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Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Maastricht, Netherlands

A rainy day in Maastricht is likely to happen in the Netherlands, but don’t let that stop from exploring the city. Maastricht in the rain during any season is very pretty, with the city still being welcoming and lively. There are lots of things to do in Maastricht inside, such as many museums and the cinema. Furthermore there are delicious places to eat at, places to shop and places to explore underground. Read on for inspiration!

Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Maastricht

So we need to embrace the rainy weather, but that shouldn’t stop us from still enjoying Maastricht and local surroundings when it rains! Here is our list of things to do on a rainy day:

Get A Local Breakfast

So we must all have walked past a nice cafe or restaurant with delicious breakfast options? Well since its rainy, why not take an early walk and enjoy that breakfast you’ve been thinking about.

Some brekkie locations include:

  • Van Wijck
  • SoDelicious
  • Bistrot-Bar ‘t Wycker Cabinet (my personal favourite)
  • KOFFIE bij Joost en Maartje
  • Coffeelovers
  • Bagels & Beans

Challenge Friends In An Escape Room

In Maastricht you can find Room Escape Maastricht, an inside location that puts you and your friends to the test. They have 6 different rooms to choose from, meaning you could technically also go 6 times for fun! Each room has of course challenges, tricks and riddles to crack in order to escape. Think you got what it takes to escape? If so, check them out! 

Visit A Local Museum

A rainy day is always best spent inside, so why not spend your time inside a museum exploring the latest exhibition. There are quite a few museums in Maastricht, so ultimately also something for everyone based on your interests.

Some of the local museums in Maastricht you can choose from are:

  • Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof
  • Natural History Museum (Natuurhistorisch Museum)
  • Derlon Museum Cellar
  • Marres – contemporary art museum
  • Museum of Illusions

Go Shopping

If you feel like already doing some Christmas shopping (and we recommend it as December will be very busy in the city!), why not get ahead and do some shopping in the city center. For shops, the city has a bit of everything for all ages; from the well known brands to local boutiques.

My personal favourite are the 2nd hand and vintage shops. Click the link for a full list of the best thrift 2nd hand stores (plus an interactive google map!) in the area! 

Top tip: Shop on a morning or a week day to avoid the busy weekenders. It’s much better in the city to get around and to keep distance.

Explore Underground

Did you know there are more than 400km worth of tunnels and caves in the region? Most of them are not allowed to be visited to the public due to safety and that you can get lost! However you can also visit safely with a guide at two locations, both with tours available daily in English. Both entrances are near the ENCI old factory just south of the city center which is also cool to see.

Book a tour for the underground caves at Explore Maastricht.

Do Some Sightseeing While Sitting

Have you seen the Maastricht Sightseeing Tourist Train driving around the city? I wasn’t sure what I was seeing at first, but for a rainy day, this is actually perfect. You can sit inside the cabins and enjoy Maastricht in the comfort of a tour driver that can show you around. They follow a specific route. It’s a solar powered train too, which is great!

Get Competitive At Glow Golf

You can find yourself (with or without kids) having fun at the local indoor Glow Golf location. Put on something that will likely shine up in the fluorescent lights and book a spot to play their 18 hole golf course. They have a travel theme too, following the course takes you to Australia, New York and Italy!

Watch A New Movie

Book your seat at the cinema Pathe to watch the latest film on your movie list. They are still open and safely share the latest films with your comfort in mind. Also sitting in a cosy cinema chair with some popcorn is the ultimate indoor-rainy-day-activity anywhere!

The cinema is close to the city center, so you can combine your visit with some food or drinks afterwards at one of the local restaurants.

Grab A Hot Drink And Walk To The Park

If your in the city center and don’t mind a walk in the rain, buy a nice hot chocolate or coffee to go (such as from one of my favourite locations KOFFIE bij Joost en Maartje) and head into the Monseigneur Nolenspark just South. This park has lots of local birds and even turtles that you can spot in the water. There is also deer and an aviary that are looked after here too.

Explore The Sphinxpassage

This beautiful passage is a 120 meter long hallway with close to 30.000 tiles. How unique is that!? Each tile has been placed to tell a story along the the hallway. This story tells all information about the ceramics industry history, shares old advertisements, teaches you about the workers and more – with 26 chapters in total. It’s perfect for visiting on a rainy day in Maastricht.

Fun fact: it’s the longest covered tiled passage in the whole of the Netherlands.

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Rainy Day In Maastricht Summary

We hope this list of things to do when it’s raining in Maastricht gives you some ideas for your visit in the rain. So put on your rain coat and dont let the weather stop you from exploring! If we come across more ideas, we will add these. But if you have some suggestions for your own, let us know in the comments!

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We hope it helps inspire you with things to do for your visit!

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