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Top 5 Fun Things To Do In Kolobrzeg, Poland

If your looking for a fun, social and relaxing location to visit with a beautiful beach area in Poland, Kolobrzeg is the place to visit. This post shares the 5 top things to do in Kolobrzeg based on our own experience from our 10 day road trip through Poland. There is of course a lot more to experience along the Polish coastline based on who you are visiting with, but we find this a great starting point for inspiring you to visit Kolobrzeg!

Facts about Kolobrzeg

Before we share 5 fun things to do in Kolobrzeg, here are some interesting facts to know:

  • There is an annual Salt Market trade festival which is the most popular event in Kolobrzeg
  • Established in the 10th century, Kolobrzeg is part of the West Pomeranian province
  • There are only around 49,000 permanent residents
  • The name Kolobrzeg translates to “by the shore”
  • Kolobrzeg was converted into a military fortress in 1807 but it was never taken by hostile forces

Where to Stay In Kolobrzeg

We stayed in the Nad Parsętą hotel during our summer 10 day road trip around Poland. It was a decent place to sleep with a comfy bed, clean room and large bathroom. We also had a balcony area, but didn’t use this during our stay as we were out exploring.

We can definitely recommend this place and to also include breakfast in your reservation booking – as it was lovely with lots to choose from the buffet style.

5 Fun Things To Do In Kolobrzeg

Here are our 5 fun things to do in Kolobrzeg that we think are the most beautiful and relaxing for you to see and do.

1. Walk the beach, pier and enjoy the sunset

The pretty pier from the beach area is open to the public to walk along all the way to the end and back. You can find a little restaurant at the end to stop at if you wish, else to enjoy the water from above. It is the second longest pier in the province and visited by nearly every tourist. However its prettiest to visit early in the morning or for sunset for a relaxing walk.

2. Eat a delicious local meal

There are many restaurants to choose from for a delicious meal for yourself, with friends or loved ones.  Selling anything from local cuisine to international bites to eat, the choice is yours. Since there are many tourists from Germany and Denmark, there is a big influence of delicacies from these countries. Else you will for sure find local soups, meats and delicious Polish pierogis.

3. Learn about the Polish History at the Weapons Museum

As mentioned, spend time exploring the Muzeum Oręża Polskiego, where you can learn and see many Polish weapons once used during the war. Here its great to also visit with children, as they can see up close the military trucks and tanks based at the museum. Most are from the early Middle Ages to the present. They also have a specific section focusing on the history of Kolobrzeg too.

4. Enjoy the nature with a walk or bike ride

Since Kolobrzeg is an active but relaxing location for many tourists (mostly German, Danish and Polish), there are also lots of areas to enjoy a walk or bike ride along the rivers and surrounding nature. For fun, there is also a bike path all the way to Podczele, which runs along the coast line of the sea. Financed by the European Union, the plan is to circle the entire Baltic Sea with a bike path for locals and tourists to explore.

5. Explore the 17th century lighthouse

This 17th century lighthouse makes up the entrance to the Kołobrzeg port. It dates officially back to 1666 with an interesting history that it was once blown up by the German engineers during World War Two. These days, it’s been rebuilt with red brick and the base is now the location of a mineral rock museum. It is 26 metres tall and you can climb to the top for some amazing views along the whole coastline.

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Summary Things To Do In Kolobrzeg

We of course only highlighted only 5 fun things to do in Kolobrzeg, but there are many things to do based on what you are interested in. So we advise that you research what you would love to see most as well as where you would like to eat.


  • Plan ahead to book a table if visiting during popular touristic periods
  • Join the locals for an evening walk or drink in a cafe
  • Enjoy the beach with a towel, swim suit and your feet in the lovely sand

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