerthal trail in Luxembourg is one of the prettiest nature trails to visit all year round. There are many different routes and difficulties to choose from based on your choice and activeness. This nature paradise is a place all tourists and locals should visit during their stay in Luxembourg.

Where Is The Mullerthal Trail

The Mullerthal trail can be found in Luxembourg on the eastern side of the country. It has a nickname of ‘Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland’ as it is so varied for all, as well as enjoyable for rock climbers and hikers.

There are officially three main big loops that you can choose to walk making up the 112km long trail (Routes 1, 2 and 3). These can of course be done in sections, with parking in between starting areas for a mini walk. Furthermore there are some additional trails to join off from the Mullerthal trail, called the ExtraTours (A, B, C and D).

The full length of each route and difficulty can be seen here:

Route Length Difficulty
Trail Route 1 36 km * *
Trail Route 2 38 km * * *
Trail Route 3 38 km * *
Trail ExtraTour A 22 km * *
Trail ExtraTour B 13 km * *
Trail ExtraTour C 9 km *
Trail ExtraTour D 31,5 km * *

Source: https://www.mullerthal-trail.lu/nl/mullerthal-trail

Highlights Of The Mullerthal Trail

Now since this trail is officially 112km long, I definitely haven’t walked the whole route yet. But some of the highlights I have walked include the following:

Schiessentümpel Waterfall (Route 3)

This beautiful waterfall is a great place to stop and relax with the sound of water. There is a rock below the waterfall that can be easily climbed to enjoy the waterfall as shown in the photo. The bridge above is also a lovely spot to stop and watch the water flow down. A few other hikers had also stopped here for a bite to eat, since it sounds amazing and so picturesque.

Stairway Mëllerdall (Route 3)

Along the route there are these steel-wooden stairs built alongside the river since 2019. This gives you access to keep going along the pathway, else there would have been no way except to cross to the road. The original path was destroyed in a storm in 2018. The stairs are built with steel into the rock, to help any future storms to not cause any other possible slope movements. Enjoy the section by counting the 114 steps!

Mushrooms (All Routes)

The routes are full of mushrooms to spot (if you are visiting in the right season). For our hike on Christmas Day there were still plenty of mushrooms around from the wet Autumn/Winter weather. It also felt a little Christmassy finding some holly bushes in the middle of the forest too.

Unique Rock Formations (Route 2 and 3)

During our extra walk from route 3 to route 2, you can climb under and have some fun hiking past the unique rock formations. These spectacular rock formations can be found on both route 3 and route 2. From the waterfall mentioned above, we joined route 2 as a little extra hike on Christmas Day. It was great to see the slits in the rocks big enough to explore and these overhanging sections.

Pure Nature Feelings (All Routes)

What better way to spend a day in Autumn, Winter, Summer or Spring than a trip to the forest. These routes provide a fantastic place to get away from the city life to relax and connect back with nature. Whether you want to follow meadow fields on route 1, follow the river on route 2 or explore the rocks on route 3 – its a perfect place for all ages!

Places To Rest (Route 3)

Even though you are surrounded by nature, there are a few spots to rest up. These spots are perfect for stopping for a drink or bite to eat that you brought with you. Just make sure to take your litter with you back home.

I will add more photos and highlights to this post as I explore them myself!

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Summary Of The Mullerthal Trail

This gorgeous trail is a must see for all tourists and locals, even if you only get a chance to see a small bit of it. The public transportation is free in Luxembourg – allowing you to head to a starting point and then get the bus back at an ending point back to the start. Else with a car it is very easy to park up at one of the free spots and explore from there.


  • Take snacks and drinks, but dont forget to take all your trash with you afterwards
  • Wear good shoes or boots for the terrain
  • Check weather in advance so you don’t want to get stuck in the rain without being prepared!

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