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Ultimate List Of Things To Do In Luxembourg

Are you researching Luxembourg as your next destination? This ultimate list of things to do in Luxembourg is a great start to see what you would love to see and do. Luxembourg is one of the prettiest historical locations that everyone should have on their European travel list. From wine tasting in the south to hiking forest routes in the north – the country has it all.

Carry on reading to see our recommendations of things to do in Luxembourg during your visit or stay!

Facts About Luxembourg

So before we read all the amazing things to do in the country of Luxembourg, here are five fun facts you should know first:

  • There is a restaurant with the world’s largest wine list – if your wondering, its around 2,200 choices!
  • Forests cover more than a third of the country
  • Luxembourg is a Grand Duchy, a state (or territory) ruled by a grand duke or duchess and the only one in the world
  • Luxembourg city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • The first language is Luxembourgish, followed by French and German (and of course English!)

Things To Do In Luxembourg

There are so many things to see and do in Luxembourg, that you definitely cannot see all when you visit or stay. I’ve listed many things which also depend on the type of weather, such as the first point which can only be done in Winter.

Go Sledging In Winter

Luxembourg is not the first place you may think of when you want a snowy location, but when it snows it sure is a magical place. The northern region of Oesling has a higher altitude and more likely that the snow (if it snows) stays for a few days. This is easily accessible by car, but also by train and bus. So if you don’t have snow in your area or hills, just a small trip north may be needed to find some!

Visit A Castle

Luxembourg has more than 50 castles, with many of them restored for visiting too. I think it’s definitely not possible to drive from one part of the country to the other without seeing at least 2 or 3 each time.

Did you know Luxembourg also has a route called the ‘Valley of the 7 castles’? And yep, you guessed it! There are 7 in just this one valley for you to enjoy! it is an easy 24km car route (or a 37km hike) along the valley.

The largest of the Luxembourg castles are:

  • Vianden
  • Beaufort
  • Bourscheid
  • Bourglinster
  • Clervaux

Pictured below is the Vianden castle.

City Shopping

The old city center of Luxembourg is a very pretty no-car location for shopping. From top luxury to unique local stores, the city has a bit of everything. Find yourself walking the city streets and enjoy the atmosphere. There are also plenty of delicious spots to stop at for a bite to eat or a coffee. If you are walking between the central station and the historical city part, take the walkway under the bridge!

Enjoy A Train Ride

Since all public transportation in Luxembourg is free, why not take a day enjoying the country by train. Are you in the South? head to the North! Else from the city head to a castle or pretty nature location. There are many routes to choose from and places to stop at, so enjoy exploring somewhere new by train.

Go Hiking

Luxembourg has a well known spot nicknamed ‘Luxembourg Little Switzerland’, which is the perfect area for hiking. The Mullerthail Trail has many different routes as well as extra routes to choose from. These routes are great to do for all ages, but check the difficulty before hand. We recommend visiting all year round, since they are beautiful in all seasons. And since no one likes blisters, wear some decent shoes!

Find The Beautiful Stained Glass

Located at Luxembourg Gare in Luxembourg city, you can find a beautifully stained glass in the station hall. This colourful piece is worth a look when inside, as it’s simply gorgeous! Just head inside within the main area and you will find it instantly.

Ride The Funicular

This funicular is a free connection from the Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg train station to the top area of Kirchberg. It’s easy to combine with a walk from the top or bottom of the hill. It doesn’t last long to move up and down, but for a different walking route around the city, its nice to see at least once!

Mudam Luxembourg Modern Art Museum

Treat yourself to an hour or two in one of the many museums in Luxembourg, such as the Mudam. Located in Kirchberg, the museum has many interesting exhibitions with the focus of contemporary art. It is easy to get to with the free public transport, but I recommend you walk there from the city, with a little path up through the valley and the park.

Enjoy Plane Spotting

From the city center and Adolfsbrug bridge you can often spot airplanes either departing or arriving at Findel Luxembourg airport. This is due to the runway being in line with the city. I’ve personally seen many cargo planes take off, which are so huge and can’t be missed. So don’t be alarmed if your shopping and a low aircraft is above you!

However I can highly recommend visiting the wooded forest area above Neuhäuschen, as there is a fence for plane spotters to stand and watch the flights depart and arrive without any obstruction.

Take An Adventure With Modern Architecture

Head to the Kirchberg district to catch up with modern times from the historical center. To tall shiny buildings, architectural highlights and newly built structures – this is the place to be for those modern shots. Here you can find many buildings used by the European Parliament and the Philharmonie Luxembourg concert hall.

Dream On A Evening Walk

The city lights at night are a beautiful sight to see. Walk around the streets to the valley edges and enjoy the views at night time. The best time to start an evening walk is just before sunset, watching the sun set behind the houses and then darkness fills the sky. Luxembourg city is such a beautiful place!

Visit Biodiversum

In the Haff Réimech nature conservation area, you can find this Biodiversum to visit. Its a great place for kids to discover the nature conservation area, such as the history and the underwater world. They also have lots of information about the local birds, wildlife and plants.

Walk The Walls of the Corniche For Viewpoints

Luxembourg City has numerous viewpoints along the valley, looking down over the other areas. Simply walk from the city to the streets where the roads head into the valley, and you will easily find the walkway. Follow the path along the valley to the bridges for stunning views down. You can look down at the Grund district, Pafendall district and Bouneweg-Süd district. 

Swim At Sûre Lake

Sûre Lake is the perfect summer spot for swimming, water sports, picnicking and canoeing. You can easily spend the whole day at the lake relaxing. Just don’t forget your swim clothes!
Lake in Luxembourg with a drone

Experience The Grund District

Stroll along the rivers edge in the Grund District to the Stierchen Bridge for a pretty Luxembourg city walk. This district in the lower valley of Luxembourg should not be missed during your stay. The district is known mostly for its’ cultural and architectural heritage. What I love most its that it’s a calm little village in the city! 

Walk Around Belval

The architecture at Belval is pretty nice to check out during a walk. there are a few cool buildings with different styles that are worth checking out. Which are all build around an old Blast Furnace that once sourced of iron ore in Europe. You can visit the old Blast furnace in the area too if they are open!

Listen To A Live Concert

The Philharmonic Luxembourg is best known as one of the top places in Europe for listening to a live concert. Opened since 2005, you can surround yourself in this concert hall for up to 400 concerts a year. Like in Shakespeare plays, the audience can experience a show from all sides of the stage.

Get Christmassy

If you are in Luxembourg for Christmas, you are going to want to check out our Christmas In Luxembourg post. The city is always beautifully decorated with their finest Christmas trees and city lights. You can find many different decorations around the local squares as well as in shopping centres. Many stores have some great offers as well as lots of local products being sold too.

Get Lost In The Auchan

This supermarket in Kirchberg is huge, like really huge! Which is also quite normal for many countries. From food to clothes, medicine to work out gear, the store has literally everything. There were not only local items for sale too, as I found many British goodies too!

Shop At Sustainable Food Shops

If you’d rather avoid the bigger supermarket chains, why not shop at some sustainable food shops instead. Luxembourg has quite a few that I’ve found online, and they look great for buying organic products with fruit, vegetables, cosmetics, baked goods and even pet food!

  • Naturata
  • Naturalia
  • Nature Elements
  • Ouni
  • Mullebutz
  • Co-Labor

Drink Wine In The Moselle region

The Moselle region is known for its’ many vineyards and wineries. Whether you want to enjoy some wine testing, enjoy the company of locals and learn the processes then you’d be in the right place! I personally visited in February, so the vineyards were a little empty, but still amazing to see how many there are in the area.

Enjoy The Local Luxembourg City Market

On Wednesday and Saturday mornings you can stroll around the local market and buy some local produce. The market was usually on the Place Guillaume II location, but you can find it at Place Hamilius until 2023. During my visit it was a little grey and rainy, but still enjoyable to visit the market and buy some local bits.

Order A Delicious Pizza For Dinner

Are you looking for a good pizzeria? Well there are plenty in Luxembourg offering some fantastic fluffy style pizzas. One of the popular ones to order from (and I can totally recommend) is Partigiano. They have so many great combinations to try from and the base is perfect for a fluffy pizza. We had them during Valentines week, where they added some cute decorations inside the boxes!

Go Shopping At Belval Shopping Center

Right next to the train station you find yourself inside a shopping center in Belval. There are many shops to check out on multiple floors, as well as lots of cafe’s and restaurants in the surrounding area.

Enjoy The Sun At Parc De Merl

This beautiful park is one of the best spots for kids to play and adults to relax at the same time. They have a small water area with lots of seating for relaxing, as well as a large play park on the other side to wear out the little ones energy.

I personally visited when most of the water was all frozen, so it was rather cold! But still a great place for a stroll and relaxation. The center building likely serves food and drink too, but it was closed during our visit.

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Summary Things To Do In Luxembourg

So as you may have spotted, many of these are within the city of Luxembourg. Since this has been written based on my own experience when I lived in Luxembourg for 2 months. But I will expand the list once I have travelled to more places within Luxembourg when I return in the future. It’s a beautiful country that everyone should add to their travel list.

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